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Vladimir Putin, Meet Joe Biden

Any remaining doubt that America is over was laid to rest Aug. 8, 2022 – 6 feet under.

With the not just “unannounced,” but unprovoked, unprecedented, unprincipled and unpardonable violation of the home and property of a former head of state and potential future presidential candidate, this nation is no longer the United States. It is die Deutsche Demokratische Republik, and the Justice Department and FBI are the Stasi, KGB and Chinese Ministry of State Security rolled into one.

And any question whether the Biden-Harris-Schumer-Pelosi occupation regime in Washington is illegitimate was equally dispatched by its latest outrage.

Legitimate governments, operating with the consent of the governed, do not (per Julie Kelly of American Greatness) feel the need to awaken “hundreds of Americans … before dawn” deploying “dozens of armed FBI agents and military-style vehicles to capture even nonviolent protesters.”

Nor hold these non-violent protesters – many escorted into the Capitol by the Capitol Police – in solitary confinement for 18 months or more.

Nor force these “broken men and women” to “plead guilty to low-level misdemeanors such as ‘parading’ in the Capitol in an attempt to end their legal torture, only to be sentenced to prison time by judges … who then berate them from the bench as if they had committed the most heinous of crimes.”

Nor pull distinguished former public servants off planes and clap them in irons for refusing to answer subpoenas of questionable legality from sham congressional investigatory committees.

Nor have such committees conduct public show trials in which mere gossip dished by a 25-year-old spurned former junior White House aide is characterized as incriminating evidence against her recent past employer.

And legitimate governments, operating with the consent of the governed, would never, never, never, in this erstwhile United States of America, Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, have conceived of unleashing federal jackboots on a former chief executive, much less in a surprise raid.

Eschewing persecution and prosecution of previous leaders was an unspoken rule that, from the founding of the republic, went hand-in-hand with the peaceful transfer of power to which even Donald Trump acquiesced – despite voluminous evidence that the office was brazenly stolen out from under him.

What kind of government – and despotic leader – would feel the need to countenance such all-out assaults on his political opposition?

How about the devil with whom, according to the now perpetually prevaricating Democrat-Media-Complex, Donald Trump supposedly maintained a dalliance?

Joe Biden has gone beyond dalliances. Beyond government-by-decree and furtive, “Build-Back”-room dealing to ram through a far-reaching transformation of America’s very nature that also never enjoyed a whisper of affirmation from the American people.

He has become Vladimir Putin, on steroids. Like his Russia, Russia, Russia counterpart – and a predecessor Uncle Joe – the Delawarean is deploying the crushing weight of the media, security services and his justice ministry to harass, humiliate, isolate and inculpate his political opposition and thereby consolidate his and his corrupt regime’s tenuous hold on power.

Don’t think for a minute that the Mar-a-Lago Massacre wasn’t the faux president’s handiwork. Stipulated: the fake commander in chief’s command of reality and that of his own White House staff seem as feeble as any since Woodrow Wilson. And agreed: his government’s actions have been consistently outside the institutional “norms” it swore to uphold – not to mention frequently illegal and even unconstitutional.

Nevertheless, it is inconceivable that even dastardly attorney general soccer mom-stalker Merrick Garland would dare to sic federal shock troops on a former president without the Big Guy’s OK.

With this break from tradition and propriety, it’s clearer than ever that Biden and his anti-Democratic Party will do everything within and beyond their power to ensure their opposition, and especially The Donald, don’t retake power in 2022 and 2024. As we’ve seen with the Jan. 6 defendants, it is only a hop, skip and a jump from illegitimate election to political persecution to unlawful arrest to politicized prosecution to unlawful imprisonment – and worse.

And it’s even clearer what Republicans at every level from local dogcatcher to congressional minority leaders must do. At the very least, bring this government screeching to a halt until every senior official from the FBI to DOJ to the Department of Homeland Security resigns and Biden renounces any intention to pursue further prosecution of President Trump.

Better yet, as suggested previously in this space, the 18 states that challenged the results of the 2020 election must indeed declare this government illegitimate, and the union dissolved.

Ronald Reagan once asserted, “Freedom is a fragile thing, and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction. … those in world history who have known freedom and then lost it have never known it again.” From the events of Nov. 3, 2020, to Monday last’s unthinkable breach of America’s trust in government, we’ve learned that timeframe can be dramatically accelerated.

Will those charged with acting as opposition to our presidential pea in Putin’s pod ensure those freedoms are not irretrievably lost by – to paraphrase the immortal William J. Buckley – standing athwart the looming end of America’s history and yelling “stop!”?

Bob Maistros is a messaging and communications strategist, crisis specialist and former political speechwriter. He can be reached at

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  • Well said Mr Maistros.
    I pray my fellow citizens and I are strong enough in unison to take back We the People

  • They had better find the nuclear launch codes in Mar Lago to justify this atrocity.

    But what troubles me almost as much is that so many people are cheering the Deep State on.

    • Indeed, it sickens me to hear some naif excuse the raid by saying “No one is above the law” without knowing anything at all about it, and with the examples of the Clintons and Bidens rubbed repeatedly in our faces.

    • The encryption codes change several times per second.The presidential authenticity codes change daily. Besides the VP has his own set. So most of this conjecture is pure piffle–a fishing trip–a nasty little communist type scheme to discredit a presidential candidate—and his Congressional choices and grass roots supporters. There will be plenty of gawping fish to swallow this hook. They voted for a demented creature lurking in his basement, after all.
      Besides, the Biden clan has already sold any nuclear secrets they could get their greedy little claws on, along with control of lithium mines ( for EVs ). Now busy convincing Iran that every future POTUS will be forced to support their nuclear arms programme via the JCPOA.

  • Stop the histrionics. If Biden were Putin, everyone who worked for Fox News, or posted articles on this site for that matter, would be in jail. There is nothing questionable about the legality of congressional subpoenas.

    • Ah ” One of Kevin’s ” naifs”. So everything in commie paradise is going swimmingly ? You are not concerned that if they can persecute an ex POTUS so blatantly, you will be next ? Or is that why you are such a willing stooge, keeping your head in the sand and saying nought -for fear of being next. Only fascist ( left or right ) states behave as illegally as this regime is doing. If it was legal, why order cameras turned off ; why refuse to publish the warrant ? “National Security” is used far too often to conceal HR abuses and unconstitutional activities.
      Deploying national organisations –the Federal Bureau of Intimidation to clear up or conceal government malfeasance-like persecuting all opposition in a despotic–N. Korean manner, will not make you any safer. Au contraire. You are next, when no longer of use. Remember Hitler’s “worthless eaters” ?-the elderly and disabled ? This regime has already held an enquiry and drawn up its lists .30% of federal funding is used for these groups. Imagine how many votes they can buy with that and 10% can go to the Big Guy.

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