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America Is Over. It’s Time To Opt Out

“I don’t know how he did it. But he did it.” Signature line of Adrian Monk

This correspondent doesn’t know exactly how the Democrats pulled off a heist of biblical proportions: Grand Theft Election.

Maybe it was out-of-staters showing up with truckloads of pre-completed Biden ballots.

Maybe “curing” votes with Republican observers held at a distance.

Maybe, indeed, software flipping millions of tallies from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

Probably, an “all-of-the-above” strategy of, as described on these pages over the weekend, assorted “voter irregularities, improbable election processes, questionable official actions and statistical impossibilities” after Democrats openly war-gamed for months.

We – basically every sentient adult American – just know that they did it. 

We knew it from the time votes were being held back in swing states on election night (a “water main break.” Yeah, right) in Democratic machine urban areas in four states where Trump was running up double-digit leads. To when, as days passed, the Biden vote count took the kind of sudden vertical leaps previously confined to Third World banana republics. To now, when Democrats, the media and Establishment Republicans rush to finalize America’s hostile takeover.

Like Jimmy Hoffa’s murder 35 years ago, we’ll ultimately know the whos, whats, wheres, whens and hows of this dastardly deed (we already knew the whys). It just will never be provable in court. And certainly not in the short timeframe required to stave off a Biden inauguration.

By the way: Don’t dream for a moment that swing-state state legislators, as also suggested in the above-referenced piece, will step in and blow the whistle. Not after they witnessed Wayne County, Michigan, Republican officials race for cover after being accused of attempting to “steal the election” (exactly what Democrats are doing) for initially refusing to bless results after oddities there. 

Nor that the same playbook won’t be executed to the same peachy perfection in the Peach State’s upcoming Senate runoffs.

The certain fruits of Dems’ multi-state, multi-step larceny of the White House and Capitol Hill: the full “Californication” of America also cautioned about on this site last week. 

That article quoted Michael Anton from his brilliant opening chapter in “The Stakes” on how middle-class Californians are fleeing “high taxes, higher costs, cratering standards of living, declining services, deteriorating infrastructure (and) worsening quality of life.”

But any equally important citation follows thereafter. Anton queries: “Americans don’t have the luxury of fleeing a Californicated America. Where are we supposed to go?”

The simple answer: nowhere, physically. 

Legally and institutionally? That’s another matter. On those fronts, America’s wronged electoral majority needs to do exactly what Californians are doing. 

Leave. Opt out. As some would have it: secede. Though the favored word here is “partition.”

Because the United States of America ceased to exist the moment the vote tally crossed the threshold allowing Team Biden to claim “victory” – as the Democrats nullified its existential principle: “consent of the governed.”

Nor can any nation of states be “United” when nearly half of its citizenry has been so aggrieved. Especially when the object is even greater, Californicated aggrievement.

As Ronald Reagan once said of the same Democratic Party, “I didn’t leave them. They left me.”

Now that party has not just left tens of millions of voters. It’s actively exiling us politically and culturally.

The notion of formalizing America’s long separation into two nations may seem to some not just unthinkable, but unspeakable. But speaking the unspeakable is how movements pass from impossibility to reality.

The notion of same-sex “marriage” was so unthinkable in 1972 that a case was dismissed in a single sentence for lack of a “substantial federal question,” the judicial equivalent of “are you kidding me?”

Yet the concept continued to be spoken. Then shouted – demanded – and commanded. With questioners now even persecuted, prosecuted, fined, censured and cancelled. 

And not just same-sex marriage. Transgenderism. Climate change. Cost-driving, blackout-inducing renewable mandates. Plus other once instantly discounted and even taboo notions.

Today, partition must follow the same path from anathema to mandate and impossibility to imperative – and much faster to save Red America from Blue Dominion and destruction. 

How will it get done? The same way liberals have pulled off their capture of culture and ultimately, their coup: not just speaking the unspeakable until it becomes conventional – but dispensing with niceties such as settled law and procedure.

No asking “Mother-may-I” to Congress. Deep red states should simply declare the Union dissolved by nefarious actions to disenfranchise Americans.

And for the red counties and other jurisdictions that want to part from their urban blue captors, just do it: declare independence – it’s been suggested that California itself could break into as many as six units – or pursue annexation by adjacent departing states.

Partition won’t be easy – breaking up is hard to do – in fact, sorting out who gets what jurisdictionally, financially and especially militarily will be downright ugly and messy. 

But the path to making it real begins here and now with open and forthright discussion of those  practical whos, whats, whens, wheres, and hows of opting-out.

Because once again, in Election 2020’s aftermath, we already know the whys. 

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Bob Maistros

Bob Maistros, a messaging and communications strategist and crisis specialist, is of counsel with Strategic Action Public Affairs, and was chief writer for the Reagan-Bush ’84 campaign, three U.S. Senators, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached at


  • The unfortunate reality is that the country has arrived at a point where is no political common ground exists between America’s left and America’s patriots. If current trends are permitted to evolve to their logical conclusion, another civil war is a real posibility, in which opposing factions would be engaging in armed combat in our suburbs. Innocent patriot lives would be lost, and many others would be maimed for life. Guerilla warfare would be the order of the day.

    It’s time we patriots accept that the status quo is not sustainable, and formulate a plan for survival, a plan that does NOT include allowing our tax dollars to support the left’s subversion of the precious founding principles on which our country was founded. The option presented in this article seems to be a viable solution.

    • (No edit option here)

      In my post above, “the country has arrived at a point where is no political common ground exists” should read

      “the country has arrived at a point where no political common ground exists”, the word “is” deleted.

  • I like Rush’s idea of more than a decade ago. Let’s split America in two. Let the Progressives run their side and let us run the other. Let’s see how long before we have a North Korea-South Korea situation. East and West Germany also comes to mind. We know which side prevails and who’s people are freer. Which side will people be trying to escape? Duh.

    • I always loved the Rush plan. He says to split the country in two, give the Left the half of their choice. It would only take 1 generation before they’re digging tunnels to get to our side. I would add, that when that happens, we would accept refugees from their side on 1 condition: They can NEVER be citizens, EVER again. They made their choice for communism, and they don’t get to come over to our side and ruin it with their bad ideas. Remember Angela Merkel was an East German. When the Berlin Wall fell, she brought her bad ideas with her and ruined the country.

  • I loved Rush’s idea years ago of splitting the country in two. Let the progressives/Marxists/Communists run their half. We’ll run the other. Before long, the US will look like North-South Korea or East vs; West Germany. Guess which side people will be trying to escape? Duh.

  • No!

    Leaving to find another neighborhood (create a new country) is not an answer. We need to stand and resist the blue state/swamp within the boundaries of our current government.

    Throwing up our hands, “walking away,” and seceding will leave a nation at our doorstep that will continue failing rapidly as blue states are wont to do, and the process of Californication will happen again. The blue staters will pack up and move into this newly created red country just as they have been doing for decades into red states from their soiled blue states.

    The only solution is to stand and fight: honestly, forcefully, with vision.

    Root out the dishonesty. It will be a painstaking process in which there will be setbacks. And don’t give up. Keep sight on our goals. Not to do so would be an insult to our founding fathers and every veteran who fought the good fight for our country.

  • How do we actually do this? Where do we move if we live in a Democrat dominated area? If we move, we will not have the human resources of our former locations and no instant allies if Civil War breaks out.

    What makes any conservative think that the Left would let us separate if Trump loses the fight? We are the cash cows of their utopia; either working or have savings, 401K’s that they need to plunder for their free stuff.

  • They’ve stolen our ballots and we will likely have to use our bullets before they come for them!

  • Well, it is one of three options, or so it appears. One is to simply submit, accept the coup as an accomplished fact and hope you are not caught up in what the left plans next (good luck with that – these people do not tolerate dissent in any form). Two is to separate peacefully which will be quite difficult (take a look at Pakistan and India after the British moved out) and very inconvenient and/or costly for a lot of people on both sides. Three is civil war with one side soundly defeating the other and then engaging in the necessary purges to try and make sure the other side never poses a threat again (Spain is a good recent example).

    • TX, OK, KS, LA, AR, MS, TN, KY, AL are a good start,
      Add WV, NC, SC, ND, SD, NE, WY, ID, AK, MT, UT, in their entirety.
      Of the remaining 30 States, some need to to be partitioned and added leaving only the urban-blue-left zones as City States to be ruled under the Biden’s authority in the newly christened Disunited States of North America.
      Baltimore, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, North Jersey, Greater NYC and all of New England up to Portland ME, can be left to Joe Blow and Kamel Toe. All of their Red Counties can choose for themselves.
      Bye-bye Broward and Miami-Dade! Hello New Florida!
      Bye-bye Atlanta! Hello Old Georgia.
      So long Greater DC. Hello Greater West Virginia!
      See ya later San Fran and L.A., Seattle, and Portland and the hand full of Blue Counties nearby. Bets are off for Las Vegas and Reno’s a long shot.
      The list gets longer and longer the more little patches of blue we tell to go away.
      And they can all be welcomed back, any time, on condition that they disband and outlaw their democrat and communist parties first.
      In 1860 a bunch of States chose “Secession”. In 2021, if Biden thinks he’s in charge the greater geographic areas of the United States of America need s to reclaimits own Constitution and choose “Exclusion”.

  • Most Americans are politically moderate and are quiet about it. The fringes on both sides are loud and often stupid – that includes some Tea Partiers and many progressives. Politics ain’t beanbag, but nor should open warfare destroy our amber waves of grain.

    Joe Biden is an inoffensive weathervane and said what he needed to defeat Donald Trump, who is decidedly not inoffensive. Trump, whose policies I preferred to the other side’s platform, is an abrasive egomaniac walking a slack rope without a balance bar while carrying a china shop in his mouth. He delights in offending the other side, but that is an amateur politician’s conceit; his fans cheer while unaffiliated voters are repelled and exhausted by the display, and they voted for quiet Joe in droves, giving him a popular vote edge of 5-6 million votes.

    Biden will staff his administration with center and center-left Democrats, and they are not an existential threat to our great country. He will deflect the bomb-throwers on his far left because he knows how dangerous they are. He will take counsel from others and not, like Trump, believe he is a very stable genius.

    Be of good cheer, for the political pendulum will swing back long before our country is irreparably damaged.

    • I need not debate you in any form or fashion. You obviously have no knowledge of true U.S. history and no honest perspective of how this great country has declined in so, so many ways. You, and millions more like you, think that the millions like me – God fearing, Constitutional adhering, hard working Americans will simply go along with these socialist versions of King George? I, and those like me, are unlike the generations we’ve seen in the streets of Portland, Seattle and Kenosha. We’ve read 1984 and Animal Farm. We are not morally bankrupt. We are financially fit. We stem from a long line of warriors and are prepared to fight for our freedoms. Unlike you. May God have mercy on your weak soul sir

      • Yes, sir.
        Clearly too many have eyes but do not see; have ears but do not hear.
        For some it is not possible to learn from experience or (real) history. Those who do not learn should be allowed to suffer the consequences of their decisions.

      • Comrade, Bloustein is right. Now just shut up and do what you’re told and you will have no problems…

    • To believe that Biden will staff up with center and left center is obviously to be unaware of some of his early picks. And, to consider Biden’s comments as inoffensive is to ignore reality. He has profited off his political positions too long to be considered ethical. Consider how the msm has ran cover for him not to mention their covering for his former boss. Anyone that willingly ignores the recent economy and benefit it brought to minorities and majorities lacks ethics.

      Maxine said famously prior to Trump taking the oath: “IMPEACH 45. IF you see (his) supporters or staff) in public, get in their faces!!” That representative of the Dems started it. I say what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Impeach 46. If any of the thugs are seen in public by themselves, it will be time to get in their faces.

      It is past time to unplug the msm along with big lefty tech.

    • Your fantasy assumes the left will now play by the rules, Paul. If the GOP loses the Senate, nothing will stop their insanity and they are most definitely a threat to what the Founders gave us and intended. The traits you bash Trump for are the VERY THINGS that attracted his base and DON’T YOU DARE try to sell us the notion that demented, basement Biden beat the most loved President since JFK without systematic cheating.

      • Trump wasn’t the most beloved politician since JFK by any metric. You think Trump was more popular than Reagan? Are you out of your mind?

    • Unfortunately, you are the reason republicans lose. You fail to grasp that there are no more center democrats. The socialists and communists have infiltrated education and the deep state. They own pop culture and DC. Biden will be Obamas third term. He will not be in charge. The puppet masters will assault all of our rights from free speech to fire arms. They will attempt to implement single payer health care and destroy our economy to bring on their Great Reset. Your denial that this is their goal is the reason they are on the precipice.

    • There no longer are center, or even center-Left Democrats; they ALL are hard-Left now. And the ONLY way Biden could have “won” is by cheating; the Dems have been far too unpopular and Trump MUCH too popular for Biden to have actually won anything. And, sadly, our country is already irreparably damaged: Nobody anymore trusts our election process, which has been so obviously, blatantly riddled with corruption and fraud–and since the Dems benefited from the fraud (it was THEIR fraud, after all), they will never again permit fair elections–NOT EVER. They will fully implement Russian-style “elections” in which the single party in charge first decides who their president will be, then the “votes” come in 97% in favor of that candidate. They may go as low as 60-something percent of the votes, just to make it look honest, but the outcome will always sure to be a Dem, every time.

  • Ok. ‘Cept we ended off kinda fuzzy. You are thinking, nice article, now what’s that necessary final message again? “Secede now! Partition now! Opt out now! …” Dude, not sure. For a messaging specialist I am wondering why you left off repeating the key message at the end. Needs an edit. Help out the cause.

    • The article makes clear: the Pathway to Partition begins with having the serious discussion. See what this commentator wrote about how proponents were going about forcing acceptance of same-sex marriage years ago. Simply to have the conversation is the first victory.

  • Nice essay. However it neglects to factor in apathy– the lack of elan–a major feature of collective conservative character: a herd commitment to the observance of rules.

    • It’s one thing to get along go along. It’s entirely another when your ability to hold a job, get a credit card, mortgage or even a bank account, or even get internet or utility services or health care is contingent on your politics. It’s one thing not to be able to get a date. It’s entirely another when you can be imprisoned for even trying.

      When enough people get desperate enough, things might get unpleasant.

    • People will do nothing until they have nothing or little left to lose. Despite all the tough talk, conservatives will cheer the Super Bowl, watch March Madness, go back to the theaters after the vaccine and will just continue on with the middle class American life stye, which is good while it lasts. Then one day , they will wake up to see their neighbor’s lot is being split and Section 8 housing is being built in their leafy neighborhood. They will go their child’s school and 99 percent of the students won’t speak English and on and on.

  • “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    You know. The thing.

  • So many states are red but the big cities are blue. Probably this separation should’ve been done ages ago, and would’ve been done if the Dems weren’t lying, conniving, deceptive, slanderous POS’s, AND if Republicans had balls and spoke the truth. When Trump won the election, my first three thoughts were (and this was with the idea that he’d do what he said he’d do): Republicans don’t have the balls to help him (and he’s badly in need of help to navigate the swamp), the corruption in election processes including fraud (voter rolls that haven’t been cleaned up in decades, days and days for early voting, etc.) has to immediately be tackled, and finally, MSM/social media has to be reined in from their “Ministry of Truth” ways. Hardly any of that happened (except for Trump doing what he said he’d do and doing MORE).

  • Well, certainly I agree.
    It’s time to check out geographical political division.
    It’s time to devest outselves of rinos in office.

    • The day we geographical divide is the day millions of Chinese soldiers disembark in California, New York, New Jersey ports.

      If the left insists on their treasonous ways they need to be dealt with the exact same way as they were the last time they started a civil war. Then China will need to be dealt with no matter how grave the cost.

      Much like we ignored Islam committing war against our country for decades we have ignored the leftist politician’s war against the constitution for decades.

      It’s time we insist on knowing the political leanings of every business person we deal with and *not* hand over a single cent to any person or corporation that is supporting this marxist color revolution. Turn about is fair play; cancel them. Divide economically not geographically.

      Know your neighbor’s; defend to the death those that support the constitution; look the other way when the socialist neighbor’s house is threatened by the coming antifa riots; Better yet litter the socialist’s yard with Trump paraphernalia when antifa is a block away.

      Accuse leftists of being Trump supporters whenever you can. Encourage as much leftist friendly fire as possible; make their superiority complex supremely costly while not committing violence yourself unless it’s clearly self defense or defense of *worthy* neighbor.

      Teach the leftist’s the direct evil of their ways by forcing the same consequences on them that they are trying to do to you. This is the only education they are capable of understanding. They will be less excited about bad things happening to evil conservatives once the same things start happening to them by the exact same criminals. Accelerate the realization of their inevitable brown shirt’s fate.

      In no circumstances cooperate with Police if you become part of the above circumstances or you witness another in those circumstances. Memorize “Respectfully; sir, I do not answer questions”. Go to trial (even if for your life) and do not utter a word before, during, or after the trial. Understand Omertà and make it your way of life. You may die; you need to decide whether your life is more important than the future of your offspring and like-minded countrymen. Die a martyr as last resort.

  • I see no alternative to secession. The left has normalized the trashing of every election integrity safeguard and, barring wide spread revolt, no republican will ever win the White House again. That’s not the America I want to live in. “New America” would require pioneer strength and have real growing pains, but the thrill of a new, revered Bill of Rights, conservative values, and the wealth of oil and natural gas exports, would make it sustainable at first, thriving after that.

  • Look at your map Mr Maistros. Those blue areas are actually smaller when seen as large red counties with dense urban blue cities. How is this divided up? You will force millions of conservatives to live as slaves under the fascist blue rule. You want to avoid war but they want you dead anyway. If war is what they want then war is what we should give them. They terrorize our streets with violence and impunity. They steel what they can not earn. They lie. With Biden the IRS will once again be turned loose on us. They will tie up any business that opposes them in lawsuits. Instead of this administration being tied up in non stop investigations they will use these same organizations to shut us down. There is no equitable division.

  • It sounds great! I’ve had this discussion with family. Sadly, it won’t happen.

    We’re to interwoven, state to state, state to city, city to neighborhood, neighbor to neighbor.
    Calamity is what will brings us back together. It will cause the blind to see and the deaf to hear. It’s history.

  • While I am all for the partition idea, there is still a major problem. I’m currently stuck in a blue state and cannot leave yet due to certain obligations, and I know I’m not alone in this position. I’ve been wanting to move since before 2016, but can’t yet. Perhaps I can keep my “Trump/Pence/MAGA” card as a form of proof that I’m a Patriot if I do make it out in time? This is going to be very difficult.

  • I have, for several years now, said that we have become so politically and ideologically divided that coexistence is futile. The only reason the radical left (yes, I know, I’m being redundant) would want to keep the country intact is because they realize they can’t finance their socialist “utopia” without the taxes and savings of every hard working patriot who they openly vilify. Give them the two coasts. We take the heartland – the flyover country they disdain and would render inconsequential when they eliminate the Electoral College. Two natural geographic borders, the Mississippi on the east, the Rockies on the west. Rich farmland, abundant resources, access to the seaways. All diligent, industrious, hard working, freedom loving Americans are welcome irrespective of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or any other differentiating characteristic. All we ask is love of country, respect for your fellow countryman, belief in the stability afforded by an adherence to the principles of law and order and the willingness to temper our differences to allow us to work together towards the lofty goal of prosperity and justice for all. No victims, no parasites, no entitled. Financial aid for those truly in need, not for those unwilling to contribute. No past grievances or claims. Only a bright future to be forged.

    Better to die on one’s feet than to serve on blended knee.

  • Hell no we are not going to secede… we are going to take it back… why do you think we bought weapons?!?!?!

  • “Nor that the same playbook won’t be executed to the same peachy perfection in the Peach State’s upcoming Senate runoffs.”

    Oh, but don’t think the GOP won’t defend those senate races much more fiercely if the outcome is unfavorable. They don’t give a shit about Trump and are perfectly willing to throw him under the bus, but keeping the senate majority, now that’s serious business!

  • So the author wants to “opt out” of America. What does he plan to opt IN? Without America as founded, will he opt for a police state, or a total anarchy, or an oligarchy, or a one-party dictatorship bearing only a slight resemblance to the free country we once were? Or will that all be swept away and the Leftist states band together to become individual vassal states of China, while the rest of us are fighting China in unending urban guerrilla wars? Without the freedom we used to have in America, he won’t have the power to opt in to anything! We will only have whatever our rulers let us have.

    • Lots more coming on that. But the main part of the answer is limited government.

  • I would agree with all the above except the part about “when nearly half of its citizenry has been so aggrieved.” I would argue that the aggrieved number much more than 50%. Before the fraud came in, Trump was winning by a landslide. This despite a 24/7 media blitz of lies and smears meant to sway voters. Imagine if we had a fair and unbiased media. Without the fraud and with a fair media, Trump would have have won in an electoral sweep with a huge majority in the popular vote. We are being bludgeoned by a small, but very vocal, violent, and determined minority. This is the Lenin, Alinsky, Obama, Marxist playbook. You don’t need a majority to formulate a revolution…or a coup.

  • Welcome to the party. The secession movement has been here for a long time because we could all see the writing on the wall. The uniparty, deep state, NWO, etc.
    At least you are here now.

  • Boohoo? Take our toys and go home?

    Justify years of Mainstream Republican incompetence and cowardice with faux bravery masquerading as newspeaking the unthinkable because, reasons?

    With advisors displaying the quality of thought displayed in this article it’s no wonder Tip O’Neil totes pwned Ronald Reagan for 8 years. The only real fighter to emerge from those days was Newt who, then a nobody, traveled into the Valley of the Shadow of Death and slew Jim Wright on the floor of the house with the jawbone of an ass.

    Meanwhile Tip O’Neil glad-handed with Compromising Ronnie, gutting the country with a smile while skillfully plotting our destruction.

    No, it’s our territory. All of it. If anybody leaves it will be the usurping communist\fascists.

    You can leave with them. Hong Kong should do nicely.

    “Otherwise I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post.”

  • The problem with this thinking is that it presumes that the leftists who have subverted the old Republic would leave alone anyone who wants to leave, in any sense of that word.

    The whole point of leftism is to acquire, hold, and expand power over others, especially people you don’t like, and to use it arbitrarily to lord over them. Oh, ye conservatives, do not fool yourselves for one moment into thinking that they will be satisfied with denying you the ballot box. They have much bigger plans for you, because their hatred for you is the only glue that holds them together.

    Remember that meme, the one with a picture of Donald Trump that read, “It’s you they’e after; I just got in the way.” Well, they’re getting him out of the way now, aren’t they?

    The “long, twilight struggle” that was the culture wars consisted of conservatives giving up their traditions, values, and institutions to leftist perversion one at a time, each time plaintively asking, “Now will you leave us alone?”

    And you know what the answer always was. Always will be.

    When you drive identifiable groups of people out of the public square, deny them the franchise, deny them recourse to the law, eventually get around to criminalizing them for their group memberships and beliefs, and won’t let them leave… what choice do they have left?

    Get herded to the “re-education camps” or fight to the death. The only difference between the end of the Weimar Republic in 1933 and the United States in 2020 is that we have a Second Amendment. And that is one of the first things that our New Overlords will be coming after.

    The time for choosing is coming fast.

  • There is a means of legally dissolving the Union that bypasses the Federal government.

    Convene an Article V convention, and pass an Amendment of Dissolution.

  • Dont indulge the other side. Don’t do business with blue states, blue companies, if possible. Skip Colorado, Cali, NY, Washington and Oregon for vacation. Dont go to Hollywood movies. Dont’ pay for music. Don’t pay for ESPN and in fact stop watching sportsball and don’t buy merchandise advertised anywhere on MSM. Don’t fly United. You can help starve the beast as much as possible because boycotts get noticed.

  • If nothing else works, and America is important to you, gird your loins, pick up your weapon and prepare to engage the enemy and take the fight to them with no quarter asked, and none given.

  • I will not give up on our country. Whatever the left tries to pull, and have pulled, has not gone unnoticed. They know what they do and did goes against the writ of America, visa vi, the Constitution. Other the left agrees or not, they committed a crime and what is right will convict them. Their surreptitious actions are proof enough, they hunger for power and will do anything untoward to obtain.

    If they try to undermine our First Amendment rights, they will fear our Second. They know that, and needed to use the confusion of mail in votes to obtain their power, but the smoke and fog will not hide that what they did was wrong and many Patriots know that.

  • I’m with Lincoln: there is ONE United States of America. Splitting the country apart physically is impossible within the context of the American Dream. We must, instead, concentrate on doing the difficult and dangerous work of returning our country to its heritage. Don’t expect it to be easy or free of loss.

  • The bad news is that the US is absolutely polarized. The good news is that the split is 50/50. Constitutional separation will be a difficult and long-drawn-out process, not least because the blue states are parasitical on the US as a whole. They viscerally hate the concepts of hard work, self-reliance, responsibility, self-discipline, prudency. But they know that a nation cannot survive if everyone is on welfare, food-stamps, universal basic income, free everything. Red state adherents should vote with their feet and their brains. Simply remove yourself from Facebook, boycott MSM, twitter, youtube, and any organisation that is associated with the democrats. BDS of the Dems. Build alternatives. Technologically, It’s not that difficult. I’ve been an IT solutions architect for 2 decades. The biggest challenge is in marketing and financing, not in technology. Can the MSM and tech monopolies afford to lose 50% of their business? BDS now.

  • We need to split. Else, the left will begin deprogramming anyone who doesn’t agree with them. The choice for conservatives is between
    two countries or a new Gulag.

    • We fought for nearly five years and a half-million deaths to keep this One Nation Under God, and I for one can’t see the point to give up a square mile to people who don’t respect our Constitution or our citizenry. As an Old Marxist once said, “Not one inch back!”

  • No amount of media gaslighting can obscure the massive evidence of election fraud accumulating with each passing day since November 3. Informed citizens with even a modicum of common sense and basic, critical thinking skills understand that the election was selectively-rigged six ways from Sunday. For this reason, we must demand nothing less than a thorough, transparent and independent investigation to establish its true outcome.

    Regrettably, the Justice Department has NO credibility to conduct such an investigation. The reason is as simple as it is obvious: The department’s hyper-politicized agencies–particularly the FBI–are irredeemably conflicted in this matter. With President Trump out of office come January 20, 2021, the subversives who orchestrated this election fraud and the rogue “public servants” who perpetrated the Russia collusion and Ukraine quid-pro-quo hoaxes will breathe more easily. They take comfort in the fact that Joe Biden and his China-loving, America-hating globalist co-conspirators have zero interest in holding them accountable for their treachery.

    As things now stand, liberty-loving patriots have little choice. We are duty-bound to embark upon a course of non-violent civil disobedience against what has become a lawless, illegitimate federal government. Through our resistance, we will signal our rejection of the de facto transformation of the United States of America from a constitutional republic “of the people, by the people, for the people” into an embryonic tyranny lacking either legitimate authority or just powers. The time is now. Let’s roll! (ref.

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