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If We Want People To Accept A COVID-19 Vaccine, We Should Stop Lying To Them About The Disease

COVID-19 vaccines when ready should be available for those who want them. Yet it’s possible, nay probable, that the fabricated hysteria over COVID-19 virus will make – indeed already is making – people reject injections. Why?

Because authorities have lost their trust regarding everything to do with the virus. If they can’t trust them over cases and deaths, why trust them over safety and efficacy of vaccines. Indeed, polls show a steady decline in those who said they would immediately receive a coronavirus vaccine, only 58% of Americans in the latest survey.

There are actually several good reasons for trepidation, mind. Modern biotechnology makes super-fast development of a safe and effective vaccine theoretically possible. In the past though, haste has made not just waste but death.

In 1976, after being warned that the death of a single soldier from influenza might portend a new “Spanish flu” – considered the worst pandemic in modern history – then-President Gerald Ford ordered a turbocharged program overseen by the CDC.

This even as the WHO adopted a “wait and see” policy. “Due to the urgency of creating new immunizations for a novel virus, the government used an attenuated ‘live virus’ for the vaccine instead of an inactivated or ‘killed’ form, increasing the probability of adverse side effects among susceptible groups of people receiving the vaccination,” according to Discover magazine.

After 45 million injections the government slammed the brakes when it was realized too many recipients (that is, significantly higher than background rate) developed a rare and often permanent form of paralysis called Guillain-Barré syndrome. Some died. Yet beyond that single soldier there were no flu deaths and even as the vaccine program progressed the CDC was quite aware of that. (Back then ineptitude in the public health sector was punished instead of rewarded, and the CDC director actually got sacked over his ineptitude.)

Just three years ago the Philippines shut down a dengue fever vaccination program after it was associated with “hundreds” of excess deaths. There were accusations of approval with “undue haste” and indeed some dengue experts had warned that the vaccine should only be given to those who had had previously been infected. They were ignored.

But note that while Ford’s science advisors put him on the spot, dengue has been endemic in the Philippines forever and the death rate is much lower than the worst infectious disease in the country, tuberculosis. (Which also happens to be vastly worse there than Covid-19.) Vector-borne diseases at any rate are best controlled through eradication of breeding grounds as it eliminates the root cause and may impact several diseases at once.

Mind, both of these disastrous vaccines still did pass their allocated human clinical trials just as the announced Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, vaccines appear to be doing. The side effects apparently weren’t clear until the general vaccination programs began. Modern technology can’t change that. The Pfizer vaccine so far has been tested on less than 45,000 people, Moderna’s on about 30,000. That can hardly be representative of the 330 million unique individuals that comprise the United States, much less the numerous other countries who have expressed interest in the vaccines. Each person has unique health characteristics; even cloned animals do.

More clinical trials with larger numbers of people can perhaps help mitigate the problem, but that takes time. And money. And still, no amount of clinical trials can reveal particularly rare and perhaps dangerous side effects.

While the coronavirus is highly infectious, the death rate is extremely low (depending on age, country of treatment, and pre-existing conditions) and appears to be falling even lower. For smallpox it was a stunning 30%, and survivors were often left with horrible scars.

This introduces a problem unique to the Covid-19 vaccine, no matter who makes it, the technology behind it, or how long it takes. Many people have lost faith in what governments, non-governmental health officials, and the media have told us about coronavirus in general.

Despite the steady stream of slogans like “We’re all in this together” we are all by now long aware that young people with no pre-existing conditions are at almost no risk of severe illness. This notwithstanding the media’s desperate effort to comb through every obituary and local news story on the planet for possible exceptions.

We’ve heard of desperate efforts to drum up the numbers for both cases and deaths. We know there’s only a loose association between testing positive and actually developing symptoms, whereas with most diseases it is symptoms that define whether you have it. (How many times have you been diagnosed or self-diagnosed with flu and actually had blood drawn to prove it?) We know that many deaths attributed to Covid-19 merely indicate a positive test, even in absurd instances such as homicides or accidents.

We know that, yes, doctors and medical facilities are given a significant bonus under Medicare for labeling a death as Covid-19 even if the deceased had heart disease, diabetes, morbid obesity, and stage IV pancreatic cancer all at once. And it turns out that over 90 percent of the time there are multiple contributors. This notwithstanding that the media gave President Donald Trump absolute hell for saying the bonus exists. Even Bruce Lee beat him up! (Bruce Y, Lee at Forbes.)

But for whatever “gain” the doomsayers have gotten or think they’ve gotten, what they have lost is trust – in all things Covid. Why not the vaccine?

We may have already witnessed that with an incident in South Korea regarding a different vaccine, that for flu. So far this year, about 100 Koreans have died after receiving a flu shot. Out of the many millions who have received it, that’s a normal number. And they’re dying of lots of different every day causes. If the vaccine were the cause, you’d expect a small cluster of symptoms.

Mind that unlike with coronavirus the media have conscientiously relayed that there’s no evidence of cause and effect. But there has been panic nonetheless. In fact, Singapore temporarily halted injections of the two different vaccines it has in common with those used in Korea.

Note that by nation, Korea and Singapore have two of the highest IQ ratings in the world – the existence of K-Pop notwithstanding.

So if governments and health authorities want to gain public trust in a vaccine, they need to win back public trust regarding coronavirus generally. By telling the truth.

And one more thing. There’s no quicker way to scare people off than by trying to make the vaccine mandatory. Denmark announced it would do so and then backed down after nine days of protests. Danes are also very smart people and their experience shows that gaining trust and letting those who choose to line up to be the first recipients (and there will be many) be a bellwether for possible side effects is the way to go.

Michael Fumento ( was an Investor’s Business Daily national issues reporter. He is an attorney, author, and journalist who has been writing on epidemic hysterias for 35 years.

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  • The goal of all this hysteria is to continue the Wuhan scare for the foreseeable future. It’s all part of The Great Reset. Climate Change is now being interwoven with Wuhan for a double-play of mass hysteria and the need for change, change, change. Change that no one asked for but, through acceptance and fear, will be glad to welcome as long as it “makes the Wuhan go away.”

  • Both companies benefited from Operation Warp Speed because a big component of the program is the compressed regulatory timeframe. Also Pfizer did sign a $1.95 billion contract with the Federal government ” to produce 100 million doses of a Covid-19 vaccine in the United States. The deal also allows the US government to acquire an additional 500 million doses.”

  • On our social media platform (…not twitter…..we have a scientist who w-o-r-k-e-d in Wuhan, now in the USA and is a whistleblower. She recommends not receiving this vaccine. She suggests that the vaccine manufacturing/designing people give the vaccine to their children first. After that is done, then make your assessment as to if you should receive it or not.

    Also,the vaccine could be forced upon you. You can refuse it l-e-g-a-l-l-y by (1) staying civil (2) Asking: Does the vaccine have MRC-5 in it? (All vaccines have this in them. MRC-5 is aborted fetal cells and other DNA. If the vaccine contains MRC-5 you have the l-e-g-a-l rights to decline.) (3) Also ask: Is there a possibility of a i-a-t-r-o-g-e-n-i-c reaction?
    (This is an adverse reaction caused by multiple compounds or drugs interacting with each other from the vaccine. When the doctor says. “YES, it does,” (because this always happens) that is your get out of vaccine free card. Thank the doctor for the offer and walk away.)

  • The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is a novel pathogen never seen before, a sometimes deadly virus that germinated in China. President Trump understood that there was no therapy for the disease when it arose and did prudent things – constructing hospital facilities, sending a hospital ship to New York City, manufacturing respirators, expediting vaccine research – all while respecting President Franklin Roosevelt’s advice about not spreading fear among our people. High fives are in order for his response, for he has flattened the curve and sponsored Operation Warp Speed to bring several vaccines to America. Unfortunately, professional politicians of Democratic stripe, seeing an unprecedented crisis as an opportunity to advance their longterm collectivist goals and defeat the incumbent president in the recent election, are also seeking to flatten the curve – of our individuality and our society. So they bad mouth Trump’s successes, even suggesting that they, including the Vice President-elect, will not use the vaccine unless another authority authorizes it. If you can’t join the colorful free enterprise society of success they appear to be saying, then apply your mouth to the government teat and become a lifelong servant of the Democratic Party, one of many separate identity groups jostling for a piece of someone else’s success.

  • I no longer accept what I am being told about Covid! I don’t think anywhere near as many people are dying from it as the “records” show. I believe a large portion of those deaths are not FROM Covid, like the guy who died in a fall from a ladder, but because his body was tested and he showed Covid in his system, his death was listed as a Covid death. I do not believe that was the exception, but that it is actually the norm. Die in a car crash, test positive – you died of COVID not brain trauma! I also think this is being perpetrated on us to control us and to control the political actions taking place now. If they get away with it, it will get worse because these people tend to have nazi like tendencies, or should I say rabidly controlling tendencies?

    • There is a large school district in the SE where miraculously no one has had strep this season and almost zero have had the flu during this flu season. One wonders where all those flu and strep cases have gone…

  • “Many people have lost faith in what governments, non-governmental health officials, and the media have told us about” anything.

    Do notice how these vaccines were allegedly readied for release after the fraudulent election.

  • The vaccines are RNA modifiers using a nanotechnology delivery system, all to poison, not help.
    Proof of no Wuhan flu will become mandatory to travel and to go many places. As long as netflix works and amazon delivers, the rubes will stay placid

  • When China is held accountable for this flu I will consider it. Why are no countries going after China monetarily or criminally? Could it be they are complicit?
    Depopulation, eugenics….all part of the “reset” program.

  • I remember well how sick I was for weeks after being required to take the vaccine in 1976. I was a naval officer then and refusing it wasn’t an option. Luckily, I had no permanent damage but I didn’t take another vaccine for over 40 years as a result of that experience. The takeaway was and is this; panic doesn’t lead to intelligent decisions…by anyone. This China Flu is an engineered panic which has many pieces to the plan and we won’t know that plan unless all the players/parts come together, i.e., Biden wins. One can only imagine what’s cooking!

  • With Bill Gates involved it makes it much more difficult for my family to accept the vaccine. He has stated on multiple occasions how much he wants to tag all the masses. Bill Gates is Megalomaniac!

  • Having been in the 1976 group that experienced severe side-effects, fortunately, I avoided the worst issues and only had to spend the next seven days in bed, experiencing the worst stomach pain (and all those other ugly symptoms that go along with a bad case of the flu) I’ve ever had, I decided then and there that that would be the last vaccine I would ever take. Been healthy ever since, with the occasional bout of sniffles and sneezes, but never the flu.

    I will not accept this “fast-tracked” jab (notice how they don’t call them “shots” any more?) no matter how much cajoling and begging and sanctions they put on me; and if they try to force it on me, I promise that I will resist–very vigorously.

    For those who wish to take this virtually untested medicine into their veins, I wish them the best.

  • Just say “No, Hell no!” to (((central banking elites))) mRNA/nanoHydrogel “vaccines”.
    Almost nobody is dying in any country..
    The PCR tests are essentially false positives for RNA and DNA debris found in all nasal mucosa, and the polymerase chain reaction is run 35 – 45 cycles, giving almost anyone tested a positive result. More tests = more cases.
    This “pandemic” with global lockdown and the mandatory “vaccines” is a 100% hoax.
    Tyranny through gradualism.
    First social distancing optional, then social distancing recommended, finally social distancing mandated.
    First masks optional, then masks recommended, finally masks mandated.
    First testing optional, then testing recommended, finally testing mandated.
    First “vaccinations” optional, then “vaccinations” recommended, finally “vaccinations” mandated.
    The Portugese supreme court found PCR testing of “Covid-19” unreliable and thereby outlawed all measures based on the unscientific test results.
    The (((central banking elites))) are boiling frogs so to speak around the world.
    Hop out of the pot before you and your family die.
    Absolute minimum: Say “No, Hell no!” to mandatory mRNA/nanoHydrogel “vaccines”.
    Peace and love

  • Precisely. I’m not going get the vaccine because I don’t trust anything that messes with my RNA and because they lied to me about everything else related to COVID-1984, so I certainly won’t take their word on vaccine effectiveness.
    If someone forces me to get vaccinated, I’ll go to Russia and get the Sputnik V vaccine – I don’t fully trust that one either, but it’s not mRNA and Russia has been pushing far less propaganda and disinfo about COVID-1984 than most Western countries.

  • Simpler explanation: People are increasingly turning away from vaccines ever since they started paying attention to what goes in there. Baal Gates has a business plan, making more out of vaccines in any year than his entire life at Microsoft. He tried scaring us in 2018 with the Measles Pandemic, and rightly got laughed at by the older generation. How he must have grinned when he heard the name “Boomer Remover”. Now he and his friends are exploiting something that was originally sold as an exercise in researching pathogen spread, using a “denatured coronavirus”. Go check, they have been telling us about the release of this virus openly since at least 2017, when I caught on.
    These new poll “statistics” change every day, because every pollster works a different demographic, take no note. Recent events has alerted the plebes to the weaponisation of polls and statistics, and as the desperado Pharmafias throw more and more corrupted statistics at us, the more people turn away. This has detrimental effects on profit forecasting, spurring yet more absurd statistical acrobatics. Repeat cycle until people feel ready to take up weapons, at which moment the legal excuse will exist to have armed people around while you stand in queue to be vaccinated with gods know what.
    And that is the actual Covert-1984 protocol.

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