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Looks Like Dissent Is No Longer The Highest Form Of Patriotism

Remember how, when Donald Trump was president, writing bogus attack pieces and talking endlessly about how he stole the 2016 election were all good for the country. Because, you know, dissent is the highest form of patriotism.

Now, reporting undisputed facts that happen to be unflattering to the current president poses a grave threat to the survival of the nation. That’s what journalists are saying.

As President Joe Biden’s approval numbers continue to collapse, and polls – including the latest I&I/TIPP poll – find that Trump is more popular than Biden these days, some of the “truth to power” crowd are using their platforms to attack their fellow scribes for being “too negative” on Biden.

The argument is that hurting Biden increases the chances that Trump, if he runs, could reclaim the White House in 2024, and that will be the end of democracy as we know it.

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Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, for example, makes the (ludicrous and thoroughly debunked) claim that the media coverage of Biden has been more negative than it was in Trump’s last year in office, and then delivers this message:

“My colleagues in the media are serving as accessories to the murder of democracy.”

Yikes! Milbank works for the paper, by the way, that adopted the motto “Democracy Dies in Darkness” in 2017 as a thumb in the eye of Trump.

Milbank’s anti-journalist diatribe didn’t raise a peep of protest from his colleagues. It did, however, warm hearts in the Biden administration. Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, promoted the column on Twitter, with the caption “submitted for your consideration.” Other White House officials also touted the piece.

Dan Kennedy makes the same argument on “Large swaths of the media simply cannot or will not move beyond both-sides journalism, equating the frustratingly hapless Democrats with a Republican Party that has embraced authoritarianism and voter suppression.”

The New Republic’s Jason Linkins – who used to write about the media at the leftist Huffington Post – headlines his article “Is Criticizing Joe Biden a Danger to Democracy?” While he makes sure to include a caveat about how “blind fealty to heads of state is the hallmark of dictatorships, not democracies,” Linkins goes on the say that, “the GOP is the enemy of democracy, full stop” and that journalists must give up their “pathological ‘both-sides’ tendencies.”

Dozens of liberal groups joined in, sending a letter to their media friends telling them to: “swiftly address your role in promoting this widespread, destructive pattern of reporting. Not only is it doing harm to our democracy, but it is also harming your reputation as journalists.”

Harming their reputation? Is that even possible?

In any case, let’s see if we can understand this line of reasoning.

The press spent four years debasing itself with wildly misreported anti-Trump stories that then forced some outlets to issue an endless number of embarrassing corrections. They did this expressly because they wanted to subvert the will of the people and drive Trump from office. That was called protecting democracy.

Now they say that, should reporters honestly report the facts about the border crisis, the supply chain crisis, spiraling inflation, the Afghanistan debacle, the endless COVID mandates, increased Chinese and Russian aggression – to say nothing of the fact that Biden is responsible for all of them – those reporters are posing a deadly threat to democracy, because by doing so they are driving down Biden’s popularity.

And we can’t have Biden look bad because that could help Trump win back the presidency (assuming he even runs and gets the GOP nomination). And if Trump were to legitimately win the 2024 election (which would have to be the case because the left keeps telling us that voter fraud is a myth), then that will be tantamount to a coup because, well, because … because … Orange Man Bad!

Is your head spinning yet?

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • I have not listened to the mainstream media for nearly 25 years. They have absolutely nothing of any importance to say. Believe it or not, life goes on quite well without hearing the fake news, propaganda and lies.

  • Thankfully, we don’t have a democracy. The Founders were very clear as to why. Two wolves and a sheep deciding on what to have for dinner. Never works out well for the sheep.

  • The statement that Trump would destroy democracy as we know it is both ironic and ludicrous. Mainly because under the democrats and the Soros/Obama/Biden regime/communist dictatorship they have torn up the bill of rights, ignored the constitution, don’t enforce our laws at all, crime is running rampant across the nation. Millions of people that we cannot vet or identify are pouring across our southern border , terrorist , gang members, child traffickers, tons of dangerous and illegal drugs. One third of the work force is not working, at the same time we have a labor shortage, and inflation is higher than its ever been. They have closed down our coal , oil , and gas industry, so that gas at the pump and the cost of heating our homes is almost not affordable. Biden response is that people need to pay their fair share of fuel cost, WTF??? Food prices have increased by a third under Joe, a steak cost $30. They are finding every possible way to tax everything. They are even trying to tax the equity in your home while you are still living in it. They are sexualizing children from preschool on up and teaching children racism through CRT. Teaching 2nd graders that all white people are born non-human evil racist , traumatizing kids causing whites to be hated and minorities that they are oppressed… I could write a 1000 page book on the destruction of our society and economy. In less than 10 months Biden or rather whoever controls our resident Chinese affiliated wanna be emperor has completely destroyed the USA on every level.. The Democrats have damaged this country as bad as if we had nuclear bombs dropped on us. It is insane like we have moved to the bizarro dimension. The liberal MSM and every democrat is acting as if Biden’s policies and actions were heaven sent. All the while they are turning us into a one party police state and are calling anyone that disagrees a terrorist. My God the FBI is raiding the homes of parents that are fighting against the racism of CRT being taught to their kids and the proliferation of gay porn in grade schools. Teachers are calling the ability to do math racism and recruiting grade school children into the gay community. Not to mention in California they are helping kids as young as 6 years old become transgendered with out the consent of their parents. When a parent tries to stop this evil indoctrination of their child. The school board calls the FBI and keeps a secret database of dissident parents that disagree with the Marxist and Gay Nazis.I am not against gays or transgender persons in any way. I am against them trying to transgender 5 year olds against their parents wishes. They are taking away the right of parents to raise their children the way they want. The mind set is like when the Chinese communist took over. You now have your 10 year old reporting on their parents to the Education Politburo and then your labeled a white supremacist domestic terrorist by the school board. They then contact the head of the DOJ and the FBI arrest you while you are homeschooling your child. This is not the USA it is a Marxist dictatorship that came to power by illegally rigging a presidential election and overthrowing our government… bad things are coming…..they are already here

  • Sheep don’t know they are sheep because they are incapable of even the most basic level of self-awareness or understanding.

  • With all these J6 headline went is Congress going to get around to investigation the night BLM attacked the WH and Trump had to be moved to the bunker? The night that attempted to burn the church across the street. Thats after all was a true insurrection.

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