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Media Test Positive For Corrupt COVID Coverage

Policymakers and public health officials need to be held accountable for their miserable pandemic failures. So should the media, which have no interest in objective news, and are following an agenda that is both repulsive and poisonous.

Among the media’s favorite stories of the past 18 months are the deaths of the unvaccinated and those who expressed skepticism about the lethality of the Wuhan coronavirus. A recent example is the death of a 40-year-old California woman, who, according to the British Daily Mail, “regularly posted anti-vax, anti-mask content, proclaiming herself a ‘free thinker’ who ‘questions everything.’ ” The mother of four – who also considered herself “unmuzzled” – “had been battling COVID-19 and resulting pneumonia ahead of her passing.”

Tragic as her death was, it would not have been covered by the media had she been vaccinated and cheerfully compliant with lockdown and mask rules. But in the twisted minds of most of today’s journalists, it’s a story that has to be told to boost their vanity. They are our moral superiors.

The glee with which the story is reported is not overt. But like so many others, it was told in a way to lead readers to classify the victim as a backward, anti-science conservative who might even be a Republican and a Trump supporter. It’s part of the left’s agenda to marginalize such people.

Thankfully, there are exceptions to the cruelty. Journalist Zaid Jilani recently told the media to stop shaming those who aren’t perfectly lined up with the left’s pandemic demands and succumb to their coronavirus infections.

“Maybe they were skeptical of vaccines, or masks or something like that, and maybe they got COVID, and they died,” Jilani told Hill.TV. “That’s usually a very sad circumstance, but it’s turned into sort of a celebration, like ‘ha we got the other side!’ ”

“It’s an odd way to think of a virus,” he added.

His colleagues won’t listen. Even before the vaccine was produced, they were prominently featuring the deaths of those who held doubt. It was a fatality roundup of deplorables.

As if this weren’t enough malfeasance, the devoted-to-lockdowns, married-to-masks media have also been busy demonizing treatments. It began with the anti-malarial medication hydroxychloroquine. The press, for no other reason than Donald Trump said the drug could be a “game-changer,” embarked on a venomous campaign to destroy it as a viable, if off-label, treatment, even though some doctors, and reports, regard it as both safe and effective.

The New Yorker, for instance, called Trump’s suggestion “coronavirus quackery.” MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, at one time thought to be a Republican, flat out said hydroxychloroquine “will kill you.”

The media have similarly vilified ivermectin, even though it has been found to inhibit replication of the coronavirus and has been used to successfully treat the disease.

Our juvenile media have downplayed as well natural immunity acquired through coronavirus infections. This makes no sense, of course. The immunity obtained from “infection offers considerably more of a shield against the Delta variant of the pandemic coronavirus than two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine,” says Science, citing a “large” study from Israel.  Johns Hopkins surgeon Dr. Marty Makary has noted that “there are 14 studies that show that natural immunity is effective, it’s durable, and it’s going strong.”

Listening to the media (as well as many politicians and probably every single public health official in the country) would lead one to believe that the only way to avoid death and severe illness from COVID-19 is to take the vaccine. They are obsessed with shots. Why? Obviously the press believes it has something to gain, and it’s not an improvement in public health, because few journalists care about anything beyond their bubble.

So what’s the game? Odd that a group that is always so clumsy in hiding its motives has for once created a mystery about its behavior.

We know we risk being accused of being anti-vaxxers and anti-science. The reactionaries who skim this editorial will never read this far down. Within just a few paragraphs, they will have already made up their minds about us. And they will miss this point: We believe the vaccination campaign has been of immense help, and we hope the immunizations will continue to climb.

But the media, actively campaigning against therapies, isn’t helping by continually implying that the unvaccinated are third-class citizens who get what they deserve when they get sick and when theu die. The behavior is inexcusable. It’s an appalling act of malpractice.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Homosexuals, who continue to practice unsafe sex, die all the time of AIDS. Should we be shaming them for causing their own deaths? In spite of all the medical knowledge of what causes AIDS, they continue to act irresponsibly. Certainly they are aware of the dangers of their life-style, no?

  • Todays media are far closer to the views of Lee Harvey Oswald than JFK. They have morphed from the fourth estate watchdogs of government to the fifth column working tirelessly for the left.

  • No, we don’t think the vaccines did any good. And, we hope the immunizations DO NOT climb. On one hand, you push natural immunity, then you crawl back to the defacto position. Animal viruses CANNOT be defeated by a vaccine. Those that continue not to understand this extreme basic fact are going to continue to be sheep for the slaughter.

  • In one sense, it is understandable that the media believes they are morally correct in villifying the unvaccinated if a.) Covid is deadly, b.) the only way to beat it is with a vaccine, c.) the Warp Speed vaccines are effective in stopping Covid, and d.) the vaccines are safe. If these four items are true, then…why not demonize the unvaccinated? They are endangering all of society, after all.

    But what if even one of the ‘truths’ is not true? Thousands of doctors, researchers, virologists, vaccinoligists, as well as medical writers and media sleuths have questioned one or more of these assumptions from day-one. These are not basement dwelling crackpots; these are respected professionals. The mainstream press, and the sources for their news stories, have shown little interest in examining the counter arguments. Why? Good question.

    So rather than conclude that the vaccines have been effective and hope that the vaccinations continue, perhaps you should hope the press engages with the critics of the mainstream narrative to learn why the unvaccinated are unconvinced. A greater understanding of the many murky unknowns surrounding Covid might make it clear that giving unqualified endorsement to vaccines is not helpful. Giving unqualified endorsement to personal choice, however, is.

  • Today’s media are for all intents and purposes the propaganda wing of the Government. Government provides the script, the sock puppets in the media dutifully read what the teleprompter displays whether true or not, mostly not.

    The official narrative of a “deadly” virus for which the government the funded research has been unleashed…death to follow…unless you get our “Operation Warp Speed” (courtesy of King Donald”) fantastic, wonderful magic gene therapy injection, it’s your only way out. Oh did we forget to mention your “way out” will likely come with severe side effects and you might die.

    No worries, King Donald, made sure the makers of this magical elixir won’t be held liable for any harm it will most certainly cause.

    You crazy tin-foil hat conspiracy nuts who claim that a 99.97% survival means this most deadly of deadly viruses ain’t so bad are spreading “misinformation” we your overlords have declared that this is so deadly, millions will die unless you take our magic elixir, it’s your only salvation.

    We your overlords have commission the creation of a test for the most deadly of deadly viruses, never mind that it’s useless, it finds case after case of “infected” individuals to drive our fear porn death count ticker. But the Corona Bug has not been isolated and proven to exist…nonsense say the media lapdogs, why scientists scoured the WHO’s gene banks until we found a genome to our liking then we just filled blanks of our paint by numbers virus with a computer, and viola! A new novel bug to scare the shit out of the world.

    Moderna, Pfizer, J&J we the most benevolent have made the magic elixirs which are free to receive, after we received Billions and Billions of dollars of taxpayer funds. But after all we the benevolent pharmaceutical companies don’t work for free.

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