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Stupidity Is No Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Excuse For Team Biden

Team Biden must be held to account for the lethal consequences of its deliberate acts.

Let’s face it. Neither the lethal fiscal and monetary time-bomb implanted in the American economy nor the crimes committed against God and humanity on the world stage in Afghanistan are the result of careless dimwitted “inadvertence.” Those outrages were, instead, in both cases the results of deliberate acts by certified Wokesters.

Take, for example, the injury they are doing to the economy. Butterfingered Wokesters did not “mistakenly” punch the buttons that ignited inflation and set America on the present high-risk, printing-press-money, debt-ridden path toward financial crisis.

Quite the opposite is true.  It is almost as if the Wokesters started off with the strategic goal of doing harm to the economy of the United States – and then meticulously took the tactical steps necessary to complete the job:

  1. dramatically increase taxes that do more economic harm than they raise in revenue for the government to spend (If that is not absurd, what is?);
  2. increase deficit spending and federal debt to unsustainable levels;
  3. print lots of fiat money (about $120 billion a month) by selling the debt to the Federal Reserve;
  4. bribe people to work less and produce fewer goods while consuming more by giving them free money;
  5. put upward pressure on prices (too many free dollars chasing too few goods); and
  6. put the Federal Reserve in the absurd and high-risk position of either continuing to print money and keep interest rates near zero or trying to thread the needle by gradually reducing its purchases of federal debt and gradually increasing interest rates with almost no margin for error and with no ability to stop the Biden Wokesters from messing everything up with another big spending spree.

Similarly, when they were ordered by the Taliban terrorists to precipitously pull the U.S. military out of Afghanistan, the Biden Wokesters did not “accidentally” forget about the American citizens left behind, Bagram Airfield, and the $80 billion of military equipment.  Nobody is that dimwitted, not even Woke desk-jockey generals intent on banning both brains and brawn from the U.S. military. 

By their own deliberate acts of the most absurd kind, the Wokesters

  1. made Taliban Afghanistan the world’s most lethally armed Sunni Muslim jihadist base for transnational terrorist attacks on American and European targets;
  2. created wide-open opportunities for China to exploit and duplicate America’s cutting-edge weaponry and use it in a powerful alliance with jihadist terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan;
  3. damaged (if not destroyed) America’s relationships with its most important European and other allies; and
  4. created a humanitarian and refugee crisis that almost inevitably will result in many insufficiently vetted Afghans who are jihadists being resettled and welcomed into the United States to do their mischief. 

Team Biden is deliberately turning America into a disrespected, dangerously diverse, and fragile country that is riven by an expanding multiplicity of racial, regional, urban, rural, economic class, cultural, linguistic, religious, and ideological rivalries.  In the not-too-distant future, America will be an economically deficient, ideologically incoherent, and dumbed-down unskilled country that is more in step with its present Second and Third World enemies than it is with its present First World friends and allies with whom it shares the values and characteristics of Western Civilization. 

Threatened by the dual prospects of economic turmoil and a new round of lethal terrorism while continuing to be stuck with President Biden until 2025 and with the Woke Democrat Congress until 2023, America is confronted by a unique political and constitutional question.  By what constitutional means – and without making things worse instead of better – can the damage the Wokesters have already done be contained and how can they be restrained from doing more? 

Removing President Biden from office by impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors or under the 25th Amendment because of his certified inability to perform the duties of his office is like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. As bad as he is, President Biden is probably less dangerous to America than the extreme Wokesters in line to succeed him.

On the other hand, the prospect of Team Biden remaining ensconced in the White House for three more years with their hands on all the levers of the federal government’s enormous power, including the codes that launch the “doomsday” intercontinental ballistic missiles, is the most absurd and frightening aspect of the Woke derangement syndrome that is threatening to destroy America from within and without.

Ernest S. Christian is a veteran Washington lawyer who served in the Treasury Department under President Ford, helped write and get enacted President Reagan’s historic tax reforms and today writes, lectures, and advocates on behalf of pro-growth tax and budget reforms.

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    • Yes, well said…however, depressing. There is no one to save us. Every branch of our government is corrupt. Totalitarian tyranny seems inevitable.

  • Any form of punitive action is intended as a deterrent to others of the same mind. Surely Joke Xiden cannot be allowed to stumble off into the halcyon sunset, in the vague hope, the Republicans will stop their internecine warfare long enough to retake the government ? Whoever follows a successful Xiden impeachment will at least be aware the same fate will await them should they get too ambitious. Joke has damaged America beyond repair, among allies and foes alike, and left the world leaderless and more vulnerable to terrorists. He must be made aware of that. In his present state of incomprehension , that must be made abundantly clear to his cohorts.

  • Before Biden totally shuts down fracking and exploration for crude oil, he needs to focus on an answer to what will replace crude oil.

    Before the 1900’s we had NONE of the 6,000 products from oil and petroleum products. By ceasing oil production and fracking, the supply chain to refineries will be severed and there will no need for refineries as they will have no crude oil to manufacture fuels and derivatives. Without crude oil, manufacturing the various fuels for transportation infrastructures and the military, and manufacturing the derivatives that make the thousands of products used in our daily lives would be terminated.

    Without crude oil, how will the world “clone” those oil derivatives that provide the thousands of products from petroleum that are essential to our medical industry, electronics, communications, transportation infrastructure, our electricity generation, our cooling, heating, manufacturing, and agriculture—indeed, virtually every aspect of our daily lives and lifestyles?

  • “An evil enemy, will burn his own nation to the ground….to rule over the ashes. “ Sun Tzu

  • Perhaps I don’t understand, but it seems to me that Biden is replaced with Harris that Cocaine Mitch could hold the line in the Senate preventing a tie breaking vote from being installed thereby maintaining a 50-50 vote in the Senate deadlocking the government until the next election. That would seem to me to be the best alternative unless I’m missing something.

  • I’m getting tired of the whole Biden did this thing. Biden is a bad person, along with most of the rest of the government. This started in many ways with the execution of Kennedy. Anyone who has spent any time on this knows it was an inside job. This plandemic is the culmination of that ideology. The only real option I see is to vastly reduce the size of the federal government.

  • “By what constitutional means … can the damage done be contained and how can they be restrained from doing more?”

    That’s easy. Lock her up. And prosecute any and all public corruption. Like we used to.

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