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Thus Begins Tyranny?


When the Babylon Bee posted a story with the headline “Joe Biden Announces Civil War,” it was intended to be parody. But like much the Bee publishes, it’s painfully close to the truth.

“In a stirring address to the country today, Biden has announced a new Civil War,” the Bee “reported” last week. The site’s masters of lampoon then “quoted” the president saying “we’re gonna force millions of people to get vaccinated against their will,” and in order “to enforce this, we’re just gonna have ourselves a little Civil War.”

Biting humor aside, what Biden actually said when he announced last Thursday that his administration is going to require every employer in the country with 100 or more employees to force their workers to be fully vaccinated “or show a negative test at least once a week” was disturbing. He indicated that he’s going to go beyond the autocratic pen-and-phone methods of the previous Democrat in the White House.

“If these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my powers as president to get them out of the way,” he said, primarily referring to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who have refused to be bullied by federal pandemic orders.

Later in the day, senior White House adviser Cedric Richmond reiterated the threat, declaring that Biden “will run over” the “governors who stand in the way.” Obviously his handlers, much of his party, and nearly all of the media are in full support of him seizing powers he was never meant to have. 

Both DeSantis and Abbott were duly elected by the voters of their states, as were the other Republican governors who have resisted the White House (an act that not so long ago the Democrats and media said was both virtuous and necessary). No president under our constitutional system of federalism has the authority to move governors “out of the way.” Why would attempting to do so not be a high crime against this nation?

Of course Biden’s words are subject to interpretation. Still, there’s not wide latitude there. He clearly means to at least bypass our federalist system by expanding the powers limited to presidents by the Constitution. This president, again, like the Democrat before him, doesn’t feel constrained by our laws. He doesn’t want to govern within the boundaries, he wants to rule without restraint, and if that means eliminating political rivals, then it has to be done.

According to Psychology Today, one of the seven steps to becoming a dictator is to “get rid of your political enemies.” No, we don’t expect the White House to disappear a group of Republican governors. But the president clearly wants to remove them as a threat to his agenda, which includes several of the other steps to a achieving “a prolonged iron rule,” such as currying “favor by providing public goods efficiently and generously,” creating and defeating a common enemy (the coronavirus), and accumulating “power by manipulating the hearts and minds of your citizens.”

The day after the Bee “reported” on Biden’s threat of Civil War, it posted an “op-ed” from King George III, the tyrant unfit to rule over free people who sat on the throne during the American revolution. From the grave, the English monarch said he “cannot praise highly enough the actions of The Honourable President Biden for his even-handed approach to rule.” 

“I hold in the highest esteem Mr. Biden for keeping the masses in a firm grip,” “George” continued.

We hope we’re not the only ones who see parallels between the two, not the least of which is the madness of King George and the mental decline of Joe Biden.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Absolutely, spot-on article. Tyranny is rapidly becoming the dominant form of government in the USA. But Biden is just one manifestation, a cog, as interchangeable as Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky at the start of the Bolshevik reign of terror in 1917. Russia’s Putin deemed Biden mentally fit after their talks, and Biden is in better shape than Woodrow Wilson when he was secretly bed-ridden with a stroke while his wife sent out orders from his bedside. The disease is much bigger than Biden, and the cancerous Tyranny afflicting the USA is a malignancy deeply embedded in the rest of his party and shared by the social media oligarchs (e.g. Facebook jails) and many among the ruling global elites (e.g. Macron in France, where the tyranny and protests are further along, albeit ignored by USA media, which prefers to keep the masses ignorant of all but the preferred narratives).

    Obviously, once jab mandates become acceptable or the norm, then the Tyranny is established. Freedom will effectively be a thing of the past, if a person cannot even control their own bodily intakes. Chicken Little will declare the sky is falling and everything an emergency to justify further Tyrannies or Mandates. Crime, race, climate, equity and every other micro- or macro-fantasy or fabrication will become the basis for a new emergency decree/mandate. Government by tyrannical decree instead of government of laws. Dictatorship: When asked about it, Bush II said he had no problem with dictatorships, as long as he was the dictator. Biden is just one manifestation of a much larger phenomena, and his presence or absence will not affect deep state or radical-left Democrat policy.

  • Such clarity in a story! I read I&I everyday, I get their newsletter and I mostly enjoy Mr. Ramirez’s cartoons. We have a “king” (also a nut case) in the white house and he needs to be removed, I always thought we threw off the Monarchy in 1776, I guess not. I wonder where the media is concerning “treason” and Impeachment, as I say tongue in cheek.

  • All government is force. This is obvious – you don’t write laws to prevent people from doing what they won’t anyway, nor to make people do what they all do already.

    The only question then is, to what purpose is that force used? There are only two answers. One is that the force is used, as best as possible, to protect the individual rights of all people equally. The other is when that force is used to abuse the rights of one or more groups – either for the benefit of other groups, or simply as a means of punishment or control for “being different.”

  • As Mallard Fillmore says, “Health experts are expressing serious concern about the new “lambda” variant, a strain which has potentially evolved the capability to cause even more media fearmongering and authoritarian government power grabs than the delta variant.”
    As we remember the courage of all those, firefighters, police officers, soldiers and civilian volunteers, who responded to the attacks of 9/11, even giving their lives to defend freedom and human rights, may we stand up with the same courage to this more subtle form of attack, this tyranny of fear and propaganda.

  • Should there have to be a modern, U.S. civil war, Biden will most likely start it. Behind the doddering figurehead are aggressive Marxists, still aggrieved over a Trumpian “delay” and high motivated/incentivized to wreck havoc, I mean implement sweeping, transformational change most certain to aggravate the citizenry, if not assure them that the old normal is already relegated to the historical dustbin.

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