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Two Unexpected Signs Of A Coming Conservative Ascendency

The ever-more-radical left may rule in Washington, Hollywood, the media, academe, and the arts, but when an architecture of ideas is built on a San Andreas Fault of error and defiance of human nature, the inevitable failures register high on the Richter Scale.

Botching a war is one thing, but President Joe Biden turned the ending of a war into an unmitigated disaster. That’s the massively experienced-in-foreign-policy Joe Biden, first elected way back during Richard Nixon’s first term to the U.S. Senate, where he would remain for 36 years, two-time chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and ranking Democrat on it beginning in 1997, then placed in charge of Iraq policy as vice president.

Meanwhile, on the home front, Washington’s COVID-19 overreach seems to seek the permanent curtailment of personal liberties, unprecedented government spending has brought what looks to be long-term inflation unseen since Jimmy Carter, and the federal government has declared all-out war on the majority of Americans who reject the racial and sexual division Democrats are peddling.

The party’s failures make a Republican rout a foregone conclusion in the November 2022 congressional elections, barring unthinkable GOP fumbling – but far greater victories than that are actually within reach for conservatism, triumphs that spell cultural realignment and will leave delighted GOP leaders wondering why the attainments weren’t engineered many years ago.

One is the rise of black conservative political leaders. In California, talk radio titan Larry Elder, who has never held political office, has caused the hapless, hypocritical Gov. Gavin Newsom to panic in the face of a recall effort. In 2003, another political novice, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, replaced failed Democrat Gov. Gray Davis in a similar recall vote.

Even if Elder loses, he will have shown up Newsom and his ideology in a way reminiscent of William F. Buckley Jr.’s humiliation of the liberal Republican who beat him in the 1965 New York City mayoral race, John Lindsey. Lindsey’s big spending would ultimately bankrupt the Big Apple, but Buckley’s attacks on Lindsey’s left-leaning fundamentals exposed his intellectual bankruptcy via a fiery campaign that gained national attention.

In the wake of the 2016 election of Donald Trump, never-elected outsiders with years of heavy media visibility, such as Elder, must now be taken seriously in contests for high office. In May, Daily Wire commentator and author Candace Owens interviewed Trump and they discussed Owens being tapped as his 2024 running mate. Perhaps more likely is staunch conservative and fiery debater Owens, who is 32, running for president herself.

It was known all the way back in the 1980s that the left in America feared no political development more than the rise of black conservative leaders like Elder and Owens. It is why Democrats sacrificed all decorum and decided it was worth conducting a nationally televised X-rated circus in 1991 to prevent Clarence Thomas from succeeding the iconic Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court – a slanderous and ultimately unsuccessful spectacle presided over by then-Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Biden.

The Uncle Tom taunts against Elder began immediately after he threw his hat into the ring. The most infamous slur against him (so far) tellingly remarks that “it’s often best just to ignore people like Elder.”

But black conservatives know how to take such fully expected punches, as Owens proved last year by fearlessly striking back against a profanity-laced attack from a celebrity Biden supporter. An unrelenting Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., in May even demonstrated how such attacks can be self-destructive for the Democrats who launch them, with a Democrat county chairman forced to resign after using a racial epithet against Scott, after Scott was tapped to respond to Biden’s first address to Congress. Scott’s sin? Declaring the self-evident truth that “America is not a racist country.”

There have already been non-white governors who have achieved sustained popularity with successful free-market policies, most notably the eight years of Indian-American Bobby Jindal in Louisiana. But both Elder and Owens, in the spirit of Donald Trump, are far more rhetorically hard-edged in arguing their conservative views, and in attacking politicians of the left. They, Scott and other black leaders who fundamentally oppose the radical agenda of the Al Sharptons and the Joy Reids have it in their power to neutralize the Democratic Party’s poisonous exploitation of race, and bring to fruition a 21st-century Emancipation Proclamation from liberal social policies that have kept black Americans in chains of poverty for decades. A few examples of success under black conservative governance and the left’s “race traitor” taunts will wear thin.

Heeere’s Greg!

Another development, a very long time coming, could be equally revolutionary. Greg Gutfeld, the hip, irreverent Fox News personality, has in a matter of several months in his weeknight 11 p.m. slot succeeded in overtaking “The Tonight Show” and the other big network late-night programs, whose hosts fill the shoes of the likes of Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and Jay Leno.

If this trend continues for Gutfeld, it will be an unprecedented cultural victory for the right. Late-night talk shows helped destroy politicians, such as Nixon and sexually indiscreet 1984 Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart; it rehabilitated others, as a Carson appearance did for then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton after his interminable keynote speech at the 1988 Democratic convention bored delegates to jeers.

The Gutfeld show is fast-paced, seldom unfunny, and targeted at a young demographic. Guests almost always include professional comedians of a libertarian bent. One regular is Tyrus Brodus, a champion wrestler, former professional bodyguard, and in-your-face conservative who as a youth faced wrenching racism within his bi-racial family. Brodus and black, 28-year-old Fox commentator Lawrence Jones recently appeared together on the Gutfeld show hilariously exchanging taunts against the Democratic Party “realizing that it’s losing black folks,” as Jones put it. “They’re taking our civil liberties away,” Jones added, and “allowing violence to just run rampant.”

With Bill Buckley and, earlier this year, Rush Limbaugh gone from the scene, Gutfeld has inherited the mantle of media giant able to make audiences laugh when he touts conservative policies.

One thing Elder, Owens, and Gutfeld and his late-night companions on Fox have in common is that they know how to shoot down the specifics of the actual policies of Democrats with clarity and humor. Far too often in the past, conservative solutions have been presented in the form of policy briefs that the average American has little patience to pore into.

Watching chaotic, unfettered immigration and other long-term causes of demographic changes favoring the left often leaves conservatives in a state of despair for the future. The rise of black conservative political leadership and possible dominance of the culturally powerful late-night TV slot may make for a game-changing counter-trend.

— Written by Thomas McArdle

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  • I hope and pray that your prediction of a rout BY the GOP is a foregone outcome in ’22 – a consummation devoutly to be wished. But, and it’s the real kicker, we all know that the GOP has a real knack of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – when the future looks the brightest, the Dems their weakest and the prospects secure beyond misadventure, the GOP somehow manages to screw things up and ends up empty handed.

    I’ll believe the dream has come true when the results are in, counted and certified, not before.

    • With such as Mitch McConnell still being a standard bearer for the party, opposing and/or obstructing common sense actions such as forensic audits of the last election and impeachment for the Aid-and-Comforter-to-the-Enemy-and-Cheat Biden, along with other lifelong parasites like him still in Congress, a GOP rout is by no means a foregone conclusion.

  • A wonderful thesis. But the Democrats have an issue that crushes the Republicans every time – abortion. Swing voters – who are all affluent White suburbanites – are extremely pro-abortion, particularly if they have daughters. They are moving increasingly Leftward, and will not vote for a party that will take away their abortion rights. And Roe will be overturned 4 months before the Midterm Election, making this issue extremely important.

    • Abortion is killing innocent babies. More and more younger people are showing up at the annual March for Life that has happened every January (except 2020 because of Nancy fencing off DC) since 1974. The Texas law that was just passed makes sense, but Progressives don’t have any….so they are calling this an attack on women. 6 weeks should be enough time to decide. They know they HAD sex. Be responsible..

      • Republicans have to be less afraid about talking about abortion. Meet the Press decided to have a Republican congresswoman who lost her seat in Virginia, Barbara Comstock, debate Claire McCaskill last Sunday. Why pick a LOSER who represents no one? She was stumbling over her words as she complained about Texas and spent half the time bashing Trump and talking about Jan. 6th. Marjorie Dannenfelser of SBA List would have handed McCaskill her head, but the establishment media don’t want good debaters on the pro-life side given exposure. Comstock spent years promoting herself among conservatives; I remember seeing her at my old boss the late, great Bob Novak’s book party about 15 years ago. She turned out to be a RINO who is nothing but trouble. There is only one reason to oppose abortion and that is that it is the killing of an innocent, defenseless baby within the womb. Republicans have to talk about the ugly thing abortion is and not get sidetracked on the supposed imperfections of a specific law. Most Americans know Roe is extreme and that has to be tapped into, but I have no illusions that Republicans will likely be stupid about it.

    • I don’t think so. Restrictions on abortion are quite popular. It’s an issue for states to decide. Swing voters agree. Only hardcore leftists believe abortion should be unrestricted through 9 months. I can’t comprehend how one would think killing babies is a winning strategy.

  • “The party’s failures make a Republican rout a foregone conclusion in the November 2022 congressional elections, barring unthinkable GOP fumbling…”

    The GOP is more than up to the task of fumbling this election.

  • Not just Tim Scott. Honorable mention to NC lt. gov. and 1st Amendment champion Mark Robinson, KY attorney general Daniel Cameron, who has stood firm in the face of racist attacks against him, and GOP US reps Burgess Owens of UT and Byron Donalds of FL. May their ranks continue to grow

  • What good does it do ? This nation has been intentionally wrecked, our election process is destroyed, we have effectively a one-party state and a one-sided judicial system – I won’t dignify it using the term “Criminal Justice System” – we have an open border where dug dealers, sex offenders, violent criminals and welfare dependents are just pouring in by the millions, our illegitimate and criminal POTUS has just surrendered to the Taliban and by gifting them pallets of cash and $85 billion in weapons turned them into the most powerful terrorist entity (beside China) on this planet. The list of crimes and treason against this nation is piling up daily and there is no resistance whatever to this tsunami of hate, racism, treason, organized violence and crime that the deep state Democrats are waging against us. So what if there are a handful of conservatives finally – after decades of slumber and impotent hand-wringing – are taking a stand to put on a good show.

  • If we get more communists this time around the country is done no ifs ands or buts .I believe the communists think they have taken over this country and in many ways they have but I think we have one more chance.

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