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U.S. In More Trouble Than At Any Time In Its History

Candidate Joe Biden said last October that we were nearing the “most important election of our lifetime.” He was right. What made it so crucial was keeping him out of the White House.

President Joe Biden is visibly exhausted. His mental decline that began long before the 2020 election appears to have now gone straight over a cliff. The first seven months of his term have depleted him so thoroughly that the toll taken by eight years of the modern presidency look mild in comparison.

His errors and poor judgment continue and compound. Never in possession of an abundance of sound thinking, he’s been drained of what little wisdom he ever had. And he’s only going to get worse.

Biden’s record of failure is well-documented. He’s been a train wreck in progress for decades. Just added to his resume of misery is the ongoing catastrophe in Afghanistan where Americans have been murdered and abandoned; historic inflation that threatens economic growth; a workforce that feels work is optional; dire conditions in which businesses can’t find enough workers; an open wound on our southern border; and a greenlighting of terrorism both in the U.S. and abroad.

President Ice Cream has also caused further political and social division, increased gasoline prices through perverse energy policies, and forsaken allies while inviting enemies and rogues to test American resolve. Given that his handlers often call a lid on his workdays before afternoon tea, he’s often been able to make a hash of things before lunch.

Maybe some of the rapid decay we’re watching can be attributed to Biden’s failing mental capacity. But even in his best years, he would have been a wretched president, a stain on our history.

In any event, a president who’s overseen such a dreadful mess in just a few months should be booted from the White House. Forget resignation, though. Biden has believed in his lies and self-righteousness for a half century, and he’s never been embarrassed by his frequent malfunctions. He won’t willingly leave the office he’s craved since the 1980s. Impeachment and removal are the only options.

But to America’s great misfortune, Biden has impeachment insurance. Kamala Harris, the country’s largely invisible (thank heavens for that) vice president, would be no improvement over Biden should he be removed from office. In fact, she would be worse, an outcome that is almost impossible to imagine. Harris is Biden’s human shield.

Her malign presence can’t prevent Biden from becoming mentally incapacitated or from dying in office, though. If he is unable to continue for any reason, she becomes president, and our decline not only continues, it takes a sharp dive.

The former U.S. senator, California attorney general, and San Francisco district attorney is shallow, a “careerist” without a rudder who will do what she thinks will make her popular with the media and the ruling class rather that what is right, meaning she will go left, left, and left. (GovTrack rated her Senate performance to the left of Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is an outright socialist.) Harris has no foreign policy credentials, and, given that she reportedly agreed with Biden’s Afghanistan surrender plans, is about as brainless in international relations as he is.

The vice president of the United States is a spiteful narcissist who craves celebrity, a cackling nag who actively supported a fund that bailed out last year’s Minnesota rioters. Politically, she’s a washout who dropped out of the presidential race before the first primary because she turned off even Democratic voters.

Her offices, from California to her White House campaign to her current post in Washington, have been toxic environments where staff members are mistreated and harassed, disorganization overwhelms aides, and vital information is withheld to the point that key assistants are often caught by surprise as events occur. Hardly the type of conditions required for managing the federal government and staying out of trouble on the international stage.

Harris’ is the story of a person of no substance who has constantly failed upward. This has been made painfully clear in moments when, as the Washington Examiner has noted, “she is completely inept in any situation in which she is unable to stick to a rehearsed, scripted answer,” and “unable to stand up to the mildest of pushback in interviews.” As much as the country needs to rid itself of Biden, an act of self-preservation that would be nearly 50 years late, elevating Harris would be catastrophic.

Sure, a Republican rout in the 2022 mid-term elections like that of 1994 will help. But the nation is stuck with either Biden, Harris, or some other drag-America-down Democrat in the White House until at least January 2025. The last, best hope for humanity is in deep trouble.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • A Republican Rout would then put the Republcans in charge of Congress.

    So, pretty much nothing will change. At best, we will fall of the economic, social, and foreign relations cliffs slightly more slowly.

  • Our problem isn’t just Biden! It is his entire administration, right down the our Military leadership! We have defense companies going “woke” and if you don’t understand what that means it means that the most important thing to them is numbers involving race, rather than the best of the best doing the job. Qualification should be our only priority, race should never factor in. Exceptionalism always over “fairness” and “numbers”.

  • Edmund Burke famously said, “There is a lot of ruin in a nation.” Biden and the Democrats, with a big assist from censored news and social media, are doing the experiment to see how much ruin there is.

  • Politics will not resolve the struggle for Freedom against Totalitarian Socialism. Survival will require revolutionary action. It means getting out of the comfort zone and deciding whether or not there are principles that are worth defending. The Enemy is powerful – but they are corrupt and cynical and it has been proved that they can be defeated by committed opponents. The Machine is a gargantuan mangled mess of interdependent components with crippling vulnerabilities to which it is blinded through arrogance and self-delusion.

  • Disagree with not impeaching Biden. We have to begin the process, and none of this is going to be easy or painless. As the article itself states, Harris is loathed by her own party. Let her be the face of the downfall, and make the democrats own this. We have to understand that for the foreseeable future, there’s going to be a lot of discomfort to put it mildly…

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