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If This Be Insurrection, Make A Day Of It!

The Holiday-Formerly-Known-As-Independence Day passed with nary an acknowledgment from your once unsurpassably patriotic commentator – who, some may remember (or even have noticed), asserted on these pages in the wake of the brazenly stolen 2020 election:

“(T)he United States of America ceased to exist the moment the vote tally crossed the threshold allowing Team Biden to claim ‘victory’ – as the Democrats nullified its existential principle: ‘consent of the governed.’”

As indicated in the piece referenced, this pundit is instead looking longingly forward to a day anticipated in said commentary, when we formalize a once unspeakable notion: America’s long-developing separation into two nations.

This very week, the Issues & Insights editorial board reported on an I&I/TIPP poll that found only 36% of 18- to 24-year-olds and 55% of liberals saying they are “very or extremely proud” to be Americans – compared to 86% of those over 65 and 81% of conservatives.

As a recent arrival in the latter age group and a longtime adherent to a right-leaning Weltanschauung, this observer is frankly shocked that the tallies aren’t reversed in the current environment.

Our previous opus forecast the “certain fruits of Dems’ multi-state, multi-step larceny of the White House and Capitol Hill: the full ‘Californication’ of America.” But even a full-on cynic such as yours truly has to be stunned – and yes, shamed – at just how rapidly and completely this transformation is being effected via both public and private agencies.

How can a conservative who grew up, married, carried on a career, raised children and engaged in Christian ministry in a very different United States be “very or extremely proud” of a country where an election can not only be openly purloined but:

  • The LGBTQ agenda and Critical Race Theory (if you’re white, you’re racist) have become the dominant ruling philosophies – to the extent that every month seems to be “Pride Month” (someone is proud) … Juneteenth was more celebrated than July 4 … our erstwhile “fighting forces” are featuring women with two moms in ads and pushing racist tomes on their officers … schools have students spying and snitching on insufficiently “woke” classmates and drag queens leading story hours for kindergartners … the Supreme Court is greenlighting lawsuits against businesses requiring male-female dress codes and schools enforcing single-sex bathrooms … and common-sense election laws are the latest iteration of Jim Crow?
  • “Climate change” has become the pretext for reversing the hard-won energy security gains of the last decade-plus, destroying high-paying jobs, and plunging whole states into summer-and-wintertime blackouts and “energy poverty,” while enriching crony capitalists invested in renewables or pushing so-called “ESG” (energy, social, governance) funds?
  • The government has also succeeded in throwing a monkey wrench into the gears of an economy ready to roar back from pandemic lockdown, with Uncle Sam shoveling out trillions in funny money and supplies of labor, goods and services plummeting and costs skyrocketing as the Federal Reserve waves the white flag on controlling inflation?
  • Officials continue to engage in COVID scaremongering as a pretext to resume, at a moment’s notice, their year-long stranglehold on every aspect of American life and agenda of increasing the dependence on government of every American citizen?
  • Law enforcement agencies are holding so-called “insurrectionists” from the Jan. 6 Capitol demonstrations in solitary confinement while allowing dangerous and destructive leftist rioters to go free and refusing to enforce basic laws such as shoplifting, much less murder and assault?
  • In fact, “racist,” “sexist,” “white supremacist,” and the aforementioned “insurrectionist” are the terms radicalized Democrats, the military, the mainstream and social media, Corporate America and other elites employ to justify isolating, neutralizing, penalizing and outright canceling anyone who openly disagrees with their all-encompassing, proto-socialist/Big Business, and anti-freedom and anti-free-speech agenda?

Well, all right then. If this – adhering to Judeo-Christian values, the Constitution, a free-market philosophy, and fundamentally, simple truth – be “insurrection,” then, by all means, make the most of it.

In fact, let’s make a day of it. 

When a sufficient number of state, county and even local officials finally decide to separate themselves and their citizens from this headlong descent into national madness, let’s proudly adopt the out-of-touch elite’s over-the-top term (even worse than “deplorables”).

And celebrate that event as “Insurrection Day.”

Who’s with us?

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Bob Maistros

Bob Maistros, a messaging and communications strategist and crisis specialist, is of counsel with Strategic Action Public Affairs, and was chief writer for the Reagan-Bush ’84 campaign, three U.S. Senators, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached at


  • I’m delighted to find someone else who uses “Weltanschauung” in their commentary. I’m not claiming any “rights” – no pun intended – but I’ve been using it for decades. I don’t have a personal website, and have no clue on how to send you a recent post, but you will find a few on FB. Be well, jb

    • Thanks. The editors and I had a fun exchange over it. I actually studied in Germany at one time (and later lived and worked in Vienna) so was fairly familiar with the word.

  • Bob, 7+ months after election day and not a single Republican congress critter has mentioned the word “partition” . The R party is less then useless.

    • We should have a holiday called Insurrection Day. I wasn’t there, but if insurrection is required to fix the USA, then I’m on board.

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