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I&I/TIPP Poll: Just 36% of Young People Are Proud To Be American

Editor’s note: Issues & Insights gratefully acknowledges its collaboration with tippinsights on the simultaneous and exclusive release of this story.

Is pride in America a thing of the past? Not if you ask Americans. As the nation celebrates its 245th birthday, the first in a series of I&I/TIPP polls finds that 68% of adults say they are “very” or “extremely” proud to be an American, with another 15% “moderately” proud.

On the other end of the spectrum, only 6% say they “aren’t proud at all,” and 8% say they are only “slightly proud.”

The results show that the concerted attempts by the left to describe the country as fundamentally racist, corrupt, unfair, and in need of a “transformation” have not had much of an impact on the general population – with one exception.

Even among blacks and Hispanics, who are repeatedly described as victims of embedded American racism and intolerance, pride is strong. The poll found that 55% of blacks and 57% of Hispanics say they are either extremely or very proud to be Americans. Just 7% of blacks and 9% of Hispanics say they aren’t proud at all of their nationality.

The I&I/TIPP poll was conducted by TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence from June 30 through July 2, and includes responses from 1,424 adults, giving it a margin of error of +/- 2.8 points. This marks the first in a weekly collaborative effort between Issues & Insights and TIPP to provide polling results on a wide range of questions selected by I&I editors.

While the poll showed strong pride in America, it did reveal several noteworthy differences in the level of pride among demographic groups.

Men, for example, are far more proud than women to be American (81% of men say they are extremely or very proud, compared with 65% of women).

Single women are far less proud of their nationality than married women (51% vs. 70%).

Somewhat surprisingly, colleges and universities – which have become bastions of America-hating leftists – seem to be inadvertently instilling American pride in their students. The poll found that 75% of college graduates are proud to be an American, compared with 62% of those with only a high school diploma.

Not surprisingly, those on the left aren’t nearly as proud as conservatives or moderates to be American. The poll found that 24% of liberals say they are only somewhat proud or are not proud at all. Just 4% of conservatives and 6% of moderates say this.

So, which is the one – and only one – demographic group in the I&I/TIPP poll that is not proud to be American?

It’s young people age 18 to 24.

The poll found that only 36% of this group say they are very or extremely proud, making it the sole demographic group tracked among whom pride falls below 50%. The poll found an almost identical share of the 18-24 crowd (35%) say that they are only slightly or not proud at all to be an American.

Is this youthful rebellion? The result of years of indoctrination by a leftist education system? Is it due to the young’s susceptibility to the siren song of socialism?

Whatever the case, this strong anti-American sentiment appears to dissipate with age.

Pride in America rises to 59% for those 25-44; 75% for those 45-64; and 86% for those 65 and over.

Still, the findings are worrisome, and they are a reminder of Ronald Reagan’s observation that:

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.

TIPP, for those who don’t know, has the distinct honor of being the most accurate pollster in the past five presidential elections. In the weeks ahead, I&I will share TIPP poll results on questions such as: athletes’ respect for the American flag, what the term “Woke” means, and trust in the media.


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Terry Jones

Terry Jones was part of Investor's Business Daily from its inception in 1983, working in a variety of posts, including reporter, economics correspondent, National Issues editor and economics editor. Most recently, from 1996 to 2019, he served as associate editor of the newspaper and deputy editor and editor of IBD's Issues & Insights. His many media appearances include spots on the Larry Kudlow, Bill O’Reilly, Dennis Miller, Dennis Prager, Michael Medved and Glenn Beck shows. He also served as Free Markets columnist for Townhall Magazine, and as a weekly guest on PJTV’s The Front Page. He holds both bachelor's and master's degrees from UCLA, and is an Abraham Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute


  • 36% sounds about right. They are young, let them experience the outside world. That is when their real education begins.

  • The Left has done a great job of convincing the yutes that America sucks. One more generation and the Republic is done. Glad to be almost 72.

    • I feel bad for my grandkids that are still real young, they won’t know what hit them. I’ll be 73 so I know what you’re feeling. Wait till the 36% wake up and realize they were wrong with no backbone to turn things back

  • The other 64% get on their $1,000 phones with social media and condemn capitalism while they wear their $500 sneakers and drink their $10 coffees.

  • I would bet that if the same poll had been taken in 1970 the result for most of these groupings would have been the same. The young are always rebellious, whether humans, chimps, or zebras. Society isn’t ending, or even changing much.

  • That poll must be in Democrat Blue state Hells like DC where a Felon convicted for murder was just elected. Here in Fly Over County/Free America you won’t hear that!

  • send the other 64% to china or russia…
    let them enjoy what they think they love so much about what they don’t like here in the states.

  • With each passing generation, our people lose interest, insight and appreciation to America the Beautiful. Like grapes drying up on a vine. I could get angry and upset, as I know how my parents generation (the greatest generation) gave me safety, comfort and opportunity, along with a slew of new inventions like the TV & AC – could you imagine not living with these ancient technologies? They were game changers in terms of entertainment and comfort. Now at upper age and retired, and have been around the world, maybe ‘6 months in China’ for these younger folks, let us see what they may find out about America. They are clueless, woke and the internet keeps them going.

  • Yes , Young and Stupid , ignorant know nothing spoiled Brats …..ha…ha..ha…

  • My family was not polled. Every one of them proud of our Nation & disgusted with behavior of so many ignorant of history and moral principles. These are not the ones that make news.

  • I suggest that 64% start taking Chinese language classes and the other 36% buy ammo!

  • SEND that 36% to Commie China, Cuba or any other Commie country for 2 years and see how their demented attitude CHANGES.

  • What a great “education” our children are provided with today.

  • It would be interesting to further refine the analysis for younger people. Further break down specifically within that group by sex, race, education level would provide insight. The data is probably in the poll, just needs to be teased out.

  • Hey, this is not North Korea. GET OUT if you are not proud.

  • You can thank our educational system of today and their unions.

  • Tell the 36% to go to any other country on the planet, live there for a year and if they think it is better than the U.S.A. then stay the hell there.

  • The other question that should be asked with this question is “Have you traveled out of the country to a third world nation in the last 40 years and was your stay longer than a month?” I wish we either brought back the draft or you sign up for volunteer work in the Appalachia’s or unserved communities for two years and pay a stipend.

  • This is what happens when you let progressives take control of your education system. Wake up America.

  • I don’t have a lot of money, but I would GLADLY sponsor the “healing” for ONE of those poor set upon youngsters who hates the USA! I know others out there would do the same. Just for me though, I’d withdrawn enough from my savings to pay for a FIRST CLASS ONE WAY FLIGHT to the country of their choice! All they would need to do is RENOUNCE their CITIZENSHIP and sign legal documents that they would NEVER attempt to return to the USA! How many others would need to join in to fund the EMANCIPATION of those downtrodden and shamed soon-to-be NON-Americans??

  • Personally I think it should be required that all high school age kids spend two weeks in a third world country living in the homes of the locals. They would come home and kiss the ground. Many years ago I learned that lesson and I am very proud to be American.

  • In this climate of cancel culture, socialism, and Atheism, young snowflakes are not older enough, or mature enough the freedom and liberty they enjoy in this country.

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