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The Only Antidote To The Ruling Class’ Nonsense: Shout The Truth

This commentator, nearing the halcyon latter days of a life of hard, day-night-weekends-holidays work, has rewarded himself by relocating to a gated community in the paradise known as Florida. One rule designed to make his self-governing court in said community yet more utopian ostensibly bars annoying dogs. 

Yet one cannot walk down the catwalk, go for a stroll or run or simply relax in one’s condo in this limited-access pseudo-Xanadu without being jumped at, barked or howled at, actually nipped or have one’s peace or even sleep otherwise interrupted by just such a perturbing beast. 

Why? “No dogs” seems simple and easy to enforce. It means: no dogs. Owners should divest their canine pests or move.

Ah, but the even more annoying, perturbing and intrusive Nanny State has stuck her ugly, endlessly protruding nose into our private community’s business. 

You see, the so-called Fair Housing Act requires a “reasonable accommodation” if snarly, disruptive mini-Cujo is claimed to be an “emotional support animal” – meaning just about no matter what, the creature stays. A doctor’s signature is basically the sole requirement to demonstrate the need of such succor – without any real showing of any mental disease or defect. 

You know, and this wordmonger knows, that it’s simple nonsense to assert that a huge percentage of residents in a single gated community must harbor an animal to get through the day. And the notion that such inanity would empower Nanny Sam to reach all the way down and so interfere in a court’s actually reasonable self-governance would have been laughed off by past generations of sensible grownups.

But that’s how power is parceled out these days in and from Washington, state capitals, courtrooms, C-Suites, union headquarters, ivory towers and even health care providers. Assert pure and simple nonsense – in reality, outright lies – as superior wisdom and unquestioned truth. Truth that must be acknowledged and obeyed at all costs and enforced to aggregate power to elites – at the expense of people who just want to live their lives in peace.

The concept was further crystallized for this correspondent when he and family members watched a video grappling with the utterly mad concept that children and adolescents should be fed cocktails of noxious drugs and subjected to disfiguring and irreversible surgical procedures to transform the immutable reality of their sex. And that hordes of highly impressionable, subject-to-peer-pressure and celebrity-worship young people are suddenly suffering from the heretofore rare condition of gender dysphoria and in need of such maltreatment.

Not long back, individuals who subjected themselves to or advocated such horrors were regarded as curiosities. Now they are celebrities and cultural avatars.

The reason: we’ve lost the courage – and in many respects, the right – to call nonsense by its name and stop it in its tracks.

The nonsense that a man is a woman and a woman a man.

That two people of the same sex can be considered “married.”

That every white person in America is “privileged” and “racist” simply by virtue of being white.

That “renewable energy” is cheaper than fossil fuels and can be reliably produced and delivered to get us to “net-zero carbon” by mid-century (alternatively, that the world will end by 2030).

That having a rewarding job is more important than being married or having children.

That benefits of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions outweigh short- and long-term public-health costs.

That the current border disaster is Donald Trump’s fault.

That an election where the tide was turned by impossible early-morning vote waves cascading simultaneously in four urban jurisdictions – along with other massive statistical improbabilities – was conducted fairly and legally. That a mountain of evidence to the contrary represents “no proof,” and demands for investigation amount to “insurrection.”

(By the way, Democrats’ attempt to federalize in HR 1 all the state-level legal chicaneries that enabled Fast and Furious: Election Edition is a less-than-tacit admission of the operation’s success.)

That bend-over-backward-balancing attempts to tighten in some ways, and liberalize in others, election laws to prevent this obvious theft from recurring are “sick” and “Jim Crow.” 

And so on and so forth.

What to do? Short of a New American Opt-Out, which becomes more unlikely every day as victims of the stolen election are cowered into passivity by the cancel culture, there is only one antidote to nonsense: truth.

Ruling-class, cancel-culture elites may make it costly and painful to tell the truth, take away your platforms, and ultimately, even take away your right. But they can’t take away your ability to do so.

Truth can’t be canceled, a reality that is even more undeniable for people of faith. It can only be suppressed, and then only for a period of time. Over time, to paraphrase Moses’ warning to the children of Israel, elites’ nonsense will find them out – it is fervently hoped, in every sense of the word.

It’s time for all good men and women to damn the torpedoes and the potential consequences and shout the truth, from rooftops if necessary. Hope and pray for the best. And snarl back at those mangy mutts and their inconsiderate owners.

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Bob Maistros

Bob Maistros, a messaging and communications strategist and crisis specialist, is of counsel with Strategic Action Public Affairs, and was chief writer for the Reagan-Bush ’84 campaign, three U.S. Senators, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached at


  • This piece was written and submitted too soon to catch Kirsten Gillibrand’s equally nonsensical assertion that child care is infrastructure.

  • Dear Mr. Maistros, I have been shouting and yelling, since before President Trump was elected, I am never sure whether people are listening – thankfully you are. Although I do not agree with everything you said, I agree (heartily) with most. I am mostly a “live and let live” kind of person and only get upset when it interferes with my personally space. CoVid 19/Wuhan flu has been a struggle for me because I do not believe it is the monster that many do. Yes, it is bad.Yes, you need to be cautious but I am that way every flu season. I take care of me and mine I do not, never have, depend on the government sine they could NOT care less about me or mine. Well, maybe the Trump Administration cared some. Thank you for this article.

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