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Dear Mr. President: Please Lead The ‘New America’ Opt-Out

The President of the United States

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

Last week, this correspondent posited that only one solution existed for red-state (and county) Americans facing “Californication” in the wake of the Democrats’ brazen theft of your presidency and soon, the Georgia runoffs.

Opt out.

“Partition” (a preferable term to the baggage-laden “secession”) is the only avenue to escape the inevitable (in author Michael Anton’s words) “high taxes, higher costs, cratering standards of living, declining services, deteriorating infrastructure (and) worsening quality of life” accompanying a leftist takeover.

And the suggestion was here that partition must follow the same path as same-sex marriage and other radical leftist notions: “from anathema to mandate and impossibility to imperative” – only much faster.

Partition would have “to be spoken, then shouted – demanded – and commanded.” Then, “not just speaking the unspeakable until it becomes conventional,” adherents would have to “dispens(e) with niceties such as settled law and procedure,” as leftists have done.  

Specifically, deep red states could “simply declare the Union dissolved by nefarious actions to disenfranchise Americans,” and red counties could declare independence or seek annexation.

But there’s actually a faster way to get to partition – based on the recognition that every historic movement requires a historic leader.

Only one figure has the existing base of support, charisma and cajones to eschew convention in pursuit of corrective action to cut the Gordian knot of complexity and apprehension surrounding partition.

Mr. President, more than ever, now is your moment.

By all means, exhaust every effort to preserve your presidency, and thereby the nation. Seek every legal remedy. Turn over every stone for new evidence of fraud.

But everyone knows time is running out on this effort. The Democrats had months to plan whatever scandalous scheme they hatched to erase your insurmountable leads in not one, but four swing states. Even avalanches of affidavits and piles of purloined and prestidigitated ballots will not be enough, in a few short weeks, to meet the daunting standards of evidence and overturn the all-but-declared defrauding of voters.

Once the Electoral College has stated its verdict, and you inevitably concede, you must be ready to take the next step.

2024? As if. 

The Democrats, supported by legacy media, will spend the next four years not just trashing you and your legacy – and likely, prosecuting you – but also perfecting the perfidious procedures that enabled them to nullify the consent of the governed. Sen. Lindsey Graham is right: Now that the Democrats will basically get away with larceny, America may never elect another Republican president. Including and especially you.

Meanwhile, over four years, Democratic Socialists will unwind your enormous accomplishments: budding peace in the Middle East based on fervent loyalty to Israel and shared antipathy to Iran, standing up to foes and fair-weather friends alike, historic economic and job growth (and since the COVID-induced stupor, recovery) based on regulatory reform, common sense on climate change, and a slowdown of illegal immigration (already being reversed).

No, Mr. President, you must capitalize on your existing bully pulpit – and bulldog manner – in the here and now. Mobilize your powerful base of support – possibly a majority, given the unmasking of fake polls –  behind partition by openly putting the concept on the table and transporting it from the fringe to the center of national discussion.

Call together leaders from the most likely participant states – one reader has suggested Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Utah – and gather sufficient support to gain critical mass.

Host a Declaration of Dissolution by states willing to take the lead with you (Mount Rushmore would be a wonderful venue). Announce a provisional government (led of course by the rightfully elected president and current members of Congress).

And begin your latest Art of the Deal negotiations for the division of spoils, from a position of strength. After all, for all the talk of 70% of GDP supposedly being in Biden America, the red states are where, to paraphrase George Bailey, “most of the working and paying and living and dying” takes place in our nation, and where the real wealth – as opposed to financialized Ponzi-scheming with other people’s money – is created. Not to mention the location of most of the military strength.

Along with the provisional government will come the announcement of a new Constitutional Convention for “New America” (another reader suggestion). It should go a lot faster than the previous one, since New America can start with the original document and the most reasonable amendments and court precedents.

This commentator concedes he didn’t always have this much faith in you (a simple Google will confirm involvement in extreme Never-Trump efforts). But you’ve proven your conservative bona fides – and commenced an American Awakening that can be sustained only via the New America Opt-Out.

You’re not the only one who can advance the partition movement and thereby protect your legacy from America’s hijackers. But you’re in a unique and historic position to do so. 

Mr. President, let’s roll.

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Bob Maistros

Bob Maistros, a messaging and communications strategist and crisis specialist, is of counsel with Strategic Action Public Affairs, and was chief writer for the Reagan-Bush ’84 campaign, three U.S. Senators, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. He can be reached at


  • How Passive , we will just partition the country to appease the enemies of America and hope that they will leave us alone . That is like trying to make a deal with cancer that it can devour certain organs and the body politic can live in peace along side . NO ! NO! NO!

    This is America , we have a duly elected president, constitution and laws. There are those who would surrender the entire country along with the conspirators to corrupted voting machines .
    If the machine says 1+ 1 = 60,000 you just can’t argue . Run the numbers twice same result . Just shut up lie down and obey . Maybe if we sit up and beg under socialist rules they will might , just maybe let us have a real election four years from now . If we lose this country to the fraud and corruption now , America is gone for ever and the light of the world sinks in to the despair and hopelessness of the worst of third world nations. The dark ages will once again cover the earth . All is lost, given freely to blatant fraud and cowardice to call it so.

    NO! Now is the time to fight . This is treason actively at work in America . Declare it so! The President should act now and declare the states are in a state of rebellion . Why surrender to fraud when we would never surrender to an army? Order the immediate arrest of everyone accused of election fraud , top to bottom . That includes Governors , state legislators and election officials . The charge is treason . Arrest every member of state government that openly violates federal law . Arrest them now and they can face the charges in court later.
    Use Executive orders for a forensic examination of every voting machine used in the country and independent auditing firms to count and certify accurate and verifiable votes under pain of perjury . If sufficient doubt remains as to the veracity of the results . By executive order a new election would be the result . Current sitting government to remain in place until the results were calculated . If needed by executive order the swearing in ceremony will be delayed until the elected president , Senate , house and local offices are determined to be free and clear of fraud,

    Yes , it is constitutional , at least as much as anything else pays attention to the constitution any more. None would blink if the supreme court said it so. The President , the executive branch has all the authority of the supreme court in running the country. Rouge , ahem , Activist judges no longer bother with constitution or written laws to justify themselves , why should an entire branch of government be held to a different standard? Use the power of law to arrest all the conspirators and have an honest election. Concede nothing .

    Defend our country Mr. President , there is foul treason is at work and we should not surrender so lightly . No partition , don’t surrender a grain of sand to traitors of the nation. We fought a horrible civil war in hopes that we would never fight again. Shall we replace that bravery with cowardice ? or is this nation still worth fighting for?

    • Secession and decentralization was the solution to the Roman menace, British tyranny in 1776, Yankee tyranny in 1861 and is right in 2020 against globalist tyranny.

    • This would all be an act of treason. You are calling for the secession of many states…no matter how you try to rebrand it. Not that this is going anywhere, because it’s a ridiculous notion. What’s more ridiculous is anyone believing that ONE man, Donald Trump, somehow has all the answers for the trouble plaguing the country. Keep in mind, Trump himself has created/exacerbated many of the issues dividing the country over the past 4 years.

      How is it that you choose to believe the words of ONE man over the rulings of many judges in many states? How do you account for ALL the rulings against Trump and his lawyers? I know, I know…the judges are Rinos or were bought by Soros…I get it. It’s much easier, somehow, for you to fall back on the greatest collusion in US history than simply accept that Donald Trump is a highly unpopular President and deeply, deeply flawed man.

      The future of America will never be beholden to the actions of one man. America is greater than Trump and always will be…with or without him.

      The simplest solution usually answers the most complex of questions. Why Trump lost isn’t even that complex. Perhaps you need to sharpen your Occam’s Razor. Or, maybe you need to find another country, because I guarantee that you won’t be starting a new one here.

    • I had cancer. It was surgically removed. I will live to fight another day. My body without the cancerous part is very healthy. The cancer did not spread. I say we treat the blue areas as cancer and surgically remove them, hopefully peacefully.

  • Bravo for this suggestion. It is time for red states to take matters into their own hands. Donald Trump is the one to lead it! Let the blue states commit economic and political suicide on their own.

  • Another award-winning hit out-of-the-ballpark for Mr. Maistros.

    Thankyou sir, for your prescience, proactiverness, and patriotism.

    I also view partition for those of us on the right side of history as the only viable way to escape the sewer into which the left is leading the country. I’m ready.

    • Lots of folks told Mr Lincoln that very thing 158 yrs ago. He told them he wd free the slaves if it took that to PRESERVE the Union or he wd keep’em slaves if that was what it took…to preserve the Union. He knew a split Union was ripe for a takeover by foreign leaders( England and France) Same today. Lincoln didn’t understand the conspiracy..all the Confederate cabinet were members of the same secret lodge, the Knights of the Golden Circle, as were all the Union cabinet, except Lincoln and Seward. Today we have the same problem..pols of both hues awa judges and prosecutors and most military officers [above O-5]..are all members of a big ole secret lodge and swear allegiance to IT, rather than to the Constitution. If that continues, we are doomed.

  • If this author, is suggesting that we partition the United States or indirectly succeeding from the blue states, I am highly against that. Not only will it divide us by it will make it worst. What if the blue states decided to form relationships with China, or Russia? Can you imagine if their military on our continent?

    President Trump needs to fight this either through invalidating the election through martial law or implementing the insurrection act. This is a violation of our sovereignty by Russia, China and Iran, Democrats and stupid RINO’s

  • Another conservative author who has given up on 2020 already. The chances of Trump reclaiming his rightful victory are not disappearing; they are growing by the day. I agree that even if Trump wins, partition will have to happen. However, I’m dismayed at the negativity of so many so called conservatives.

  • I’ve been sayin this for well over a decade. It’s pointless to continue on in this bad marriage. And the nostalgia for this “sea to shining sea” idea of America is holding too many people hostage.

    If you fall into that crowd: listen closely…..

    The America you want/had is never coming back. There is hardly any element remaining on the political left that reveres this country in any way. Those that do lack the courage to speak up. It’s dead and gone. Forget about it.

    It’s time to move on. There are enough resources and wealth everywhere for everyone to live comfortably, and most importantly, independently and the way they choose without having to come to blows. I’d prefer that happen.

    The alternative is war, eventually.

    Choose wisely.

  • Millions of clearly fraudulent votes and the military has traced Dominion servers communication with China Iran and others that is Treason!
    Declare Marshall law arrest traitors and use military tribunals. Invoke the Insurrection Act. New Elections will be held once the Deep State criminals are expose and cleaned out. The nation needs to be cleansed and disinfected by removing and prosecution of thousands of deep state criminals.
    De-classify everything so the deep state crimes are in full view starting with JFK murderous coup. The people will scream for justice and truth; give it to us.

  • Based on the comments, some of you take the author at his word. I thought he was being sarcastic. Go figure…

    • The author assures you: most decidedly not being sarcastic.
      There will be more on this subject.

  • I would add Missouri to your list of states. Other than St. Louis, Kansas City proper, and possibly Jefferson City, we are solidly conservative. Lol, and even most of the libs have guns.

    • Happy to do so. Are you ready to help lead the movement? Write your governor, state rep and state senator!

  • Totally agree. “New America” would be very difficult at first, but we would be its pioneers. Imagine a nation where the Bill of Rights is untouchable. Where our
    kids are taught the goodness of our Founding and the rule of law was paramount.
    My question is: Who gets the nukes?

  • The red rural areas have the blue urban areas by the balls. The rural areas grow most of the food. Good people should pool funds to pay off farm debt and then cut off ALL food to the cities then watch them eat each other.

  • “Along with the provisional government will come the announcement of a new Constitutional Convention for “New America” (another reader suggestion). It should go a lot faster than the previous one, since New America can start with the original document and the most reasonable amendments and court precedents.”

    Please, God, no! If we have learned anything over the 230+ year history of our Republic, it is that Constitutions don’t accomplish anything but empower governments with powers they shouldn’t have.

    Why not let each Sovereign State go its own way? Why do we need a central government? That was the biggest mistake of the founding era. Though very flawed, the Articles of Confederation were superior to the Constitution in that, under the Articles, the central government had very few powers and was not a threat to anybody. What Liberties has the Constitution been able to preserve? None.

    A new Constitution would be a horrible idea – unless it gave no taxing powers, no regulatory powers, no ability to raise armed forces and no judicial powers to the government, and contained clear and unmistakable language that said that a State could leave anytime it wanted, no questions asked, and no permission from any other government was necessary.

    Barring that extremely improbable occurrence, I am against any new Constitution as a pointless exercise in doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result.

  • The fraudulent election is not even over, and you’ve given up already? Not I. Flipping three states for violating their own state legislatures’ election rules (US Constitution Article 1) will give the vote to President Trump. And the President has more arrows in his quiver yet unleashed.

    “Partition”? Like India and Pakistan? That’s insanity. Remember, we are not ‘blue’ and ‘red’; we are intermixed. There are lots of patriots even here in Massachusetts. Will we all have to move?

    Then, too, the United States is not alone in this shrinking world. The Chinese Communists would be delighted to see a fragmented North America. “A nation divided amongst itself cannot stand.”

  • I’ve got two words for you: Houston Astros.

    Ask the Astros how much their World Series win is worth today, following incontrovertible exposure of their cheating that season. That’s because most of America hates a cheater.

    If the election was indeed stolen, then it wasn’t stolen by only one person (a “conspiracy” defined). Therefore these multiple persons had to communicate via email, phone, and text. Before January 20 President Trump should release every incriminating conversation between them, and hang a big scarlet letter “C” around Biden’s neck for the next four years.

    Where is our Snowden?

  • We on the Right are truly screwed. We are outraged by clear evidence and sworn testimony about overwhelming voter fraud by the left in this year’s election (and the underlying suspicion that it has been going on for a long time but that Trump’s outsized turnout caused them to have to overplay their hand). Somehow there seems to be no remedy (unless some court or various state legislatures actually develop some backbone.)

    What are our choices? The left wing anarchists riot, loot, burn down and destroy private and public property to destabilize local, state and potentially the national government authority. But we on the right don’t want anarchy. We want and respect law and order. If we revolt and resort to insurrection, we are no better than them. What a conundrum.

    I don’t think secession will succeed. Nor will civil war.

    The only peaceful solution I can think of is bringing the left to the table screaming for “cleaning up all this voter fraud” by out doing them at their own game. Any where that isn’t going to be clearly won by a republican candidate should see 100%, 200% or 500% voter turnout all voting against the left’s candidates. We should be able to print and vote more bogus ballots than they can.

    The best time to do this would be the 2022 election resulting in overwhelming super majorities in the House and Senate–followed by swift impeachment and conviction of both Biden and Harris.

    Then some serious safeguards can be put in place.

  • The author forgets one step before partition.
    There is already a process afoot to call another Constitutional Convention.
    First Trump needs to get behind the COS movement and take the decision making away from the Deep State.

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