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Mitch, Mitt And Never-Trumpers Have It All Wrong: Trump Should Fight On, Not ‘Move On’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell created a stir by calling Joe Biden “president-elect” following Monday’s Electoral College vote. Meanwhile, senator and former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney urged President Donald Trump to “move on.” Sorry, but there are still serious issues of fraud related to this election. To abandon the quest for the truth would be a disservice to the American people.

Of course, it’s understandable that people are tired of arguing whether a national election was fraudulent or not. We’d only note that the modern use of voting machines and vote-by-mail that make election fraud far easier is largely a “progressive” project, created to make voting less secure and less transparent, not more.

Even so, and apart from the crucial upcoming U.S. Senate runoff election in Georgia, there’s good reason not to listen to either McConnell or Romney or, for that matter, any of the many “Never-Trumpers” in the GOP who seem eager, anxious even, to get rid of Trump. They want him to fold his tent and walk away.

We can only guess why. But what’s most important now is that we determine the scale and scope of the electoral fraud and whether it truly handed the election to Biden. If so, Trump becomes president.

And, in truth, no matter what the Electoral College said on Monday, if massive fraud is in evidence in the states, the election results cannot stand. And there’s plenty of evidence of that tumbling out by the day.

By now we’ve all heard the stories of vote counts being suspended in the middle of the night, with Trump having a massive lead, only to be continued in the early morning with a shocking and statistically near-impossible number of votes being dumped into the hopper for Biden.

We’ve also heard of strange glitches in the Dominion voting computers that, mysteriously, changed Trump votes to Biden votes.

We’ve all heard too of the back-room counting by local election officials, illegally excluding Republican poll observers from making sure the count was fair. And of the coincidence that Biden won suspiciously and improbably large majorities in major cities in four vital swing states — Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia — that were key to a Trump electoral victory.

But this week, even more evidence of fraud has come to light, calling the 2020 election further into question.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the state’s absentee ballot distribution violated state law and that “Gov. Tony Evers and other state and municipal officers did not have the legal authority to expand the definition of ‘indefinitely confined’ citizens to permit absentee voting without showing a state ID.”

A Michigan judge ordered the release of a “damning forensics report” on the Dominion Vote Tabulation System, which was used in Antrim County. The shocking report comes to a frightening determination: “We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.” (Italics ours.)

But, you say, it’s just one little county in one state.

No. In fact, according to the Wikipedia entry on Dominion, “In total, 28 states used Dominion voting machines to tabulate their votes during the 2020 United States presidential election, including most of the swing states.” How many of those machines were reprogrammed or repurposed to “create systemic fraud and influence election results”?

But if Monday was the official certification of the Electoral College vote, isn’t it all moot?

Not at all. Trump adviser Stephen Miller told Fox News’ Fox & Friends Monday that contested states, including Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and possibly Arizona and Nevada, will send “alternate” slates of Trump electors to Congress, which meets on Jan. 6 to count the electoral votes and declare a presidential winner.

Should the Trump campaign and its attorneys prevail in their legal actions alleging election fraud in the contested states, Congress would have the ability if not the obligation to certify the Trump electors.

“The only date in the Constitution is Jan. 20,” Miller told Fox. “We have more than enough time to right the wrong of this fraudulent election result and certify Donald Trump as the winner of the election.”

If all this maneuvering seems futile, it isn’t. The Democrats have a long tradition of election shenanigans. They spent Trump’s four years illegally undermining his presidency through Deep State allies and even impeaching him earlier this year on entirely false charges.

With the Durham investigation into possible misconduct still ongoing, we may yet see indictments for the illegal behavior, of which Biden as vice president was aware. And we may also find out the full scope of Hunter Biden’s profiteering in China, Russia and Ukraine from exploiting his father’s position in the Obama White House. Influence peddling is a crime, you know.

Moreover, while Democrats have recently called for “unity,” that’s something they never offered Trump after his stunning upset of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Instead, Democrats right now are creating “enemies lists” of Trump supporters and aides for retribution after Biden takes office.

In his speech Monday following the Electoral College vote, Biden had a chance to be magnanimous in his apparent victory. Instead, he excoriated and insulted both Trump and those who voted for him. Calls for “unity” ring hollow.

So Mitch and Mitt are wrong: Trump and the GOP have no choice but to fight on. Either they challenge the increasing lawlessness of the far-left Democrats, who value their power over our freedom, or let the U.S. become a one-party progressive-socialist state with rigged presidential elections every four years.

And the time to fight is now, not later. This isn’t just about fixed elections or even about Trump. It’s about the future of our republic. If we lose that, we’ve lost everything.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • “Should the Trump campaign and its attorneys prevail in their legal actions alleging election fraud in the contested states, Congress would have the ability if not the obligation to certify the Trump electors.”
    Trump’s lawyers have lost 59 suits. Which legal actions are still pending?

    • Trump’s lawyers have not lost any suits to my knowledge as none of them have been heard. They have all been dismissed on technicalities such as lack of standing.

  • The other name for Republicans like Mitt Romney are spineless, wimps with an R after their name instead of a D. This is why I have never joined a party and I never will. The Republicans and Democrats are one party just different ways of being criminals. Of course, their are a few good guys, just not enough. President Trump was a good guy and the Washington Swamp hated him because he was. He was honest (to a fault), loved the American people and wanted the government to work for the people – all sins in the Washington Politicians eyes. We didn’t just have an election stolen from us we had our freedoms, constitutional rights and the ability for free thought taken. Will we ever get it back? I for one will work in any way I can to make the next fours years miserable for the Democrats. As an ordinary person there is not much I can do but I will start with Hollywood – no more paying for anything that comes out of that
    Chinese hell hole. Companies that even look or sound like liberals will not see a dime of my money – Starbucks, Facebook, Apple, Comcast, Verizon, etc. There maybe a few I am stuck using but it will only be what I need and not a dime more. There are ways around it. We as a country have become complacent and complicit in aiding the the rich and elite to take us over. Well, I for one, am starting right now. It won’t hurt me as much as it will hurt them. BTW, the mainstream media are biggest contributors to taking our freedoms as the politicians. Wake up Americans and do your own thinking and stop counting on some else to do it for you If you need someone else to tell what to think then move to England where they have Royals. Didn’t we fight a war awhile ago to get rid of the yoke of the monarchy. How easily we have slipped back. SIGH

  • This election has been violated because of judicial and state Executive intervention in the election process. So far, cases brought before courts on the observable vote fraud, election fraud, and vote count manipulations by Dominion Voting Systems have been rampantly rejected by judicial officials at all levels.
    Who makes election law in the states?
    A foreign owned company called Dominion Voting Systems and it’s affiliates has previously been noted for vote count manipulations. In the 2020 election, Antrim County, MI, noted a vote count manipulation by the Dominion Voting Systems equipment. Several election night snapshots on major
    news networks, based on Dominion Voting Systems vote counts, demonstrated wild vote count swings from one candidate to another. The examination of Dominion Voting Systems equipment is being examined in several states after a greater than 60% error rate was reported.
    Every state election where Dominion Voting Systems equipment was used needs to be audited. The judiciary at all levels must allow evidence of zombie voting, illegal or unverifies ballots, and deliberate actions to prevent election observers from verifying ballots or vote counting to be presented.
    The President and the American public are right to challenge the 2020 election results. Joe Biden should be legally elected, not illegally anointed as President. Our judiciary has no legal right to change election law or refuse to hear evidence of vote, election, or vote count fraud. Our judiciary can not anoint Joe Biden King by ignoring a fraudulent election.

  • What has always made Trump attractive to voters was that he is FEARLESS. Look at Mt. Rushmore. The only thing that all four Presidents up there had in common, was their courage. Jefferson was an asshole. Washington had a perpetual scowl. TR was always moving forward like a bull in a china shop, and Lincoln was introverted. Trump may also be a misogynist ass, but he is not a wimp. The last time we had non-wimp in the Oval Office was Eisenhower.

    • Ray, I do not agree with everything you said but you are absolutely correct in saying Trump is fearless. He does not much care what people think of him. Perhaps that is a failing in Politics, I like President Trump and he is Fearless and brave. I guess there are many in the U.S. that don’t like those qualities. Obama was a wimp, coward and racist and some citizens really liked him, He also screwed the American people for 8 years. I guess some like that too. Well, there is no accounting for taste.

  • The only election fraud is in Trump’s head .This is just a Trump grift to get suckers to part with their money to fill his coffers.

    • sorry Bruce, but the mathematicians have indisputably PROVEN massive fraud. You can fool everyone else, but you cannot fool the arithmetic. If the statistics say that something cannot happen without cheating, it doesn’t, period. Exactly who, where, and how will eventually be exposed. But, you can take it to the bank, literally, forensic accounting proves the Democrats cheated. Now, I don’t think it was Biden because, frankly he is not that smart. But, a small group of very smart people did.

      Nevertheless, the math does not lie, ever.

      • You’re the one who should be sorry,Every case that the inept, trump shysters have brouight to the courts, including the Supreme Court with his ,3, hand picked, justices have been dismissed for lack of evidence.

        Your math is faulty ,so is your argument


    • When your side decided to stop counting in selected cities as the country waited on results you ensured that we would NEVER know who the people wanted to choose. And with it you and your totalitarian buddies further ensured NOBODY will ever trust our elections again.

      You OWN the response to your criminality. Let’s hope it doesn’t blow back directly on you.

  • Despite Republicans bending the knee (typically) to Democrats protesting that they did not commit election fraud, no one outside of Trump’s legal team and any perpetrators knows the truth—not I, not you, not McConnell, not anybody. Politicians, bureaucrats, and investigative reporters whom we customarily rely on to keep us informed fear they they’d ruin their careers no matter what their findings, so none of them will touch this hot potato. But we can know what likely happened.

    Look at the history. Democrats conspired to get rid of Trump through baseless charges of collusion with Russia and phony impeachment charges. Does anyone think it’s beyond belief that they’d try to get rid of him by rigging the election? It certainly looks like they did. They laid the groundwork by getting states to allow widespread use of mail-in ballots, notoriously open to fraud, and pushed the use of vote-counting machines designed to allow fraud. After the election, various statistical analyses of patterns in returns all showed results that were highly improbable—almost impossible—unless fraud were committed. Although it’s difficult to get concrete evidence of fraud by people who know what they’re doing, investigators found numerous examples. Unfortunately, finding evidence of rampant fraud takes more time and resources than the investigators have.

    Nevertheless, we know that Democrats had the motive—to get rid of Trump—the means, through mail-in ballots, easily manipulated vote-counting machines, and broken election laws, and the lack of scruples to rig this election, and the evidence adduced so far indicates they did. Investigators may not have the wherewithal to collect the massive evidence needed for legal proof of guilt, but the verdict should be not “innocent” but “guilt not proven.”

  • Does Mitch McConnell perhaps have a personal interest in seeing Joe Biden sworn in?

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