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Evidence Of National Fraud During America’s 2020 Presidential Election: A Compendium

(Editor’s note: This is the first of a series of posts by the Libertas Bella blog on the evidence for fraud in the 2020 presidential election. For more entries, along with charts, graphs and pictures, please click here to go to the Libertas Bella blog site.)

Regardless of where one falls politically, the sanctity of the vote is a bedrock of a functioning representative democracy. Voters have to believe their vote matters. And that the vote is free, fair, and accurate. 

The basic facts of the 2020 American Presidential election are concerning because mounting evidence indicates there’s been a concerted effort by state Democratic Parties to flip the election from President Donald Trump to former Vice President Joe Biden in a number of key swing states with the help of notoriously corrupt Democratic Party machines in at least five American cities — Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, and Atlanta.

Here are the basic facts of the case: On Election Night when America went to bed, President Trump had a commanding lead in virtually every swing state, as well as Virginia, which no one expected him to win. However, when America woke up the next day, we found that he’d lost these leads, largely on the basis of mail-in ballots found in the middle of the night and out from under the watchful eye of legal election monitors. 

What’s more, these massive caches of votes – almost all of which were for former Vice President Biden – came via large dumps primarily from the five aforementioned cities in states predominantly run by Democratic governors.

When one looks at the statistical likelihood of the reported turnout, the numbers are so improbable they’re more at home in a one-party state like Saddam Hussein’s Iraq or North Korea.

What’s more, Biden’s victory does not square with the results of the Republican Party nationally: Republicans won 28 of 29 competitive House seats and Democrats were unable to flip a single state legislature. Joe Biden secured a scant three of the so-called “Bellwether Districts” that almost always choose the winner, one of which was in Delaware. Judicial Watch found 353 counties in 29 different states who had higher than 100 percent turnout

Anecdotally, swing states tend to follow Florida in terms of swinging left or right. This is particularly true in Michigan, which has voted in lockstep with Florida since 1968. Nearly three dozen states had counting machines connected to the Internet during the election, which is inherently insecure. Joe Biden’s lead among mail-in ballots was massive in two states — Michigan and Pennsylvania — while it was in the single digits in most states.

Evidence of chicanery, irregularities, and outright manipulation have poured in from a variety of states — PennsylvaniaMichiganGeorgiaWisconsinNorth CarolinaTexasNew JerseyNevada, and Arizona. This evidence could easily be dismissed as simply weird if one is being generous or naive.

While much of this took place at the state level, there are also irregularities that are occurring across state lines and these are worthy of consideration. It’s not evidence per se, but there was a massive spike in the number of Google searches for “election fraud punishment” in swing states in the 30 days leading up to the election

Below we explore the details and the data of what happened across the nation on Election Day, with flagrant and often sloppy irregularities occurring from coast to coast. Elsewhere we explore similar efforts in the key swing states of PennsylvaniaWisconsinMichigan, and Georgia

All of the posts in this series will be updated as more credible information is uncovered.

Sam Jacobs is co-founder of Libertas Bella (Liberty is beautiful), a libertarian-oriented clothing and apparel site.

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  • It is absolutely essential to protect the integrity of our elections regardless of political party.

  • I was thinking this morning that the one of the most disturbing things that will come of this is how it will reveal how strong the American left’s resistance to logic, reason, and evidence is.

    These are people who have adopted a “by any means necessary” approach to getting the results they want from elections. Note that I did not say, “winning” elections. They’ve shown that’s not necessary anymore to get the results they want.

    So far, those who would pervert our election process into a sick joke are being rewarded for what they have done. Not only do they accurately perceive themselves to be winning right now, they’re convinced they’re on the verge of absolute victory.

    These people are not into retrospection, regret, or remorse about what they have done or what they are doing. Hubris and chutzpah are what they are feeling and expressing right now, and no amount of testimonial, forensic, video, statistical, physical or other circumstantial evidence is going to change that.

    Anyone who thinks that the donkey party or its adherents will concede to the mountain of evidence that they criminally overturned a legitimate election to install a usurper is delusional.

    They lied, cheated, and stole to get to where they are. They are happy with the result.They will fight to preserve their ill-gotten gains before they’ll fight to preserve things like one man, one vote and recourse to the law.

    They will have to be forced out.

    “I reject your facts.”
    – Nancy Pelosi

    • But you have yet to provide any proof. Your opinions don’t matter. Get over it, Trump lost and all your whining and false accusations won’t change that fact. Please, present any proof you have.

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