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Only Georgia Stands In The Way Of U.S. Becoming A One-Party State

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So much depends on the outcome of the runoff elections in Georgia that it’s truly scary. Yet some Republicans think that “abstaining” from voting to elect a pair of U.S. senators from the Peach State is a good idea. In fact, it borders on insanity. Not voting and conceding control of the Senate to the Democrats would alter America forever, and not in a good way.

The Democrat-led Congress has let it be known what its priorities are, saying that its first task if it takes control next year will be to enact sweeping national electoral reforms that will all but ensure permanent Democrat control of the U.S. government.

Joe Biden has already said he would sign House Resolution 1, the so-called For The People Act, whose benign name belies its true intent: To create an eventual one-party leftist state with only token political opposition. The bill was passed by the Democrat-dominated House in 2019, after the party took the majority during the previous year’s elections.

Essentially, HR1 would federalize U.S. elections by putting them under the direct control of Washington. That would kill the Electoral College system we now have, which ensures that small states can’t be politically bullied by larger states when it comes to elections.

As the Washington Free Beacon pointed out this week, HR1 “would also take a number of dramatic and controversial steps, including extending voting rights to millions of currently disenfranchised felons and overhauling the Federal Election Commission to ensure partisan control. Democrats have framed those changes and others as necessary to democracy, but they would also likely give the party a leg up in future elections.”

Think you’re angry now? Just imagine living in a small state, knowing full well that every election will be decided by a handful of far-left cities such as New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

The mischief in the bill is never-ending. The whole idea is to water down existing voters’ rights to create entire new Democrat-friendly constituencies and bolster the old ones.

One of the bill’s provisions, for instance, would create a body to consider extending statehood to U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam and American Samoa. Oh, yes, it also calls for statehood for Washington, D.C. , one of the most dysfunctional, and Democratic, cities in the U.S.

For the record, according to September 2020 voter registration data, D.C. is 77% Democrat but not even 6% Republican. Any surprise that Democrats want D.C. statehood, especially when it would immediately yield two secure Senate seats as part of their “reform”?

Sure, right now, we’re arguing about outcomes in individual states. But each state, if it makes mistakes, has a chance to rectify those errors and create better, fairer and more-secure voting systems as a result. As Florida did after the disastrous, glitch-filled 2000 presidential election.

With a national election system in place, the possibility of mammoth failures that invalidate an entire election and result in mass disenfranchisement grows exponentially.

“Part of this is practical,” explained Cato Institute Senior Fellow Walter Olson in a recent blog post. “With dozens of voting systems in use, if a newly introduced machine is overly subject to breakdown, at least it isn’t causing havoc everywhere at once. If some states adopt a bad or inefficient practice (as by discouraging the processing of mailed ballots before Election Day, which slowed counts in states like Michigan and Pennsylvania) they can profit from the example of states like Florida that have implemented more efficient methods after their own costly experience.”

The notion of Washington-directed and -controlled elections is frightening, as economist Steve Landsburg noted recently in the Wall Street Journal:

Imagine a future presidential election in which the incumbent refuses to concede and enlists the full power of the federal government to overturn the apparent democratic outcome.

Now imagine that the election in question is actually run by a federal agency or by some nationwide quasigovernmental authority charged with collecting and aggregating the results from all 50 states.

I don’t know about you, but I might worry a bit about the pressure that could be brought to bear on that single authority.

We do too. We’re also concerned about Democratic Deep State operatives (yes, they do exist) taking permanent control over our elections, giving Democrats a huge advantage on every level. It would be game over, a national version of California’s tin-pot, one-party state socialism. That’s in no one’s interest, apart from the Progressive/Socialist clique that now controls the Democratic Party.

Circling back to our initial topic, this is just one reason why those who argue for “sitting out” the Jan. 5 Georgia runoff elections are so wrong. Indeed, not voting is a dangerous, fatuous and self-defeating idea, one that we’re glad to see President Donald Trump has already definitively slapped down.

Georgians who care about preserving our republic, its freedoms and the multi-party system that makes it all possible should make sure they vote. Neither of the Democratic candidates will protect your right to free, fair and open elections. Both Republicans will.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • 1) Senate elections in Georgia are so important that all Republicans who are disgusted with the GOP abandoning Trump should turn the other cheek and vote Republican.

    2) However, they are not important enough for Republican Legislatures in several swing States to put their collective foot down over democrat vote fraud stealing the Presidential election.

    The fact of item #2 makes me question the validity of the claim that is item #1.

    • #2 involves ‘honor,’ ‘courage’ and ‘Republican official’ appearing in the same sentence.

      #1 Requires just ‘wisdom’ and ‘voters’ to appear together.

      #2 doesn’t give me any problem with #1.

  • The democrats have corrupted Georgia, too! Unsolicited mail-in ballots and out and out ballot stuffing, without consequences and lack of signature verification and now people moving to Georgia or registering out of state. I would be amazed if the Republicans won.

  • As Chuck Schumer, minority leader of Democrats in the Senate said recently about the runoff elections for two senators in Georgia, “Today Georgia, tomorrow the country.” Schumer and his fellow Democrats around the nation are salivating at the prospect of changing the balance of power in our country permanently, notwithstanding the harm that would do to all Americans, even the shortsighted ones who may believe that a one-party progressive country would serve their interests in perpetuity. Don’t forget, these people are often wrong but never in doubt.

    While it is unfortunate that both Republican incumbents are poor candidates, it is even more troublesome that President Trump, consumed more by ego-driven anger at his loss to a weak Joe Biden than rational consideration of the stakes for the country in these runoffs, has put himself before his fellow Republicans while electioneering for them. It’s almost as if their loss would validate his own at the hands of a “rigged” Georgia balloting system.

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