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The Five Legislatures That Must Do Their Constitutional Duty To Confirm Trump’s Reelection

After four years of bitter partisan infighting, Democrats have gone even further this time with the one thing they do well: steal elections. They have been doing that for more than 100 years, from Tammany Hall in New York to Chicago with former Mayor Richard Daley’s political machine counting the votes.

But this time the national media have become a willing accomplice, failing to report the charges Trump and his allies have been making against that fraud.  

On election night, fraud became increasingly obvious when the vote count stopped late at night in major Democrat controlled cities, in particular Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta, where in the dark of night trucks pulled up at voting centers to deliver new ballots to count. Democrats were following the most brazen vote-stealing practices going back over a century, calculating what votes were needed to reverse the results to favor Joe Biden.

At times before the ballot counts were stopped, Trump was leading by several hundred thousand votes. But once the sun rose, Biden’s vote count had increased by several hundred thousand. Some ballots had only a vote for Biden, with no votes for anyone else down ballot.

Our old friend and conservative ally Woody Jenkins, editor of the Central City News of Baton Rouge, La., summed it up as follows:

“While the mainstream media has crowned former Vice President Joe Biden as president elect, the facts on the ground are quite different, at least in two swing states that have been called for Biden – Georgia and Pennsylvania. In those two states careful analysis of the data show that both states voted for President Trump, and the election was stolen. It was fraud by computer.” (He goes on to identify Dominion and Smartmatic as the culprits).

The Biden bailout was so inconsistent with the rest of the election. Somehow the candidate who couldn’t attract a crowd and never significantly campaigned out of the state of Delaware supposedly ended up with the most votes of any presidential candidate in American history. That was necessary to beat out the candidate who campaigned all across the country with the greatest crowds ever seen in American politics.

Mail-in voting practices violated all standards adopted to ensure election integrity by disallowing voter fraud. Sometimes voter ID was bypassed. Signatures were not verified, even sometimes ruled not necessary. In some Democrat-controlled counties, Democrat voters were called to cure their ballot to satisfy the standards that were enforced, while Republican voters were not. What was done to ensure that several ballots were not cast by the same voter?

While Biden supposedly received the most support of any White House candidate ever, at the same time at least a dozen Republicans were elected to Congress, nearly taking a House majority. Voters also increased the numbers of Republican governors and state legislators. And the Republican Senate majority held its own, pending a couple of runoffs in the usually Republican state of Georgia.

Fortunately, the Constitution has a way out of this insanity, without asking the Supreme Court to issue a ruling to reverse the election results, as it did in 2000 in Bush vs. Gore. Article 2 specifically says that legislatures have the ultimate power to specify the electors of their respective states.

Legislatures consequently can decide to correct this confused election mess by naming their own electors to represent their state. Time to blow the whistle on this rampant voter fraud to steal the election from Trump.

Every thoughtful voter across the country can reach out to friends and neighbors, asking them to urge their legislators to appoint their state’s electors, per the Constitution. Legislatures in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona have the power to give Trump the 270 electoral votes he needs to be reelected, as he deserves. Let Biden go down in history as the supposed president elect who never served.

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  • I attended the hearings on Monday in Phoenix, AZ. Every one of the state legislators there is in favor of selecting new electors. The problem is this: Under the Arizona constitution, the state legislature would need to be called into special session to do this. And under state law, either the governor would need to order the special session or the legislature itself would need to vote by a two-thirds majority to call a special session. Although the state House and senate are Republican majority, they do NOT have a two-thirds majority.

    As for our supposedly Republican governor, he could not wait to sign the fraudulent certification issued by our rabidly leftist secretary of state, even as Monday’s hearings were barely underway. Obviously, he is compromised or has been bought off, or perhaps both. So unless thousands of Patriots can compell him under credible threat of death, he is probably not going to be calling for a special session of the legislature.

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