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"Making every vote count" means enforcing laws against vote fraud. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mad About Election Chaos? Blame Dems’ Fraud-Prone Vote-By-Mail Scheme

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As many feared, the election has ended, but it isn’t over. Ballots are still being tallied, and races in Nevada and Pennsylvania remain up in the air. Even when finished, there will be angry disputes. The counts will go on, but even when done they’ll be litigated for months. Blame the Democrats’ vote-by-mail scheme for the election chaos.

Fed up with riots, demonstrations, nonstop name-calling and demonization of political opponents, Americans speak longingly of a clear result to our elections that would let us all get on with our lives.

It wasn’t to be in 2020. Costly, and no doubt lengthy, legal challenges await. It may yet even be discovered that there was massive electoral fraud.

For this, you can thank mail-in voting, which the Democrats pushed as part of their “make every vote count” campaign (not to mention, of course, the four-year hate-affair the unhinged left in the Democratic Party conducted with President Donald Trump).

As has been noted repeatedly, expanding mail-in voting under the pretense of making voting easier during the lockdown was always spurious. We saw just how deceitful that was this week when the Centers for Disease Control told those with COVID-19 to go ahead and vote in person – just be careful.

So much for: “We have to vote by mail to keep people safe.”

Of course, voting by mail is fraught with potential for fraud, something that has been demonstrated by numerous studies.

How big is the problem? The federal Election Assistance Commission found that, between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million mail-in ballots went unaccounted for. That’s equal to missing roughly 20% of “all absentee ballots and ballots mailed to voters residing in states that do elections exclusively by mail,” a recent Real Clear Politics piece noted.

At the very minimum, this poses serious risks to election security. Add the likelihood that some of the ballots have no doubt been used to perpetrate fraud, and you have the makings of a crisis of confidence in our voting system.

Even the New York Times once admitted this. Back in 2012, as President Barack Obama squared off against Republican Mitt Romney, the Times reported that voter fraud with mail-in ballots “is vastly more prevalent than the in-person voting fraud that has attracted far more attention, election administrators say. In Florida, absentee-ballot scandals seem to arrive like clockwork around election time.”

That’s thousands of miles away from their current stance.

Earlier, in 2008, the CalTech/MIT Voting Technology Project recommended that, rather than expanding vote-by-mail, states should instead “restrict or abolish on-demand absentee voting in favor of in-person early voting.”

So what’s to stop the fraudsters? Nothing, really. Most poll locations no longer require identification. You have to have a driver’s license to fly, to drive and to buy alcohol. But not to vote.

Millions of non-citizens have acquired Social Security numbers allowing them to work here. Does anyone believe that a no-I.D. registration requirement would be an impediment to them voting?

As for those who claim election fraud is just another right-wing fantasy, sorry, not so.

A recent report by investigative reporter John Solomon of Just The News found that our election system is rife with cheating:

A review of court cases and recent indictments – including one this week in Philadelphia against a former congressman – finds there have been at least four dozen cases in criminal and civil court since the last presidential election in 2016 in which voter fraud has led to charges, convictions, lawsuits or plea deals.  

The schemes have ranged from old fashion ballot box stuffing to absentee and mail-in ballot fraud.

Of course, those are only instances that have been discovered. Given what we know about lax federal enforcement of laws regarding voting, we can be sure the problem is much bigger.

Then there’s the problem of putting our election system into the less-than-capable hands of the U.S. Postal Service.

As we noted, a number of postal employees recently have been discovered throwing ballots out, including one charged with election fraud in West Virginia just last summer.

Here are a few other recent examples from the news highlighting the problem of vote-by-mail and other vote fraud:

And those were from just one week in late September. If there were GOP examples, we didn’t find them. If there are, they’re just as wrong. Mere differences of opinion about voting or opposition to outright fraud is called “voter suppression” by the left.

It’s time Americans admit that they’ve in fact been defrauded by the Democratic Party, which has systematically sought to undermine our voting laws by ignoring them. The linchpin of this effort has been vote-by-mail, which has delayed our election outcome, made the results less clear and reliable in the public’s eyes, and created a farcical air around one of our most sacred privileges: The vote.

This is nothing new. It goes back at least to 2000, when the Democrats found that they could make large accusations of fraud in legitimate elections and manipulate Democrat-appointed judges to invalidate Republican votes.

During the Obama years, of course, it died down. Barack Obama beat John McCain and Mitt Romney. Other than calling them both “fascists” and “Hitler,” voting shenanigans were minimized.

In 2016, they thought they got their dream opponent: Donald Trump. He was brash, bold, loud, in charge, unorthodox, at times crude, and freely aired his no-holds-barred opinions.

After he won the shocking 2016 election, Democrats saw he was not a clown but an authentic agent of political change, mostly conservative. They tried to take him down with a phony investigation for “Russian collusion.” They tried to impeach him. They let their extremist wing of Antifa and BLM adherents trash America’s major cities. They shut down the economy to fight a virus that’s not even close to as deadly as first predicted. They pushed to have voting by mail, the most fraud-prone voting method of all.

Now, we’ll have months of nightmarish lawsuits, sudden “discovery” of lots of questionable Democratic ballots, and more questionable vote counts, to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t serve a second term. That’s the context for our current electoral chaos.

As with so many other rights these days — free speech, religious belief, the right to bear arms and to own and use property — our ability to vote for those who would represent us has been imperiled. Yet, it is the essence of a true republic. Protecting your rights begins with protecting your ability to vote without interference or intimidation.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • The Democrats have succeeded in forever tainting our voting process. We are no better than a third-rate banana republic. The Republicants haven’t taken any of these devious efforts to destroy elections seriously. Only Trump has been sounding the alarm. Now that it appears Harris will be our next president, the Dems will continue working towards the ultimate goal-elections that only they can win, It’s coming. After Trump, what will become of the Republicant party?

    • Regardless of the Covid lock downs, How was mail in voting even allowed?
      It was known before the election to be a huge problem with fraud, which is why the democrats pushed it through somehow.
      Recently the CDC says voting in person is not a problem. How suspicious this all is…

  • “Blame the Democrats’ vote-by-mail scheme for the election chaos.”

    What a crock of bullspit. Trump is entirely to blame for it, after weeks of completely baseless allegations of voter fraud. This is just more of the same.

    • “baseless allegations of voter fraud.”

      The party of democrats are the party of perpetual fraud. 4 years of hate and shameless dope fiend moves. They fiend for power, control and other peoples money.

    • I’m amazed at how some people could stand in the middle of a torrential thunderstorm and insist the weather is “sunny and mild.” Democrats, Liberals (or “Progressives) typically respond to criticism by throwing a tantrum and claiming all criticism is baseless, lies, ridiculous conspiracy theories, etc. I find it interesting that Democrats tend NOT to offer evidence that support their opinion. Rather, their opinion itself is supposed to be accepted as factual.

  • Uuh, NO. I blame Republicans and American patriots everywhere for absolutely FAILING to do anything substantive about it, whilst knowing full well what was going to happen ahead of time, and what was happening in realtime. They did NOTHING. It was all talk, no action… just like politicians. The sad part is, non-politician citizens did nothing either. There is no excuse for that. America gets what she deserves. Apparently, she deserves Communism at this point, because no American other than James O’Keef was willing to put their neck on the line and actually DO SOMETHING MEANINGFUL to push back. And now, all of James’ invaluable work is a big giant waste, because Americans refused to do anything to stop all of this.

  • In professional survey research, each and every questionnaire is subject to “validation” (or verification). A sample of every interviewer’s work is validated, to make sure that respondents really were interviewed and were eligible for the survey. Since the interviewers know this, there is almost never any cheating.
    In voting, a ballot is equivalent to a questionnaire. Every ballot should be subject to verification. In the case of in-person voting, the voter is checked in on a voter-registration list, then fills out the ballot, then deposits the ballot in the ballot box and checks out. However, main-in ballots are not verifiable. Anyone could pick up a discarded ballot and mail it in. And cheating is much easier with mail-in voting. Ballots that cannot be verified are invalid, whether one or a million.

  • ” They shut down the economy to fight a virus that’s not even close to as deadly as first predicted. ”

    I disagree. In my view, they shut down the economy to fight a virus that’s entirely imaginary. Even if there was a new killer virus, the reaction has had nothing to do with stopping the spread of a virus.

  • “However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
    ― George Washington

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