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What We Know Already About Election 2020

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The final results aren’t in yet, thanks almost entirely to the Democrats’ push for universal mail-in voting, which have delayed results in three key states and made committing election fraud a lot easier. We will have plenty to say once we finally have election results. But we do know a few things already.

The polls were wildly wrong, again. We wrote in this space a while ago that the so-called shy Trump voters were real and that they could have a big impact on the election. Whoever wins, we were right about that. President Donald Trump outperformed the polls across the country. So did Republicans generally, with the GOP “unexpectedly” gaining at least 10 seats in the House.

Mail-in voting was a disaster. Throughout the election, there were accounts of lost ballots, delays, postal workers dumping mail. And now we are waiting for mail-in ballots to get counted in three states that could decide the election. The problem with mail-in ballots isn’t just that it opens the door to fraud, but that it adds a needless level of uncertainty to elections.

Dems hopes of a socialist takeover appear to be dashed. Even if Joe Biden wins, it’s increasingly likely that Republicans will retain control of the Senate, and will be able to block his economically ruinous tax hikes, Green New Deal plans, his Medicare-for-All-on-the-installment-plan, court-packing, and other socialist dreams of his party. The one area where Biden could still cause real problems is in executive orders. He would undo all the progress Trump has made via that route, just as Trump undid Obama’s overuse of executive orders.

“Racist” Trump made real inroads with minorities. The Florida results were striking not only because Trump was predicted by most pollsters to lose that state, but because his big margin of victory came from a big gain in Hispanic votes. Democrats have treated Hispanics as though they were eternally bound to their welfare state programs and identity politics. We hope this is the start of a trend where minorities come to realize that they have more to lose than anyone from the socialist impulses of Democrats. We haven’t seen reporting on Trump’s support among blacks yet, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he made gains there as well. As Reuters put it: “Trump showed some surprising gains with Latino and other nonwhite voters.”

The mainstream media will deploy a double-standard about election fraud. If Biden loses, the press will claim it was because of Trump’s cheating. If Trump loses, the press will attack anyone who claims that cheating had anything to do with it.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

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  • I want to know how they could cheat like that and there are no laws to stop them from stealing a legitimate Presidency from Trump. Are we already Venezuela?

  • We are officially a banana republic. Our elections have been so tainted and tarnished, only a complete overhaul of the many and sundry state election laws will help. The Democrats got what they wanted, a Biden presidency. They also ruined what was once the greatest electoral process. We could have faith in our elections, for the most part, in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Now, we have media outlets running the show. The results is obvious, and it’s what they want, chaos.

    • Only voter ID will change the trajectory. And we know the Dems will fight to the death to prevent that from happening

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