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Why Trump Keeps Fighting: America’s Future Is At Stake

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Never Trumpers, Democrats, the Big Media, Big Tech, and progressive government officials have all been unanimous in criticizing President Donald Trump for insisting state election officials do their jobs, which is to enforce election law fairly and equitably. With his willingness to fight, Trump once again shows why his voters remain so intensely loyal.

It’s becoming clear that the 2020 election will take weeks, if not months, to sort out. Trump is demanding that we “make every legal vote count,” and is seeking recounts and going to court to make it happen.

If you count the legal votes, I easily win. If you count the illegal votes, they can try to steal the election from us,” the president said. “I’ve already decisively won many critical states.”

Meanwhile, the Democrats have urged Joe Biden to get out ahead of the count and set up a transition, as the New York Times and other media outlets suggest they will tell Americans who actually won and who lost.

The problem is, this election, which has only been delayed because of vote-by-mail rules put in place by Democrats trying to take advantage of the COVID-19 panic, isn’t over by a long shot.

Legitimate questions have been raised about the integrity of vote counts in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. In Wisconsin, a sudden trove of Biden votes miraculously appeared early Wednesday, erasing a comfortable Trump lead.

Even before the election, the Democrats were working with their eager partners in the media to slant the news against Trump, and ignore Biden’s highly unusual non-campaign.

Big Tech — primarily Twitter and Facebook — have engaged in blatantly unfair censorship of a major American political figure and presidential candidate, not for cause but for entirely spurious reasons. Having been on the receiving end of such censorship ourselves, you’ll forgive us if we don’t believe the lame excuses offered by the social media giants for their behavior.

According to the conservative-leaning Media Research Center, Facebook and Twitter censored Trump and Trump campaign social media posts at least 65 times. Biden got off with none censored at all.

“Twitter is the worst, accounting for 98% of the censorship,” notes a recent piece in the Washington Times. “Which should be no surprise. Open Secrets, which tracks campaign donations, reports that Facebook and Twitter have given more than 90% of their federal-level political contributions to Democrats for the 2020 cycle, according to The top recipient? Joe Biden.”

The three major networks showed absolutely no attempt to be objective this election season, with 92% negative coverage of Trump, but 66% positive coverage for Biden. That includes a virtual lockdown on any news about Biden’s China, Ukraine and Russia scandals, despite mountains of convincing evidence and no denials even by Biden himself.

Those are the reasons why Trump fights now for every vote. He feels that his voters, and Americans in general, have been ill-served by a biased media and a Democratic Party that have condoned election cheating and trickery as long as it serves their increasingly far-left ideological leanings.

In 2000, Democrats tried to steal the election by rigging the recount rules in Florida in their favor. In 2016, an even-more brazen Hillary Clinton enlisted the aid of the CIA, Justice Department and FBI to spy on her opponent, a blatantly illegal act that remains unpunished.

Today, using the far-left Democrats’ control of elections in most major cities, Biden’s campaign hopes to use vote-counting legerdemain to eke out a win where both Al Gore and Hillary Clinton failed.

So fight on, Donald Trump. Don’t give in, not an inch. Election rules and laws must mean something, or our republic will not survive. That’s something to fight for.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Thank you for your courageous and clear explanations of recent events since your founding! We are facing pure Evil that is blatant and it appears unstoppable. Will the Supreme Court intervene to stop the law-breaking?

    I have been wondering how to donate effectively to Trump’s efforts to stop the blatant fraud. I get appeals by email for donations, dozens every day from supposed Trump sites, but I have no assurance that they are legitimate. Can you or any other readers advise?

    • Fraud? Prove it. Trump can’t, and neither can you. If there was any fraud, it would already have been exposed. Why hasn’t it? Because there is none. Get your head out of Trump’s ass, and start thinking for yourself. Not all election officials are Democrats. If there was any fraud, the conservative ones would be screaming bloody murder.

      • Michael, I could use anatomical references as you have, in my response to your post, but that’s for fools and undisciplined children. When you’re not too busy advising others where they should put their heads or from where they should remove them. Read the posts I link to and then come back and present your best argument as to why this election shouldn’t be investigated. The integrity of our system is at stake regardless of who you wish the president should be. Pay particular attention to the last link – then come back and present your best argument as to why none of these suspicions should be investigated. The lawyers have to present the proof. Many of the rest of us simply want to know the truth. After four years of Russia Russia Russia Impeach Impeach Impeach, we don’t believe most of what the mainstream corporate media is spewing.
        Look, if you just hate Trump, admit it and be done with it. I sort of have the sense that logic and careful consideration of well presented argument is not really your strong point anyway. Or you could just advise me about the location of my head as well.

      • We’re just following the lead of Democrats, for years. Starting with Gore and ending with the Hildebeast, they have never thought they lost. Add Stacey Abrams to the list. All sore losers. The Hildebeast hatched the entire Russian collusion hoax the day after her defeat, once she came out of her hangover. The whole 4 years of B.S., perpetrated by your party, is a disgrace. Now, we’re supposed to just accept that the nearly comatose Boden excited the electorate, especially in four key cities, above and beyond anything that even Obama, The One, accomplished. Well, I call B.S. I’ll give the Devil, your party, its due. you pulled it off and that’s a bad on the Stupid Party, who still thinks we all just want to get along. Stick that where the Sun don’t shine.

  • You claim voter fraud but where’s the evidence? I see none. Additionally, do you think the Democrats would cheat on the Presidential election yet let the GOP continue to control the Senate? Additionally, 4 million more Americans believe it’s Trump who is the major threat to America’s future.
    Your arguments have so few facts behind them they don’t cut it and they seem determined to divide America more than ever.

    • Gimme’ a break. How can you clowns look yourselves in the mirror? Are you just trolling, or what?

      “Trump is the major threat to America’s future…” – and during your boy obongo’s reign of terror, we were dropping off pallets of cash for terrorist countries to use against us, and the hottest thing on the domestic agenda was where people should pee.

      Where do you people COME from?

    • Progressives’ insistence upon micromanaging our lives, in accordance with what they see as The One and Only True Way All Good People Think as defined by their elites, is what is dividing this nation. Not I&I. Not Trump.

      Unity will not return, until the Left stops trying to ram their Utopia down our throats … because we know that all that will produce, is the ruins of Utopia around us.

    • Now they’re trying to tell us and they’re trying to set the stage for as many people believing as possible that the people of this country chose Republicans but rejected Trump. The people of this country voted Trump. And that’s why they’re gonna gain seats in the House, the Republicans are, 50-50 in the House, and maintain the one with to two, maybe three seat majority in the Senate, because of support for Trump.

  • I don’t believe that Trump lost. But that’s what they’re asking us to accept. What they want us to believe is exact opposite of what you said. They want us to believe this country voted for Republicans but against Trump. It’s the exact opposite. And I’m simply asking how in the world can they say that the people of this country voted to send Republicans to the House in equal numbers with Democrats and to hold the Senate and reject Donald Trump? I’m simply asking a question that to me defies logic. The answer defies logic. How can the Republicans do this well everywhere else and yet Trump is on the losing end in these states? It doesn’t make any sense, is what I was trying to say.

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