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The COVID Wars: Part IV

 “It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” —  Mark Twain

For those of you who have not kept up, Issues & Insights has been the forum of a debate over COVID between Dr. Henry Miller and myself, the former opening up the first salvo with an insulting attack on Florida’s Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo. Miller’s criticism of Ladapo was that he criticized the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines and recommended against getting the latest boosters, which were being urged for 6 months of age on up. And lastly, Ladapo criticized the CDC.

In my counterpoint, I pointed out that Ladapo was far from being an isolated crank as evidenced (among others) by the Great Barrington Declaration signed by tens of thousands of scientists, that to give a dissenting opinion on any scientific/medical subject is normal yet to insist on unquestioned conformity is anti-scientific, that there has been a plethora of studies and reports by practitioners of seriously harmful side effects, that the efficacy of the vaccine is minor, that the CDC has been discovered to have lied to the public and, previous to COVID, corruption had been uncovered. I make other arguments and I suggest the reader read both articles for further details.

In his subsequent rebuttal, he focuses on the soft points in my argument and completely ignores the crux.

The Soft Points

I had stated that the COVID vaccine was not a true vaccine since it employed mRNA and was not an inert pathogen. Miller states that I’m behind the times since, “The active moiety of the hepatitis B vaccine Recombivax was (and is) the virus’ surface antigen; it was approved by the FDA in 1986.  (I was one of the reviewers.)  Other ‘subunit’ vaccines based on a protein component of the virus have followed….” That is true. However, I would argue that the immune system reacts to proteins of the pathogen, whether they are isolated or are part of the entire virus, so that a true vaccine contains an inert pathogen, whether whole or in parts. I reiterate: the mRNA injection is not a true vaccine.

Miller dismisses the “hyperpanic,” as I called it with, “blah, blah, blah.” Very eloquent. Apparently, he has forgotten that whole countries shut down with people being under house arrest as we were assured millions and millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of people were going to die (11 million, to be exact).

He quotes the CDC report of 350,000 deaths alone in 2020. There is a problem here with the statistic that hopefully will be eventually parceled out by a future researcher. One, there were incidents of falsely attributing deaths to COVID for financial gain since the government would give out tens of thousands of dollars for every reported “COVID fatality”; this was finally confirmed by the CDC director.  There was an instance of a man who was killed by a gunshot, another from Parkinson’s, and another who died from a motorcycle crash, all of whom were labeled as having died from COVID. Some COVID fatalities were “probable.” Deborah Birx suggested deaths from COVID had been overcounted by 25%. Comorbidities were also a factor. There is also evidence that some of the medical procedures may have been the cause of death (attributed to COVID), such as remdesivir and ventilators.

Did COVID by itself cause deaths? Of course it did! No one is arguing otherwise! What I and others argue is that clarification is in order and not just blind, obedient acceptance and conformity. This is called science.

Incidentally every year we have a pandemic where tens of thousands of people die. It’s called the flu.

Miller takes issue with me when I stated the COVID “vaccine,” “did not go through the usual, mandatory, series of trials.” He states, “the vaccines did go through extensive preclinical and clinical trials. Each was tested in more than 30,000 human subjects and found to be extraordinarily safe and effective.” The key word is usual. It was rushed, unlike the standard operating procedure. As a result, the toxic injection has been found to be linked to cases of ocular damage, D-dimer elevation, pancreatitis and mania. There has also been a link between the injection and Bell’s palsy, multiple evanescent white dot syndrome (MEWDS), several cancer, Guillain–Barré Syndrome, vaginal bleeding, longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis (LETM), anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) and syncope. However, the majority of side effects have been myocarditis and pericarditis.

And, of course, there are the individual testimonies.

Miller states, “Neither of them [Ladapo and myself] seems to understand that new, updated versions of vaccines based on a previously proven platform are not subjected to large placebo-controlled trials, in part because they’re not necessary, but more important, because often they’re not possible.” That’s just the point. They have not proven to be harmless, but the reverse.

And, when Miller further states in regard to the new “vaccines” and boosters, “there isn’t time to mount huge trials to demonstrate prevention of infection and/or serious disease” he scares the bejeezus out of me.

Where I wrote that many people who have received the toxic injection multiple times have become infected with the virus anyway, he points out that no vaccine is 100% effective. Point taken. This is due to genetics, no doubt, which is why not everyone has gotten myocarditis or Guillain–Barré Syndrome after the injection. Even so, we were assured–multiple times — that the “vaccine” was indeed 100% effective. And well tolerated in adolescents — exactly the cohort that is naturally immune to COVID and exactly the cohort that is dropping like flies from sudden deaths (however, some data from Colombia indicates that the elderly might also be at risk for sudden cardiac deaths due to the injection).

Previous posts in this debate

The last soft point I want to bring up is his statement, “Simón’s supporting sources (as evidenced by the links in his article) are notoriously unreliable and unscientific. They include The Epoch Times and Children’s Health Defense.” First, I would disagree with his assessment. Secondly, he ignored the direct references in scientific journals, and, if I cited The Epoch Times (which is more reliable than, say, The New York Pravda or the Washington Compost), it is because scientific research papers, regardless of discipline, are a cure for insomnia. If one is not of that discipline (or sometimes even if you are), reading many of those papers causes one’s eyes to glaze over (I suspect some readers have already done so reading this article) and The Epoch Times translates the findings into readable language while also citing the journal source.

The Hard Points

These are the ones that Miller chooses to ignore in his rebuttal and it is due to the fact that I cited numerous research studies to prove my thesis. I can’t help but wonder if he even read them. He doesn’t address their findings at all, just ignores them.

Most, if not all of the sources that Miller cites are from bureaucracies (FDA and CDC), and makes me wonder if he keeps up with developments in the field outside of what those bureaucracies state. I will now state the findings of additional medical/scientific journals.

It behooves him to read the following (a few hundred years ago, Galileo urged visiting scholars to look through his telescope which would prove that the Ptolemaic system of the planets was wrong. They refused to do so).

Vaccine-associated myocarditis persisted one year afterward, including heart scarring. Permanent damage is likely. Myocarditis is the most prevalent adverse effect, especially in young athletes. Significantly, there was no increased incidence of either pericarditis or myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection itself.

It has been found that 48 hours after receiving the toxic injection spike proteins occur in heart cells, which are conducive to cardiomyopathy.

There have been some reports of mental illnesses due to COVID in VAERS and from practitioners. However, there is no present formal study regarding this symptom.

Contrary to what the media hivemind and other COVIDians reported, hydroxychloroquine was found to be effective in treating COVID. Conscientious doctors who saved patients’ lives by prescribing it (and/or ivermectin) were penalized by the bureaucracies and demonized by journalists.

And remember when there was an intense campaign against the “horse dewormer” ivermectin? Well, it is also very effective in curing patients from COVID (and cheaper and safer than the official recommendations from the CDC which gets millions of dollars from the pharmaceutical companies). Countries that were not susceptible to the propaganda from the American media used it with great results. Families in America were targeted by government bureaucracies for saving their children with the use of ivermectin.

Persons who were “vaccinated” acquired COVID infection more than un”vaccinated” persons. Perhaps this is due to the immune system being affected by the toxic injection.

There was no difference in COVID infections between schoolchildren who wore masks and those who did not. Even Fauci could not cite a single study that face masks prevent COVID infection. The fact is they do not.

The fact that the Moderna “vaccine” was harmful was kept secret, with the FDA’s help, according to a Freedom of Information Act litigation.

In short, mRNA injections are dangerous to certain individuals within the population, while resulting in no benefits to the patients. The scientific evidence for this statement is overwhelming. To believe otherwise is to engage in willful blindness.

I will finish with a quote from Carl Sagan: “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: if we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never take it back.”

Armando Simón is a retired psychologist.

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1 comment

  • I wasn’t educated in bio-science-so all the “geek” talk on what is and isn’t a vaccine and the complicated arguments on technical points don’t mean too much to me. What does is the “common sense” points and counter-points raised by the 2 doctors. I thank them for writing their columns.
    I never took the vax for these reasons: It was never proved to be not dangerous, ie. Trump gave the pharm. companies that developed it immunity to create it quickly, so they had all incentive and no deterrent ; and to me the govt bugles that urged all of us to get the vax, sounded less like a blast from avatars of science than it did like a pep rally at my old hi school.
    Oh yes 1 more thing. There was only a relatively small chance of dying or even going to the hospital. I’ve taken very good care of myself with what I’ve eaten and with supplements I’ve taken, so even though I was in my 70’s-while I was worried about not taking the vax, I was more worried about taking it.
    So I didn’t take it.
    I’ve read Dr. Simon’s columns before. I agree with all of them; I’m thankful he emigrated to the US so I can read them. The epigraph he cites from Mark Twain capsulizes this controversy and says it all: It’s easier to be fooled than be convinced that you were fooled.
    I’d add to that: It’s easier to be fooled then to admit you’ve been fooled.
    One last thing, I really want to thank I&I for this series. It’s important to hear the pros and cons on any significant issue (and I think the vax qualifies). Thank God I&I has provided the forum!

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