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Daylight Savings Time: How Does The Left Let This Injustice Stand?

Those still celebrating Columbus Day did so with trepidation.  They realized by recognizing it that they’d be recognized in turn as knuckle-dragging Neanderthals by enlightened Cancel Culturati virtue-signaling their higher values with Indigenous People’s Day.  Such is the leftward way of today’s world; those who do not spin with it, are spun out. 

In the Cancel Culture’s game of Survivor, the vestiges of the once venerated are being rapidly voted off America’s island.  The statues of many a great man (and once the left can collectively agree on just what determines a woman, expect the latter to join the parade to perdition) have been toppled.  The Antifa of Antipathy have ruled that the institutions of yore will be no more. 

Yet, amidst this chaos of the left gone wild, Daylight Savings Time trundles along in obscurity.  Every year we spring forward our clocks by one hour in the spring, and we fall them back by one hour in the fall.  

In continuing to do so lies the question why.  No, not why we do it.  We have been asking that question for years.  And to that “why?” the reason is always the same: no one seems to know—or can at least rationally explain.  We just do it, and we keep doing it, because we have done it. 

Daylight Savings Time’s age-old “why?” has been overtaken by a new age “WHY?”  In a world where everything of the past is being questioned and replaced in short order, why is this vestige continuing when others are falling around it?

Daylight Savings Time proves that today’s only effective defense is obscurity.  Daylight Savings Time embodies it.  In spades.  It emerges just twice annually — little PSAs appearing in the corner of local papers the Saturday before its return and departure. Then it goes back into hibernation; no one knowing whether it is on or off, just that we must change our clocks.  

If we are ever to be rid of Daylight Savings Time, now is the time and Cancel Culture the best—perhaps the last— opportunity to end it before it becomes forever woven into the public fabric.  

Daylight Savings Time was passed by Congress on March 15, 1918.  A lot has changed in 105 years.  Women did not receive the right to vote until two years later.  Daylight Savings Time therefore has had ample opportunity to offend some of today’s most salient sensibilities. 

How is Daylight Savings Time not somehow prejudicial to women?  Certainly, their interests were not being taken into account during a males-only deliberation.

Don’t the rich benefit disproportionately from Daylight Savings Time? 

In the illogic of the Left: if time is money, the reverse must also hold true.  The rich then must have more time; therefore, anything that deals with time must unfairly benefit them.  Not only that, but being rich, they can have more clocks.  And being rich and having more clocks, they undoubtedly pay others to move their clocks backwards and forwards.  Furthermore, being rich, their hireling clock-turners are unquestionably exploited.  Isn’t it high time that we soak the rich and liberate the exploited by repealing Daylight Savings Time?

Assuredly Daylight Savings Time must contribute to climate change.  After all, it deals with daylight and what has a greater impact on the earth’s temperatures than sunlight?  There seems to be a direct relationship between higher temperatures and the sun being up (daytime) and the sun being down (nighttime).  Though climate scientists have not yet reached a definitive conclusion on this, why should we wait and take chances?  Abolish it!

The problem of beached whales likely has been caused by Daylight Savings Time.  The evidence seems pretty clear: there have been more episodes of this reported recently—exactly when Daylight Savings Time has been operating.  And you didn’t read about widespread reports of beachings prior to 1918.  Case closed.

Continental drift?  Without question.  It is going too fast (or too slow, experts are not yet really sure which).  Again, Daylight Savings Time should be held responsible.  

In an age besotted by insanity, those who loathe Daylight Savings Time are in danger of watching it fit right in. In today’s leftist illogic, it begins to look perversely logical; out of step with common sense, it is newly right at home with nonsense.  After a century of furtively dodging scrutiny, it is now capable of hiding in plain view.

Instead of having long since outlived any usefulness, Daylight Savings Time threatens to come back into its own.  Unless we use the left’s sensibilities to rid ourselves of it once and for all.  We have no choice but to unleash the Cancel Culture against it.  As we learned from The Wizard of Oz, when you have flying monkeys, use them!

So, let it begin here: How long will the left let Daylight Savings Time, this blatant example of oppression, continue to stand?

J.T. Young was a professional staffer in the House and Senate from 1987-2000, served in the Department of Treasury and Office of Management and Budget from 2001-2004, and was director of government relations for a Fortune 20 company from 2004-2023.

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  • All Daylight Savings Time does is make me get up an hour earlier. So I am actually getting up at 11:00 AM, not at the crack of noon as I had supposed.

  • In the mid latitudes, going back to standard time avoids having kids wait for busses by roadsides in the dark.

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