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The Democrats’ Definition Of Democracy Is Like The Marxist Definition Of Peace

‘The meaning of peace,” Karl Marx said, “is the absence of opposition to socialism.” To the Soviets, peace was the state in which resistance to their territorial and philosophical ambitions was not only futile, it was fatal. If Democrats were as straightforward as their philosophical consigliere, they would define democracy, which they refer to in worshipful tones, as the absence of any challenge to their political power. Given how that party has continually revealed its authoritarian core, there can be no other explanation.

We’ve argued before that the Democrats don’t want to govern under constitutional limits but instead rule without constraint, which can happen only when their power is unchallengeable. We could point to the current administration’s direct and proxy prosecutions of the previous president. Its effort to eliminate a threat to its agenda is without precedent in our country, primarily because in the past Americans avoided a never-ending cycle of persecution and prosecutorial paybacks in which political stability is undermined. We have a long tradition of primarily civil politics and the peaceful transition of power. 

The criminalization of politics is only one iteration of the left’s doctrine that politics are war by other means, though. The Democrats, with in-kind aid from the media, are also trying to bully the Supreme Court into submission to their will. Their message to the Court’s conservative justices: Rule our way or we will harass you until you resign.

In this war with multiple fronts, the Democrats are attempting to establish a permanent majority through a direct assault on elections. We’re talking about far more than the “cabal” that was mobilized in 2020 to guarantee the presidency for Joe Biden.

The party is determined to federalize elections with rules that would ​​put our voting system in the hands of Deep State bureaucrats and political insiders rather than the locals we live among, and codify practices that are illegal in most of the country. This would end our political system as we’ve known it, with its crucial checks and balances, and eventually replace it with a Democratic Party dictatorship.

Sure, we’ll continue to hold elections, but like those in the Soviet Union/Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and other nations where the outcomes are rigged, there’ll be no doubt who will win.

At the same time, Democrats are determined to crack down on speech, providing them yet another weapon to crush dissent. The Democrat-media complex cancels, destroys, smears, divides, makes insane speeches, holds show trials, misinforms, disinforms and censors with a single goal in mind: to consolidate power that has no opposition.

Meanwhile, in our defund-the-police era, real crimes and riotous behavior go unpunished as a part of the progressives’ pursuit to create ever more chaos that can serve as an opportunity to seize greater power.

The left’s long march through our institutions, and now America’s corporate suites, only buttresses the Democrats’ work. They and the state-run media want conservatives, Republicans and libertarians to be reprogrammed, surely by force if necessary. They implicitly demand a full and unconditional surrender to their absolute rule. In time, that demand will be explicit.

Our Constitution was intended to confine government and restrict its power. Democrats see it as a not a gift from the founders but an obstacle to overcome on their way to setting up a “democracy” that will give them full control of government, and consequently every one of us.

During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham furiously confronted his Democratic colleagues over their naked desire to amass power. “God,” he said, “I hope you never get it.” It was a righteous tirade every American needs to hear.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • It’s easy to understand this when you realize that for the left, “democracy” and “our democracy” means essentially “people’s democracy.”

    • Over half a century ago – mid 1960s in fact – I travelled a little behind the Iron Curtain.
      When he was certain he wasn’t overheard, a Hungarian confided “you can easily tell the Communists, they’re the ones in the big, black cars”.

  • The Democrat Party philosophy is collectivist and statist in concept in the same spectrum as the socialist, communists, fascists who would empower the state to compel most activity and even thought. It emphasizes the hive over the individual in all things with their leaders the queen bees setting the path, while the Republican Party philosophy is the opposite emphasizing individual rights over those of the tribe. The difference is rather basic. Which approach do you favor?

    • Like most people on this thread, I favor the latter. The real question is what does the current electorate favor? Keep in mind the electorate has been gamed and rigged for generations by progressive elitists with the intention of creating an electorate compliant to their ideology. Examples are state sponsored destruction of the southern border in order to create an underclass, schools and universities that indoctrinate rather than teach, a media that’s no more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the state, destruction of the family and sexual mores that create dysfunctional people dependent on the state. There are more. Bottom line is they manage to “win” the popular vote, while corrupting the Electoral College, and then make the claim they are saving “our democracy”.

    • Except they are incapable of living collectively and doing anything for the “greater good”. Electing dems is putting a sociopathic thief in charge of your home security

  • Regardless of what one thinks of Donald Trump, his presidency, an unexpected interception into American politics, has unmasked the totality of the tyrannical Administrative State. And once you see it, it can no longer be unseen. This explains the State’s paranoia, with it’s ruthless attempt to obliterate by any means necessary any voices and even thoughts of dissent while they still have power to do so. Regardless of what one thinks of Barack Obama, this is his true legacy, cemented in during the final years of his presidency. I’ve never seen our country in greater peril than now.

  • which is why obama didnt like the constitution. he complained that it was too limiting in the powers IT GAVE HIM! Funny, wasn’t that our founders intent?

  • Sort of like how their definition of ‘progressive’ matches that of Mao. In reality there’s nothing remotely ‘progressive’ about authoritarian Marxist Communism.


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