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Are We Sure The 2020 Election Was Clean?

Americans have been warned by their superiors to not question the outcome of the 2020 election, because it will further the Donald Trump Big Lie that the presidency was stolen from him. Yet we continue to see shreds of evidence that say the Big Lie is in fact the claim that the 2020 election wasn’t corrupted.

Merely mentioning doubts about the legitimacy of the presidential election that put a doddering, grafting, plagiarizing, on-the-wrong-side-of-everything Joe Biden in the White House is enough to be sent to Twitter jail, get flagged by Facebook, and attacked in the mainstream media. Shame is heaped on anyone who dares question the Democrat-media-Never Trump narrative that Biden won a fair and orderly election.

Of course the left has behaved in the most hysterical ways possible, feigning fear and ever searching for a fainting couch to fall into, shocked that some Trump voters actually have had the gall to express misgivings.

“I’ve never been more scared about American democracy than I am right now, because of the metastasizing of the ‘Big Lie,'” says Rick Hasen, co-director of the Fair Elections and Free Speech Center at the University of California, Irvine, and identified by National Public Radio as an “election law expert.”

“This is not the kind of thing I expected to ever worry about in the United States.”

We could say the same about the fresh discovery of “around 255,000 excess votes (possibly as many as 368,000) for Joe Biden in six swing states where Donald Trump lodged accusations of fraud.” Yet there it is.

According to economist John Lott, whose good work we’ve trusted since we began a relationship with him while at Investor’s Business Daily, Biden carried these states – Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – by only 313,253 votes. Take out Michigan, and the gap was 159,065. In other words, it’s possible that the man in the White House is not the legitimate occupant.

His objective, however, “isn’t to contest the 2020 election,” Lott writes in RealClearPolitics in reference to his peer-reviewed paper, “but to point out that we have a real problem that needs to be dealt with. Americans must have confidence in future elections.”

Add Lott’s work to the Zuck Bucks that “helped swing the electorate” away from Trump, elections rules changes made by Democrats that helped Biden, the shadowy and all-encompassing “well-funded cabal of powerful people” that was determined to keep Trump from being reelected, and other reports of voting irregularities, and the 2020 presidential outcome looks shadier today than it did in the weeks after the election.

But, like Lott, we’re not interested in revisiting 2020, as much as we’d like to see Biden and Kamala Harris removed as far as possible from the levers of executive power. What we want is an honest accounting of what happened, followed by a consensus admission that our system has problems, which then should be identified and fixed.

Americans need to know their votes are counted – and that their living neighbors’ votes aren’t counted twice, their deceased neighbors’ three times. If the public’s confidence in elections continues to erode, we will have an event every four years much worse than what we saw on Jan. 6 last year no matter which party wins the presidency. Should things ever reach that point, then we all should be afraid for our American republic.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Brown Jackson’s uncle received a life sentence for drug dealing. Since when does dealing drugs get to be non violent ? Apart from the established correlation between rival drug dealers and their “turf wars” which frequently involves innocent deaths, there is the rising statistics of drug deaths from the dangerous substances greed forces from “cutting”. Where death is a high risk, it cannot be called non violent. Biden’s pet wears blinkers.

  • “Should things ever reach that point, then we all should be afraid for our American republic.”
    We are now witnessing The Systematic Dismantling of the Greatest Constitutional Republic in the History of the World…The United States of America 🇺🇸
    The proof of the stolen election has been hidden by the Radical Democrat Party of Death Degradation and Deviancy….the Evil Party!

  • Another conspiracy filled thing from I&I. Just for grins, lets assume that the 2020 election was stolen. How could that happen? There would have had to be a huge, well funded, well organized conspiracy – that trump had yammered about since about 2016. Who was President? Who selected the head of the FBI, the Justice Department? Who should have been supervising them, asking the tough questions? It was trump.

    But no one was investigated, no one was indicted, no one was arrested. No phones were tapped, no offices raided. So the entire conspiracy was conducted in total secrecy – even though it had to include thousands of State and local GOP members.

    So either trump was the leader of the conspiracy – he wanted to retire to Florida and enjoy the great life – or he was totally incompetent and hired the wrong people and had no idea what they were doing. If he was totally incompetent – why do his cult want to put him back in office to again allow these conspiracies to run wild?

    This conspiracy must have been helped by noted leftists like Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions.

    Also, if there is a group around that can run such an excellent operation – with air tight security for years – we NEED them to run our government!!

    • We are to believe Joe BIden got 81 million votes compared to 2016 HIllary 65 million votes and 2012 Obama 65 million votes. Joe Biden is not liked, even by his base. He has already ran twice for president and got no where. He didn’t campaign. He told black people they weren’t black if they didn’t vote for him.

      Does any of these things add up to basically the biggest democrat victory since FDR?

      • Actually, it does add up to that. What Trump voters fail (or do not wish) to see or acknowledge is that most people who aren’t enthusiastic Trump supporters viscerally loathe him; there’s very little middle ground, and there are millions more of the latter than there are of the former. Biden didn’t win so much as Trump lost, bigly.

      • It does when you use “new math.”

        Start with the ballots. Add 20 million extra ballots after making sure none of the States will be enforcing their identity check / integrity checks. Presto! Nobody can tell the real ballots from the fakes.

    • So Biden was your cure for your Trump Derangement Syndrome?

      Random words don’t make a well reasoned thought.

    • Oh, and have you heard of Agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page? He texted her that he planned to “stop” the Trump Presidency. Mueller found no Russian collusion, but millions were spent on hopes and prayers of finding something, anything. Maxine Waters called for Trump’s impeachment in 2016 before he even took office. Comey wanted the fake Steele dossier to be part of the intelligence report… ugh and the list of facts goes on. And still look at all he accomplished. Democrats set out to tear down right from the start, they never build anything, they take from those who do and stop those who can.

      • /s/ YES! Look at what the fat boy, trump, accomplished!! Look at that wall, and how Mexico paid for every foot!! What there was no wall and Mexico laughed at trump?? Even President Biden has done FAR more to give us effective control at the border?

        Well look at that trump infrastructure program!! What, there was no program, just lots of boasting? And President Obama and President Biden both had great infrastructure programs? So the trump cult doesn’t want progress, they just want strutting and bragging?

        What about that health care plan that trump boasted about!! What, that was never submitted?? He was too busy playing golf at his exclusive golf resorts?

        Wow the trump cult certainly has LOW expectations – they just want a good rally with lying and bragging once in a while and don’t care about progress.

      • ExGOPTexas – Boy, you are truly delusional, aren’t you? President Trump did more for this country than Obama and (most definitely) Biden! Biden has done more for the Border? What planet do you live in? Everything your side accused President Trump of Biden is guilty of, including destroying the economy, being China’s (and maybe Putin’s) puppet, and (according to recent findings) probably stealing an election! Grow up! Stop being so ignorant and look at things around you. Oh, and get ready for the shellacking this November. I’m sure it is going to hurt your feelings (again). Can you say Trump 2024?

    • “There would have had to be a huge, well funded, well organized conspiracy….”

      Like one funded with half a billion dollars from Zuckerberg?

      Stupid can’t be fixed. The election was stolen. See you in November, sweetie.

    • “There would have had to be a huge, well funded, well organized conspiracy”
      Please please PLEASE read the Time Magazine article about how a group of rich globablist leftists in Silicon Valley colluded to “save” the election from Donald Trump. This is not conspiracy theory- it is documented fact. They conspired to privatize election management in key swing states around the country in the year leading up to the election. They used funds provided by Mark Zuckerberg and others, aka the “Zuck bucks” referenced above. If you honestly haven’t read about their efforts, then you have no business dismissing the above article or its arguments.

    • Saying that the election was stolen and Trump incompetent are not mutually exclusive positions.

      And, no, there are better men than Trump out there to elect president.

  • The damage has already been done.

    I agree that the significance of what happened in November in 2020 was not about Donald Trump having his legitimate re-election turned into a farce. It’s that from now on, absent meaningful electoral reforms to preclude cheating on such an enormous scale again, it has already precluded any faith in future elections.

    We are already in banana republic territory. No one trusts the results of elections anymore. The last time the Democrats accepted defeat in a presidential election was in 1988. Now, Republicans have no reason to think that any future loss won’t be the result of massive cheating.

    Some “red” states enacting voting reforms in their own jurisdictions will not prevent a repeat of 2020 in 2024. Of course, the only “reforms” the Democrats are interested in are removing any checks on cheating. Just look at the federal bill they proposed.

    When enough of the public no longer trusts the results of national elections, then we’re out of the “republic” business. The question turns to what will replace it.

    • The Constitution has the answer, if we can force Congress and our Courts to actually follow it. Article IV, Section 4 says we have a right to “a Republican form of government.” That means a lot of things, including a guarantee from government that elections will be free and fair. The Constitution does not stipulate every detail of what should be obvious to anyone smarter than a tree stump – how, you might ask, are we to KNOW if that guarantee has been kept? Democrats’ answer: Trust government officials! Yes, the same ones who illegally broke every election integrity law in their state!

      The real answer, of course, is that our founders were NOT so stupid, and NEVER intended us to take government’s word for it. Elections are not “people.” Ballots have no “rights” – especially not a right to be presumed legitimate. The sole foundation of legitimacy of our government is our elections – and thus if government cannot, will not, and has not provided us PROOF that the election was legitimate, it is not.

      The legal farce being circulated so well most people believe it to be true (the BIG LIE) is that the burden of proof to prove fraud lies with We the People, who must be so on guard we recognize, record, charge, prosecute, and obtain a conviction in a court of law. Really? Why the burden of proof on us (actual persons) to catch fraud? Because it’s almost impossible to detect, and that way they can get away with it.

      Demand government prove elections. For 2020, they literally cannot – because the broken integrity laws were the ones which would have recorded the evidence necessary to prove it. Therefore, our government is illegitimate.

  • The vote counting stoppage on election night in several swing states, the covering of observation windows at Cobo Center in Detroit, the removal of election observers in Detroit and Philadelphia, that video of poll workers processing ballots in Atlanta after sending observers home. Numerous states that recorded 1000’s of vote spikes for Biden but no down-ballot democrats. More than enough to question the whole election. ZuckerBucks and ballot lotsa box stuffing nationwide got democrats their (p)resident. They should suffer for his disastrous reign as well.

    • People are rather dumb, but this is so obvious that now by a margin of 52 to 42 Americans know this election not only had cheating but that it changed the outcome. Heck, in Georgia one of the two Senators allegedly “elected” did not even qualify for the run-offs!

      We have to put teeth in our election integrity laws – treat any election tampering the same as Treason (up to and including the death penalty).

  • Lets be honest, the tens of millions “Zuckerbucks”, 420 million total to be exact, werent for a “get out the vote” effort. That money was distributed to the local Democrat operatives, who got paid to pay off their election workers, who gathered mail in ballots by the tens of thousands, stuffed the stand alone ballot boxes, and then of course the operatives working at ballot counting centers, who submitted those stacks of mail in ballots, 100% for Joe Biden, multiple times over. Thats how they did it. There are multiple videos out there of workers at ballot counting centers doing exactly that. Scores of election observers in the 5 battleground states signed sworn affidavits, and testified on Live TV of trucks showing up in the dead of night, election workers wheeling in crates and crates of mail in ballots through the back door, while legitimate ballots were wheeled in the front door all day long. Those mail in ballots were observed to have no creases, ovals filled in as if by machine, or photocopied, all 100% for Joe Biden. The BLM riots, occurring systematically across every city in the nation for months, was a collective operation of intimidation – for any judge, law enforcement agent or politician, who dared question the election. BLM thugs would show up at their home. The 2020 election was stolen. Its as plain as day.

  • As easy as it is to commit election fraud, it’s even easier to detect because it leaves statistical fingerprints everywhere. For just one example, look at the bellwether counties. Biden lost 14 of 17 of the commonly listed ones. It’s rare to lose 3, and the record was 6, set in the JFK/Nixon election that everybody knows was rigged. Each the bellwether counties had an 88% accuracy rate since the 1950’s. At 90% accuracy, the odds of losing 14 of 17 and still winning the election are 197 billion to one, slightly worse than rolling 14 dice and getting all ones, or rolling snake eyes 7 times in a row. If an election were held every month since the creation of the universe, a Biden victory without fraud would have only happened once by now.

    Almost any metric you look at, whether shockingly different turnouts in bordering and demographically similar precincts around key cities, or changes to historical voting patterns, or unusual vote counting rates (pauses and surges), etc., produces highly unlikely and unusual patterns. Even the odds of Joe Biden getting a massively higher black turnout than Barack Obama is inexplicable, as it means there were millions of black voters who refused to vote for Obama, but crawled across broken glass to vote for Joe, the last remaining old-school segregationist in American politics.

    But like the Wuhan lab leak theory, nobody was allowed to openly discuss it without being branded as some kind of racist, tinfoil hat-wearing insurrectionist who was working for Putin.

  • Half a billion dollars to conduct ballot harvesting and to subvert the election process.

    The only thing we are certain of is that Democrats cheated, and that this is our first illegitimate American Federal government.

    • Agree up to “first illegitimate”. The feds have operated far beyond the constraints placed on it in the Constitution for decades now. I’d call that illegitimate.

  • Could it be that the public has less confidence in our elections because the former president and his sycophants are running around saying his loss was fraudulent? Never mind the multiple recounts in Arizona and Georgia. Never mind state election officials in both states were Republican. It had to be a fraud, right?

  • When are you people gonna get it the REPUBLICAN and democratic PARTY and the Presidency and all the Courts. Are in Control of BIG MONEY

  • These past 2 years, 25 and counting online articles admit fraud by DNC & by the Biden Campaign. Yet, not one federal court in 2020 would review witnessed evidence.
    My point is that this contrast (court refuses evidence) now becomes the new evidence that the Deep State (which President Trump opposed) runs the country.
    On Jan. 6, those Patriots knew these facts. Yes, the crime of a fraud election in 2020 remains ignored.
    Adam of CA.

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