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COVID Revisited: Three Years In, It’s Time To Look Back

While the media hopes to keep everyone afraid of getting COVID-19 and the Centers for Disease Control still recommends masks in schools, individuals have reacted in their own best interest. Concerns about COVID have changed from “I could die!” to “I could get sick for two weeks!” Let’s look at COVID cases and deaths, since we’ve heard that cases have fallen of late.


The CDC has historically reported data for COVID deaths zoomed in by a factor of 240, taking deaths out of context.

In other words, cases are shown on a scale of 6 million while deaths are shown on a scale of 25,000. While accurate, zooming in on the number of deaths implies death is a common outcome of the virus. And of course, 1 million deaths are a horrible outcome warranting fear of contracting COVID.

But this is like a news reporter “reporting live from the middle of a hurricane.” They want to imply they’re just putting the data in context, but in reality, they are showing how scary COVID can be. Let’s instead look at COVID cases and deaths on the same scale:

Source:  CDC

Why is this context not widely known?

Using simple math, about 1 million deaths out of 100 million cases means death resulted about 1% of the time in the U.S.

Further, since there are approximately 330 million people in the U.S., the probability of dying from COVID-19 was about 0.3%, or three in 1,000.

Cases were down this fall, countering the possibility of a new scare – dubbed the Sigma variant (a Greek letter after Omicron, beginning with the same letter as September, meant to imply that vote-by-mail would have been necessary for the mid-terms). That scare didn’t happen, but efforts to panic everyone continue in the media.

The Media

Very similar to the local news (“The president has died, but president of what? – story at 10:23”), the national media in general likes to keep the public watching, but unknowingly ruin their credibility. The media then doesn’t understand why no one listens anymore. For example, the media has taken to scaring the public that hospitals are overrun right now.

Again, context is needed: Hospitals typically are more than 70% full, so when they’re over 80% full, that doesn’t mean they’re “at capacity.” In fact, if you think about it, if hospitals were just 50% full, that would imply many could be closed (perhaps half), and at a minimum, there would be inefficiency in the industry.


The CDC this summer recommended school children should be vaccinated to go to school and to wear masks. The public has stopped listening to these decrees. In fact, the CDC has done so much damage to its credibility that some question whether it can be relied upon for factual information in the future.

This is on the heels of the CDC recommending children under 5 be vaccinated, and various questions about CDC data reporting, such as the lack of reporting of complications from the vaccines.

The Vaccine

Contrary to the other data points in this article, the fact that more than half of all deaths have occurred amongst those vaccinated does not mean vaccination doesn’t work. Instead, proper context that a majority of deaths now occur among those vaccinated is true, but the number of deaths among those being vaccinated needs to be divided by the number of people who have been vaccinated (proper context).

In other words, rather than reporting merely that 58% of deaths have occurred among those who were vaccinated (out of all deaths), that 80% of the population has been vaccinated is often not mentioned (perhaps because it doesn’t need to be, since any death while vaccinated was deemed to be impossible by the Biden administration).


The question is, whom should we rely upon to give reliable information? We cannot be sure. The myriad of obfuscation is alarming.

Rich Yurkowitz, health care actuary and author of Medicare For All – Really?!


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  • IMHO we need an audit of those 1 million death certificates to isolate the ones that actually died because of Covid and those that died from other causes and who incidentally tested positive for Covid. Italy did that about a year ago and found that of the 140,000 or so reported deaths from Covid, less than 30,000 were solely Covid. That said, we have known for at least 100 years that masking does not impede an aerosolized virus and that lockdowns only prolong the misery.

  • How about relying on real doctors, not fake ones, like Fauxi. If we had followed the Great Barrington Accord, we would have been done with this nonsense early on. This is what happens when medicine is politicized, just as with HIV Aids.

  • Censorship and propaganda turned a bad flu into a Holocaust, obviously it was planned. All the incompetent leaders in place, Actor’s as presidents and prime minister, marketing people in charge of public health. Transvestites delivering mental health advice to people, not taking advice themselves. Never has a more pathetic group appeared as leaders at the same time. Nuremberg 2.0 trials, complete with working gallows are what we need to prevent a repeat.

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