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Study Finds NGOs Shipping Illegal Immigrants Across The U.S. — Republicans Respond With An Amnesty Bill

Over the weekend, a massive caravan of more than 5,000 crossed the southern border in what is described as “a stunning surge that shocked immigration agents, neighboring towns, and state officials.”

Where will these illegals end up? Most likely, everywhere inside the U.S., courtesy of several non-profit groups that are working with the Biden administration in an under-the-radar mass resettlement effort.

An investigation by the Heritage Foundation tracked more than 30,000 cell phones that arrived at Customs and Border Control facilities or dozens of non-profits at or near the southern border in January 2022. It then tracked those phones over time to see where they ended up.

For example, Heritage identified more than 400 cell phones at the CBP station in Del Rio, Texas, less than five miles from the border. Those phones later showed up in more than 40 different states.

Heritage also found more than 30,000 phones at more than 30 “non-governmental organizations” (NGOs) in Texas and California. (This amounts to one-fifth of those known to have crossed illegally that month.)

The NGOs included groups such as the International Rescue Committee, World Relief, Mission Border Hope, Refugee Services of Texas, as well as Jewish Family Service and Catholic Charities.

“Overflow from Customs and Border Protection is being transferred to these organizations so
that Border Patrol avoids overcrowded facilities,” the Heritage memo announcing its findings states. “These organizations apply for, and receive, taxpayer money to provide processing and transportation services and infrastructure to facilitate the migration of illegal aliens into the interior of the country.”

Catholic Charities alone appears to have handled more than 3,000 illegals in January, and then transported them to 433 different congressional districts.

NGOs Sent Illegal Border Crosses To Every Corner Of The U.S.

Source: The Heritage Foundation

As the memo states, NGOs “have played a substantial role in exacerbating the crisis by actively helping process and transport tens of thousands of illegal aliens into the interior of the United States.”

On Wednesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he was launching an investigation to find out just what these NGOs are up to, suggesting it could be more than just moving them when they get here.

“NGOs may be engaged in unlawfully orchestrating other border crossings through activities on both sides of the border, including in sectors other than El Paso,” he said in a statement.

Given the media’s hyperfocus on the handful of illegals Republican governors sent to sanctuary cities, you’d think they’d be mildly curious about this finding. But when it comes to Illegal, Inc., they could not be more disinterested.

Worse still, though, are the brain-dead Republicans pushing for a “bipartisan” bill that would grant amnesty to millions of people already here illegally. They hope to get it passed during the lame-duck Congress, knowing that next year, with the House in GOP control, chances of any such amnesty bill are slim.

The bill, co-sponsored by Sens. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., and Kyrsten Sinema, I-Ariz., would provide a “path to citizenship” for 2 million illegal aliens who’ve been protected from deportation by President Barack Obama’s power grab, also known as “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.” The Tillis-Sinema bill would also provide funding to speed up processing asylum seekers like the wave that just crashed into Texas. In exchange, Democrats promise to approve new “border security” measures.

Are Republicans really this stupid?

This is the exact same con Democrats pulled in the 1980s and have been trying to replicate ever since.

Now as then, the amnesty would happen, but not the improvements to border security. Plus, it would incentivize millions more to make the journey north, confident that all they need to do is get across the border to become a U.S. citizens.

Under any circumstance, this is reckless. But coming at a time when the southern border is under siege, and when we just learned about a vast network that is shepherding illegals across America, it is criminal.

Any Republican considering aiding and abetting Biden’s open borders should be forced to write this quotation from Ronald Reagan a thousand times on a blackboard:

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation.”

And then they should be run out of office at the earliest opportunity.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • I&I, you are being overly charitable in referring to stupid or “brain-dead Republicans”. Corrupt, corrupt to the core and petty, better describes the worst of the establishment GOP and their Senate leader. Petty and devoid of principles other than personal greed and ambition. A Senate leader married into a Chinese communist shipping company family, and perhaps so fatally compromised that all he can do is lick Schumer’s butt clean and deliver-on-demand the Dems wish list of inflation-fueling stimulus and spending. Delivering 87,000 newly armed IRS agents and making USA taxpayers report every $600 of extra income while delivering $100 billion free of accountability or audit to Ukraine’s corrupt oligarchy kicking back money to the Dems. Omnibus Bill = Corruption, McConnell style. $$, not stupidity. Business as usual in DC.

    If only amnesty were limited to 2 million immigrants. But each of those 2 million will bring in 10 or 20 more family members and relatives from back home, making the 2 million more like 20-40 million when all is said and done. Who could resist the siren call of free cell phones, free health insurance, welfare, unemployment benefits, child credits and payments, free transport, etc. Amnesty for the entire illegal population, and USA size will be doubled with dilution out of power of the current population. The newly imported immigrant army will rule the USA in 20 years time, if not sooner. When all Central America has been imported to North America, does the emptied out carcass of Central America revert to communist China as farmland (minus all the gang members pursuing their criminal careers, fentanyl distributions, knife murders and sex-trafficking unfettered in the USA)?

    The establishment GOP’s idea of laughs and a good time is conning and selling out voters (which is why over 200,000 GOP voters stayed home in Georgia’s Senate runoff and handed the state to the Dems). Trump made many endorsement mistakes, like supporting McConnell, who would have been otherwise defeated in his primary. Trump also originally endorsed the popular DeSantis in Florida, Doucey in Arizona and Kemp in Georgia. Could threats to his Chinese communist shipping family be behind McConnell’s anti-Trump animus? Nah, that would be corrupt. Maybe Schumer has compromising Deep State Intel “Seven Ways From Sunday” to keep his GOP pup delivering the Dem’s program. And how racist is it spending $9 million to defeat Alaska’s GOP Native American Senate candidate? Maybe Walker was opposed in Georgia, so as not to embarrass Schumer and the Dems with too many black GOP males in the Senate. Corruption and compromised, more likely than stupidity.

  • As I have been saying for many years, the “republican” party, like the whigs, needs to be dumped and replaced by party of true conservatives. Doubt it will happen now as politics, in general, have become filled with those who are only interested in their own worthless careers, just like management in corporate america. Our founders did not intend for politics to become a career in this country for obvious reasons!!!

  • …”Are Republicans really this stupid?”… Well, if there were any doubts, they are making the leftists look wonderful. A politician is a politician and though they may claim to be from separate parties, it doesn’t mean they act smart or create more problems.

  • I listened as some foolish woman from Catholic Charities explained that by giving border crossers money and a cell phone, and sending them way up north, they weren’t contributing to a problem, but rather “offering a cup of water in the name of Jesus.”

    What childish prattle.

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