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The Democrats’ Slow Motion Insurrection

The Jan. 6 Capitol ruckus is not one of our country’s greatest moments. But if the objective of a few of the protesters was to overthrow the federal government, they planned and executed poorly. The same can’t be said of the Democrats. Their mostly bloodless coup to suspend constitutional limits and seize unchallenged power has been thoroughly calculated and expertly executed.

For decades Democrats at all levels have been moving the U.S. from the civil society it was designed to be to the political (that is, coercive) society they want to be in control of. They have waged outright war on the first, second and 10th amendments to the Constitution; robbed us of our economic liberty through punitive taxation and strangling regulation; created environmental policies that have made innocent men criminals for making use of their own property and taken that property whenever possible; and destroyed independence by fostering more dependence on the state. They spend other people’s money as if it were, well, other people’s money and there is therefore no governor on their actions.

“​​The Democrat Party has a long history of ignoring the Constitution when it impedes their government-expansionist objectives. Which is nigh constantly – as the Constitution is a government-limiting document,” says Seton Motley, president of Less Government, who cites some of the more egregious examples in a Heartland Institute essay.

Two years ago, before she became a pawn in the Democrats’ effort to exploit Jan. 6 to further fuel their dreams of empire, Republican Rep. Liz Cheney said the American people were sick of Democrats acting “as though they are willing to burn the whole place down,” disregarding the Constitution, and making threats “about court packing or trying to somehow abolish the Electoral College.”

She changed, but they didn’t. Burning “the whole place down” is still their goal.

Democrats are also trying their best to change election laws so that they will have permanent control of all three branches of government in Washington, and as much domination as possible in the states, even though, as law professor Jonathan Turley has pointed out, “the Framers expressly warned of the need to keep the federal government at bay in elections.”

They have robbed Californians of their jobs and want to do the same across the country. The party of the far left, which is what it has become, is also hostile to Americans’ freedom to choose the sources of the energy they use – it increasingly has to be the sources the Democrats have chosen for us or nothing at all.

Of course there’s more, much more.

Democrats have rejected the courts when the courts have told them to halt elements of their hard-left, unconstitutional agenda, and – Turley again – “made threats against the Supreme Court and the judiciary.” Censorship has become one of their most powerful tools in feeding a raging appetite to repress and abuse. So have the riots (and other crimes) that they have indulged, excused, and even sometimes supported. Routine Antifa and BLM rioting here and a little looting there are useful in breaking down society, and leaving a vacuum into which the Democrats would occupy to further consolidate their power.

Modern Democrats are constantly in conflict with liberty. They have taken over and corrupted our institutions, put much of an ostensibly free nation under house arrest using a viral outbreak as their excuse, and worked diligently to erase freedom of religion. They hope that their march to tyranny is slow enough that we won’t notice. It’s frightening to think that their plot to overthrow our constitutional republic might be working.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • You are entirely too kind, I&I. Call them what they are, communists or totalitarians who suckle and gain strength and inspiration from the likes of Marx, Stalin and Pol Pot. Thin-skinned, easily and constantly offended, and as aggressive and brutal as hell in their quest to wield absolute power until their dying days (for they are not immortal, and cannot hold power forever). I&I, you would be right to give them credit for well-executed election steals from 2020 nationally to 2022’s brilliant voting machine malfunctions in Maricopa County, Arizona. A well-organized racket, that includes depriving the other side of attorneys and setting up a January 6 Gulag jail beyond Baghdad’s worse in the heart of Washington DC, while their major media propaganda machine practices silence and deceit. January 6 was a small 2-3 hour protest, unarmed people protesting a “stolen election” that was not a “Big Lie” but covered up by cowards like Bill Barr who told the Philly federal attorneys to not investigate how 750,000 more ballots could be counted than were printed and mailed out. The real insurrection is in progress, by the communists (dba Dems, Progressives, anti-fa, et al.).

    Indeed, it is a sheer brilliance beyond the wildest dreams of Lex Luther and Lenin. Making the DOJ, FBI and other federal agencies into pawns or arms of the Democratic party and exerting control over Fakebook, Twitter, the major media, Big Tech, corporate America, et al. is indeed a prodigious feat up there with the Russian communist revolution of 1917. The frogs (people) indeed are slowly being boiled, and will not notice until it is too late if all goes according to plan. Perhaps Freedom has to be lost, to be appreciated. Just ask those from the former Soviet Union, communist Eastern Europe, Cuba, etc.

  • Agree completely. Became a Liberal Dem at age 21 after 4 yrs military service, GI Bill. Long-time Expat in Asia. Will register as Independent. Deeply ashamed of Dems because I remember what they used to be in the 60s. Regard them now as “Regressives” and anti-American. Appreciate editorials. Age 78.

  • It’s like the exact opposite of King Midas’, and how everything he touched turned to gold, wherein everything they set out to plunder and devour turns to schiff, and left desolate in their wake.

  • Lord Woodhouselee. “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury.”
    The last federal budget passed under regular order was signed into law BY REPUBLICANS in September of 2006 for fiscal year 2007. Everything after that has been a series of continuing resolutions, omnibus spending, base line budget expansions and debt ceiling increases. There has never been a full budget process worked through in the past 16 years. 2006 FEDERAL DEBT – $8 TRILLION – TODAY $31 Trillion – 100% the fault of democrats

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