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The Climate Alarmists Are Deeply Disturbed People

“Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.” — The Independent, March, 20, 2000

“Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover At 56-Year High.” — ZeroHedge, Nov. 24, 2022

We feel confident in saying that not a single prediction of global warming catastrophe has occurred. The alarmists know their forecasts of doom have been comically wrong. But rather than admit their errors, they point to natural events as evidence that they’re not wrong and keep warning us that the end is near.

There must be something wrong with them.

It was David Viner, a senior research scientist at the University of East Anglia’s climatic research unit, who told the Independent in 2000 that within just a few years, winter snow was going to become “a very rare and exciting event.”

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said, 22 years before snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere reached a record high.

Retired meteorologist Anthony Watts called Viner’s foolish statement “l​​ikely one of the most cited articles ever that illustrates the chutzpah and sheer hubris on display from a climate scientist who was so certain he could predict the future with certainty.”

So has Viner since taken a lower profile within the alarmist community? Or decided he is better suited to be a greeter at Walmart? Not a chance. He’s continued to be a part of the United Nations Climate Scare Team (not its official name, but that’s what it should be called), and earlier this year he was named ​​head of environmental science for CGG, which calls itself “a ​​global geoscience technology leader.”

Viner is of course only one of many climate doomsday prophets who have made forecasts that seemed more like the rantings of a mental hospital patient. Their miserable record has been covered by esteemed columnists, reputable think tanks, and occasionally the media. There’s even a Facebook page dedicated to climate change predictions.

At this point it’s fair to ask: What is the difference, if any, between the climate alarmists and the religious cults that predict the end of the world, and rather than humbly rethink their premises after their predictions fail, claim that they just got the day wrong and double down on the loco?

Our answer: The only real difference is that while the doomsday cults have no political power and are routinely skewered by the media, the climate alarmists have nearly unchallenged political clout, deep and wide institutional patronage, and the uncritical support of a press that is not merely sympathetic but actively promotes a deception agenda.

Just as a religious cult has zero tolerance for questions or critical inquiry (one of the warning signs that a group or a leader is potentially unsafe), the climate alarmist community has tried to keep its research safe from scientific scrutiny.

Another warning sign of cult activity, according to the Cult Education Institute, is “uncharacteristically stilted and seemingly programmed conversation.” This is a hallmark of climate alarmists, from researchers who keep making claims as if they’re reading from a script, to protesters who constantly repeat meaningless phrases found on the bumper sticker of a 2007 Prius. 

We’re not saying the climate alarmists are insane. But we feel it is our duty to point out that they do say the same things over and over and expect that this time they’ll get it right.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Recent reports of DNA analysis conclude Greenland was lush and rife with life as recently as 2M years ago. How high was the average sea level 2M years ago? Does anyone know?

    Throughout the 4B year history of Earth, its climate has constantly been changing, and always will. In fact, I put the odds of a new Ice Age far higher than I do overheating.

    • The Vikings called Greenland by that name because they were raising crops there a thousand years ago 🙂

    • That’s a very interesting question. We know that during the previous interglacial periods, sea level was as high as 140 ft above current sea level and that sea level was ~20 ft above current sea level during the last interglacial period (~110,000 ybp). The Pliocene climate was significantly warmer and more stable than the following climate catastrophe we call the Pleistocene.

    • Their foot soldiers are insane. Their sheeple. Those in charge know exactly what they’re doing.

  • Climate alarmists are corrupt, not insane. They know the massive funding for their industry is entirely based on scaremongering. If they don’t keep making predictions of doom, they’d have to get jobs as used car salesmen, a profession for which they are eminently suited.

    • Unfortunately any scientist studying climate cannot get any money for doing contrarian studies or even to study natural causes of climate change or of CO2 increases. They are not all corrupt, but they are all

  • “Another warning sign of cult activity, according to the Cult Education Institute, is “uncharacteristically stilted and seemingly programmed conversation.” This is a hallmark of climate alarmists, from researchers who keep making claims as if they’re reading from a script, to protesters who constantly repeat meaningless phrases found on the bumper sticker of a 2007 Prius.”

    Or, relative to a certain political party:
    “uncharacteristically stilted and seemingly programmed conversation.”

    from party leaders who keep setting the word or phrase of the day in talking point memos, to party members, and the press, who constantly regurgitate the specified nonsense.

  • “Another warning sign of cult activity, according to the Cult Education Institute, is “uncharacteristically stilted and seemingly programmed conversation.”

    When I read that, I immediately thought of the DNC-Media response after the 1st Twitter dump and the attacks on Matt Taibbi. There is a montage on YouTube of over 20 DNC-Media bobbleheads repeating the line (regarding Taibbi) “….he’s now doing PR for the world’s richest man….”
    Where do these people get their instructions?

    On a related subject, there is a deafening silence on the DNC-Media side this morning after yesterday’s 2nd Twitter dump via Bari Weiss. Kind of a collective… “Uh oh.”

    • The talking points for Bari Weiss haven’t been formulated yet. Since only Twitter itself is being attacked, it’s possible that the party line is no response is needed, because nobody cares.

  • Climate hype has lasted because the climate liars havee learned how to gaslight their way into a lot of money.

  • Psychotic, hysterical, “chicken littles”. Democrats are perversions of humanity.

  • I suspect they’ll use the Paul Ehrlich defense: “I was right but my timing was off” (I heard him in 1970 predicting mass starvation in ten years as the overpopulated world ran out of food).

    • Ehrlich may be proven right as the climate crowd is proposing to eliminate cattle farms,farming without fertilizers or only expensive socially correct ones and proposing ” Let them eat insects”. Sri Lankians are already starving as only PC fertilizers,not available, or too expensive were allowed leading to crop failures.

  • There are crucial, eye-opening facts about CO2 and global warming with authoritative supporting citations people need to know and understand at:

    Facts that undermine climate activists’ case and agenda.
    Please read, and please retweet.

  • It’s another beautiful interglacial day here in California. Question – when was the climate of the earth “ideal”?

  • Climate change is a real problem” may or may not be correct and only time will tell since over the earth’s human’s existence time climate change has been the bane of civilizations.
    A few examples:
    Indus Valley civilization 3300 BCE to 1300 BCE,monsoon rains moved away.
    The Sahara was not always a desert:
    The Mayan civilization 2000BC-950AD warfare and drought.
    So far archeologists have not found any evidence of CO2 producing oil refineries,cars,trucks, industrial plants et al

  • I will say it for you. The climate alarmists, starting with Algore, are insane.

  • Al Gore dropped out of Divinity School, but not before he learned how primitive shamans manipulated hoi polloi with weather guilt.
    My friend Peter Bocking once said that were Al Gore’s hair to catch on fire it would supply enough heat and light for a small English village
    Something to keep in mind when it gets cold and dark.

  • Lucy to Charlie Brown: “Liberal scientist can prove that climate change is real”.
    Charlie Brown to Lucy: “They can’t even tell the difference between boys and girls”.

  • The trouble isn’t really the climate alarmists, it’s the NPCs. Go ahead and try it out for yourself. You’ll be amazed at how very little science the average person has learned or remembers from his school days. Ask them some questions like: what is photosynthesis? What is the main driver of the Earth’s green house effect? (water vapor) They watch TV and they read about their favorite sport figures and celebrities. They know about popular television shows and movies. Nothing else. Literally nothing else. Why wouldn’t they docilely accept whatever story about climate change is currently making its television rounds? It’s not the Warmists, it’s the sheep they beguile.

  • The Eco-Freaks and their forced Back to Nature stuff they’ll find out one day that Nature don’t pay any favors to a whole bunch of total idiots like them

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