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Joe Biden, Lout, Liar, And Lunatic

When candidate Joe Biden promised that if elected president he would unite the country, did he think he could do it alienating roughly half the population? Or did he mean he would unite the Democrats and independents against the “MAGA Republicans”? Thursday’s speech clearly indicates what he had in mind was the latter.

Last week, Biden smeared Donald Trump supporters, calling them semi-fascists who practice “burn-it-all-down politics” and face “​​backwards full of anger, violence, hate and division.”

One of the most appropriate and fitting responses we saw to this was Libby Emmons’ Biden Is The Semi-Fascist He’s Looking For in Human Events.

Biden followed up his “semi-fascist” rant with Thursday’s prime-time “soul of a nation” speech, in which he spoke of the 74.2 million who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 as white supremacists, extremists, rearward-looking deplorables, and wild-haired bogeymen who pose an existential threat to the country.

Which shows he’s a liar. Less than a week after the 2020 election, Biden swore before the country he would “​be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify; who doesn’t see red states and blue states, only sees the United States.”

Sure, he said Thursday that not every Republican is a “MAGA Republican.” But his handlers were not going to let him make the mistake that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul did when she told that state’s Republicans they needed to leave and go to Florida. He needed to show some restraint in what amounted to a campaign speech.

Biden is also a lunatic. To have listened to him since he took office, it’s hard to conclude that he’s not trying to provoke a cold if not hot civil war, or at least a major political conflagration. He did tone things down a bit Thursday from his previous fever speech, but that was likely in part to make room for all the meaningless bromides he spouted as if they were the most unique and profound words ever stitched together.

Naturally Biden resorted to our “democracy” over and again as if it were a convention that should be worshipped. He said it well beyond the point of where it became sickening. And it’s another lie. The U.S. is not a democracy. Never has been. Why do the Democrats and their media cheerleaders continue to identify our style of government in the same terms a grade-schooler would?

The U.S. is a representative republic, or democratic republic. (And Biden and his party are its biggest internal threat.) Democracy is mob rule, which is exactly what the Democrats want – as long as it’s their mob ruling. Think of the George Floyd riots, Antifa violence, destruction, looting – they support anything that wrecks order and helps set them up to take on more political power.

Even the ancients understood the dangers of democracy. A Greek historian who lived more than 2,000 years ago noted that Democracy, “by its violence and contempt of law becomes sheer mob rule.”

As always, Biden was a lout, projecting, as Democrats do, the sins of his party – flouting the Constitution, disregard for the rule of law, a naked lust for political power, and contempt for our system of government – onto the only major party in this country that has, too often with minimal success, tried to protect liberties and limit freedom-killing government expansion.

But none are surprised. Biden has always been a sleazy character who has plagiarized the work of others, bullied anyone not in a position to challenge him, smeared GOP judicial nominees, vilified a man whose offense is that he was driving the truck that Biden’s first wife drove into the path of, killing herself and infant daughter, and likely used his office for personal monetary gain. The man is a wreck who is taking a country down with him.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • How can a man who is soulless talk about the soul of a nation?
    How can a man who is one dividing us talk about uniting us?
    How can a man who constantly lies talk about the truth?
    A man can’t. But Lucifer can.

    • My first impression of the Presidents presentation was to believe it was being delivered from the depths of Hades.

  • Biden’s supporters are the extremist minority. A mere 20-25% of those polled “strongly approve” of his presidency, per Rasmussen.

    About 45% “strongly disapprove” of Biden’s presidency. 45% is a huge plurality. In fact, it approaches a MAJORITY. Such a large share is, by definition, main stream thought. The fact a HUGE PLURALITY STRONGLY REJECTS the Democrat elites actually running the White House is what worries those elites.

  • Great comments on Joe Biden’s soul. I found myself looking at him more than listening to him while he was speaking in that Erie backdrop using marines more as props than threats ..A president filled with so much rage , hate and anger spreading with intent those three vice under tge guise of pretense of virtue . Joe Biden’s broken words were filled with sole, rather than soul But it was the backdrop that I could not help staring at Joe Biden’s face coloration because of his choice of red made him look somewhat green and I thought of “ the grinch”. And like the grinch , president Joe Biden stole just about every gift that this country was blessed with and through his small minded rhetoric tried to keep keep and use them all for himself . What a sad reflection of a man to be remembered for such a hate filled speech. Sadly he seems to have lost his own heart and soul and sadly doesn’t even seem to know it. The grinch needed prayers more than he needed anything else and so does Joe Biden

  • Joe Biden has always been a jackass. A corrupt, dishonest, cowardly, incompetent moron in the 1970s. Today he’s in his 70s and let’s just say that time hasn’t been kind. Last nights speech was the semi-coherent bleatings of a truly awful man; a serial plagiarist, braggart, coward, grifter, and liar playing smash mouth politics who is so clueless he believes that questioning the patriotism and sanity of (at least) half the country is the pathway to success.And like most Leftists, he has literally no idea what ‘Fascism’ even is.

    We ‘semi-Fascists’ are United in many areas, but mostly in contempt for this repulsive man. Hey Joe, this is what we want:

    1. Shut Up! You’re making things worse when you open your mouth.

    2. Do you job (economy, border, law and order)

    3. Leave us the @##! alone!

  • Backfire Biden – he is burning down the American Bridge, and his handlers are writing those speeches. We the People must now reject the ‘Democratic’ Police State, and restore integrity to our country and our values by Republican Control, beginning in 2025 and lasting at least 12 years (think Trump, DeSantis, DeSantis)…the Democrats need to come back with 100% new people, and regain the trust of ALL Americans. The People v. The Elites is now the battle.

  • Congratulation sir, on delivering the most angry, hateful, spiteful, vengeful, divisive, fascistic, authoritarian speech ever given by a US President to the American people. You will go down in history. Demonize at least half the country that doesn’t agree with you. Truly deranged. It seems that you are aware that many Americans realize that your election was the most Distorted and Manipulated election in US history. At least 65 million poorly controlled “mail-in” ballots ie pieces of paper with marks on them. You got away with it and now you’re angry and beside yourself that many Americans know it and dare say it out loud.

  • Such willful ignorance on display here, as all of the negative traits projected onto Biden describe Trump to a “T”.

    Say what you want about Biden, but we’re better off without Trump in office. And I say that regardless of whoever might be POTUS (Democrat or Republican).

    • I hate to inform you, but the most extremist, fascist, authoritarian President “Bidon” & Democrat Party just “Jumped the Shark”!
      These guys are always doing what they accuse others of doing, if you haven’t noticed.
      This is the guy who screwed up his entire family, now he’s trying to do the same thing to our country.

    • At least they’re consistent. One thing you can always count on is Democrats always overplay their hand. Don’t look now guys, but you just “Jumped the Shark”

      “Sieg Heil Mein Führer!”

    • Nice gaslighting. On any level you wish to name, Trump was a better president. Biden entered office with inflation at 1.5% and gas at $2.50 a gallon (now 8+% year over, 4.50), we were energy independent (now we import) with the border under control. During Trump’s tenure, minorities had historic levels of employment never seen before, major companies were relocating back to our shores and the bad guys of the world were under control. Biden has done little or nothing but condemn half the country that didn’t vote for him as enemies of the state. A real nice guy.

      • It was actually Obama who was the president that was in power when the economy progressed. Basically presidents can do very little in reality given the sheer power of free markets – that in itself is an argument for small government. They can tinker at the edges if they must but their social policy is dependent on the 2 houses and the only thing the Reps and Dems agree on is more defence spending to continue these forever years. As an economist with access to a Bloomberg terminal these are the facts:

        Remember Obama entered office after the entire banking system and car manufacturing was on life support. Trump had just as big a problem when the pandemic hit.

        Obama inherited unemployment at 10.2% and left office with it at 4.7%. With Trump it start at 4.7% and because of the slowness of the vaccine roll-out it was at 8.4% when he left

        US gov’t debt was 76.4% of GDP at the end of the Obama adminstration, Trump left with it at 104% of GDP (largely due to the unfunded tax cuts to the very wealthy and corporations). This debt fuelled an expansion of 2% higher than normal at this point in the cycle,

        Obama had US business investment up by 5.7% at the end of his office, Trump’s was minus 27%. Most businesses has just used the tax cut to pay out dividends rather than invest in the American economy.

        Things got worse if you were poor. Obama started with 48.1m American without healthcare, that was down to 28.1m when Trump took over. That rose to 31.5mm at the end of Trump’s term.

        Finally the documents seized (with the pictures available online) clearly have ‘Top Secret’ across the top of them. Only the Attorney General in conjunction with the Defence staff in the Pentagon can declassify them. If there is anything to do with our nuclear weapons or military capability we may witness the death sentence being passed on a former President.

        That is truly terrifying – a man who would betray his country to make money whilst out of office with state secrets. The US may question if the death penalty is right if we think the wrong man is going to the chair.

    • So you like Authoritarianism, as long as it’s coming from a delusional old man who was installed by the Deep State. Got it.

    • Biden ‘the uniter’ just attacked half the country. Did you miss that, or just chose to ignore it??

      LOL so as the left can’t defend one word of what was said. **NEWFLASH** turbo Biden is president. Inflation is out of control because of his fiscal policies. The borders are wide open. We’ve surrendered to the taliban. We’ve decided to make enemies of Russia and China after telling us they were’ ‘the problem’. The administration has appointed inexperienced chairs in some of our most important positions. And Biden has can’t even put 2 sentences together on what we can do about them. Noe can. PS Trump is not president Biden is, when is he going to start leading??

    • Your comment is tantamount to a 3rd grader saying, “I know I am but what are you”. For all his narcissistic faults, Trump never questioned the greatness of America and her people. Unlike Biden, Trump stood before the American people embracing the flag.

  • Censorship, suppression, cancellation, open borders, high crime, weaponization of FBI, CIA, and DOJ, theft of elections, state run media, one party run, forced experimental medicine, and governmental dependent zombies…THE DEMOCRAT PARTY IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE

  • A vile little man. A little man, that, brandishing 50 years in public service has little to show for it but gaffs, lies, plagiarism, corruption, weaponizing of Federal agencies, propagating Fascism and now stoking the division of our country.

  • Xiden is no longer home. He simply utters what the teleprompter tells him, as written by his masters in Beijing. All that was missing in his 24 minute rant was the music from Darth Vader in the background.

  • Biden is obviously a liar and a lout, but he is anything but a lunatic. He is implementing standard Marxist strategy to sacrifice his pawns (moderate Democrats who will lose in 2022 and 2024) to put the truly dedicated “hard men” (Lenin’s phrase) in charge of the Party. This is not accidental and it is certainly not lunatic. It’s how Hitler purged the socialists and how Lenin killed off the Mensheviks. Most Americans do not understand intra-party politics, but the Iranians, Putin’s Russians and the Chinese understand how this works. Mao had to purge the moderates in China to achieve total power. Biden is following in their footsteps.

    • Not totally correct – Lenin ensured the party was always a professional body filled with ‘hard men’ from the start. He did this by splitting his faction time and again to ensure it only had the ideologically correct left in his party. Until June 1917 it was a secret underground militia, and became a ‘Mass Party’ of workers and peasants until October 1917 when they seized power. Lenin died before he could remove Stalin and the rest, as they say, is history

  • Biden has always plagiarized from other political speeches. I just never expected him to plagiarize from Mussolini. That is a new low even for Biden who has redefined low.

  • Bill Safire famously diagnosed Hillary as a “congenital liar”. She can’t hold a candle to the senile fabulist that currently inhabits the Whitehouse. He can’t open his mouth without a whopper escaping and never could. I’m becoming more black-pilled as the excesses of his rhetoric and the blatent exercise of state power against his political opponents goes unremarked or even lauded on the left. He said we were at an inflection point last night which was the only thing he said that I agree with.

  • China Joe has always been a sleazy used car salesman by with capped teeth so and hair plugs

    He’s never had an original or even interesting idea in nearly half a century in the Swamp.

    Plus, he got elected via sloppily validated mailed-in ballots. Everyone knows that. An embarrassment.

  • Banana republics have an “El Presidente” or “Maximum Leader,” like Manuel Noriega. That photo of Biden doing his best German dictator impression, fists clenched, blood-red background, Marines standing menacingly nearby, made me realize that we now have a “Maximum Leader” in the White House.

    Just by commenting here, you should know that you are now a “MAGA conspiracist.” Yes, they’ll arrest and imprison Donald Trump in a DC court with a donkey judge and jury, but they won’t stop there. We’re all next.

    If an IRS audit won’t do the trick to make you bend the knee, maybe getting set up by the FBI might persuade you. Or maybe getting “swatted” at 3:00 in the morning… last night, our Maximum Leader has declared war on half the country. And no amount of dissembling today will undo that.

  • We thought it was senile demetia that ruled his performances up until now. now we learn the truth – It is rabies.

  • Surprises this week:
    1) DOJ and the FBI are convinced Trump will win in 2024 w/o more dirty tricks.
    2) WH is convinced Trump will win w/o stoking violence.
    3) Biden’s desperate Hitler speech draws more ridicule than bile.

  • Hey they stole my punch line about Biden that I’ve been using for years although my order is liar, lunatic and lout…LOL. I have the misfortune of living in Delaware for over 40 years, soon to be rectified.

  • America has become a frightening place – I hope we can agree on that. However I do think that Trump has some very strong fascist tendencies within his movement, which are amenable to misuse by his supporters. The most worrying attribute is that what Trump promotes is opinion over fact – his presidency was initiated with the ‘alternative fact’ (i,e, lie) that his inauguration was the most attended, it was not.
    Biden is a weak (and old) politician and his weakness will be used by the far right to ‘push their luck’. 6th Jan was just that – He lacks conviction and charisma at the age is starting to show. Although Donald Trump will be even older when he enters office.
    Biden is a fool like Hindenburg, his obsession with a 19th century liberal interpretation of a 300 year old constitution makes him ill-suited to power and is likely to hand Trump the keys to the White House.

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