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Thoroughly Thumped Trump Must Pass The Torch To A New MAGA Champion

The invasion of Mar-a-Lago takes the endless, all-out war on Donald Trump to a new and uncharted level.

As if we didn’t know already upon learning that one of its many arms had spied on the White House during The Donald’s tenure, it’s now clear that the illegitimate regime occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the commanding heights of law enforcement, the military, Big Business and the culture will stop at nothing to maintain its hold on power.

And equally evident that the former president and his cohort cannot make its members (except RINO primary losers) pay any political or other price for their brazen behavior.

The painful truth: for all his mean tweets, tough talk and base-building prowess, for six years Trump and his troops have brought broadaxes to a flamethrower fight against a scorched-earth opposition.

The litany of outrageous outmaneuverings of Team Trump by perfidious, power-savvier progressive plotters continues to mount:

  • John McCain’s late-night revenge vote against Obamacare repeal sealed its perpetuation and ongoing oppression.
  • Nancy Pelosi won a staredown in a shutdown showdown – plus a teardown of Trump’s planned border wall to boot.
  • National security adviser Michael Flynn was neutralized by illegal leaks of perfectly appropriate contacts with Russia’s ambassador, then entrapped by FBI agents personally dispatched by Director James Comey, who shamelessly bragged it was something he “probably wouldn’t have done or gotten away with in a more organized … administration.”
  • The Donald was cornered by the selfsame Comey into accepting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s rogue investigation after hapless Attorney General Jeff Sessions was unceremoniously sidelined over – what else? – perfectly appropriate contacts with the Russian ambassador.
  • Washington lifers Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci conned Trump into a COVID lockdown, whereupon the Swamp swooped to swell the Nanny’s State’s size, scope and suppressiveness.
  • The president couldn’t head off two, count ‘em, two sham impeachment proceedings led by insufferable Pecksniff Adam Schiff – one incredibly, after he left the White House.
  • Trump and Co. were not just routed in an election steal behind a senile, corrupt, basement-dwelling gaffe machine but allowed the other side to flip totally proper inquiries into further civil and criminal investigations topped by harassment, professional harm and utter humiliation.
  • As a result, his administration’s extraordinary economic gains, global energy dominance, historic Middle East peace accords, and progress against untrammeled immigration are all being undone, and then some.
  • Now Joe Biden’s bag man Merrick Garland is getting away with a mind-boggling abuse of authority as a certain precursor to politicized prosecution, the Gossip-Girl(ie)-powered Jan. 6 production continues to nibble away at Trump’s brand and reputation, and a litany of civil and criminal suits and investigations will ultimately overwhelm the ex-commander in chief’s ability to command the stage and the narrative.

In short, while Donald Trump masterfully seized the levers of power and influence, he never knew how to effectively wield them to hold off the political Lilliputians still swarming him.

So now what? This commentator has come to the reluctant conclusion that it’s time to face reality: worse is yet to come from a wrathful, ruthless opposition with nothing to lose and no one to keep it even close to the bright lines of political and legal propriety.

And thus, time to hand off the still-bright MAGA torch to an equally fearless devotee to the cause, yet a proven skillful operator of the machinery of government and political trench warrior.

A no-holds-barred, take-on-all-comers battler who:

  • Having narrowly survived his own election steal, promptly dispatched the perps, ran one of his state’s smoothest elections in recent history in 2020, and is cruising toward reelection.
  • Controversially and bravely led the way in holding off the COVID cops, protecting small businesses, opening schools and eschewing mask mandates while foresightedly protecting the most vulnerable.
  • Has driven a Freedom Agenda featuring fiscal responsibility, tax relief, and school choice
  • lived out his pledge to be America’s most pro-Israel governor by sanctioning AirBnB’s BDSism.
  • Signed an anti-sanctuary city bill, required cooperation with federal immigration authorities and variously proposed shipping undocumenteds to Delaware, elitist Martha’s Vineyard or back to Mexico
  • Not just opposed “defunding” police but offered $5,000 bonuses to attract officers from other states.
  • Approved a ban on elective abortion after 15 weeks.
  • Halted the traumatization, self-shaming and brainwashing of kindergartners with critical race theory and transgender ideology, banned men from participating in women’s sports, declared a Florida-native NCAA athlete the winner in a competition lost to Lia Thomas, called for child mutilators to be sued and pulled the rug out from under the most important player in his state’s most important industry for questioning these common-sense stances.
  • Pushed a ban on Big Tech deplatforming conservatives.
  • And plays a hostile press like a violin, even barring stunned reporters from events.

Combining Trump’s fearlessness with experience navigating the military and law enforcement bureaucracy, this obvious heir as MAGA magnate not only knows where the bodies are buried, he has put many of them there.

With not nearly enough thanks from an ungrateful nation, it’s time for a thoroughly thumped Donald Trump to exit, stage right. And clear the way for one Ronald Dion DeSantis.

Bob Maistros is a messaging and communications strategist, crisis specialist and former political speechwriter. He can be reached at

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  • Could not disagree more. He now has a really good idea who is crooked and who can be trusted. This time will be an even better sweep up of the detritus that has accumulated in DC. Nice try, you are completely wrong.

  • Uh… What??? So, Trump’s done now, BECAUSE THOSE IN POWER SAY SO, so time to bring out DeSantis??? Hunh. Your timing, discernment, and understanding of what’s really happening and WHO really has the power, and what’s still possible is incredibly lacking. OR, are YOU really working for THEM???

  • You show Absolute Zero enthusiasm for your recommended candidate, Mr. commentator. Unfortunately, the GOP base shares that lack of enthusiasm. Which means waving the white flag in surrender at this juncture is loser talk. So far, capitulation to the Democrats by the GOP Senate has only gotten us high inflation and a doubling in size and weaponization of the IRS. With the IRS, DOJ/FBI and Fed acting in unison for the DNC (or CCP), the USA as we know it is gone, perhaps forever. Liz Cheney may think she is Napoleon II (or Lincoln in drag) coming back to save the republic. But the days of your comrades Bush II, Cheney and Rove are long gone. Trump had ~84% support in the CPAC Dallas straw poll. Pence and DeSantis barely registered any support among the conservative GOP base. Which is why the DNC has concluded that taking out Trump is the Marxist path to victory. As they say in poker, the DNC is going all-in to take down Trump.

    Folding or wilting under adversity, as the Russians learned in 1917 when Kerensky and Nabakov surrendered to Lenin and the soviet Bolsheviks, means your heirs will be living in a totalitarian police state. Censorship, cancel culture, grooming children as sex slaves, etc. could be the new normal for decades to come. There would be no USA with freedom as we have known it, if George Washington had a surrender mentality and wimped out under extreme winter adversity. Warriors and leaders with courage and vision are needed. God provided this test to build courage, not cowardice.

    • This commentator has a ton of enthusiasm for his “chosen” candidate. Did you not read the article?
      As for the rest of the comments:
      Trump used his ability and his status as a political novice to think outside the box to roll the GOP field and win the presidency. I have tremendous respect for his accomplishments — note the use of the word “reluctantly” in making my recommendation.
      But the truth is that as soon as he was in office, he and his team were repeatedly rolled and on the defensive.
      And note also the central point: we haven’t seen the worst yet. No one has yet indicted Trump, something this commentator expects to see as the next step from the Biden regime and probably others. Remember the rule: if you are explaining, you are losing. That goes in spades for explaining in the context of defending a lawsuit or similar investigation. (Ask Bibi Netanyahu and Boris Johnson, Israel’s and the UK’s Trumps and FORMER prime ministers.) Independents will hate that.
      Plus a candidate and party focused on defending lawsuits won’t be vigilant in preventing the next election steal.
      DeSantis has already shown the ability to preclude the steal.
      To take on woke cultural and educational issues and make his opponents look like idiots in the process.
      To head off the COVID cops and get the response right from the get-go.
      In short, because he knows how to govern as well as fight in the trenches with Teflon armor, he has done everything Trump couldn’t.
      There. Now you’ve helped write this correspondent’s next column.

  • Like him or not, Mr. Trump is not required to surrender just because the establishment wants him to. You should know better, Bob. Giving in to them is showing extreme weakness. That just emboldens those who would oppress the people. Do you think they will stop if he does give up? Not a chance. I say Mr. Trump should make his case to the American people and let them decide if he is the one to occupy the white house next.

  • It would have been interesting to read what this writer thinks he or anyone else might have done to avoid most of what the bureaucracy threw at Trump.

  • De Santis is fine. But you miss the point. Trump exposed the corruption by being attacked. Put him on Rushmore…

  • Well, I understand you are worn out and isn’t that the point? Can we let the left just off the hook and put DeSantis on. it. I think Trump is more bullet proof now than ever before and even if he is put in prison and is released (and will be) by the SCOTUS, he can still run. There is no way DeSantis can outmaneuver the leftwing scorched earth machine and now that they have all their ducks in a row, they’ll take DeSantis down in less time it took for him to take the oath of office. His family is not built with the savvy and strong foundation of the Trump family, and at the first sign of a vicious attack on his family, he will become a pawn.

    • Yes, and DeSantis has a compliant and supportive state legislature, a reasonable state court system and is in a state where the Federal Judiciary is less corrupt, well maybe not, but certainly less rabidly anti conservative. None of which Trump had, in fact just the opposite.
      DeSantis just recently met in NJ with one of Kathy Hoguls liberal mega donors and promptly begged out of a fund raiser for Lee Zeldin…..hmmm.

  • I agreed with most of President Trump’s policies. He performed way better than expectations up to the time of the pandemic when he ceded authority to the very deep state he campaigned against. The constant focus on the 2020 election cost the Republicans the Senate seats in Georgia.

    Since the FBI raid my email has been inundated with Trump fund raising appeals. Why? Where does that money go? How are these fund raising appeals helping the Republicans defeat Democrats in the fall? Many candidates are struggling against their Democratic opponents and can use these funds.

  • With respect, put a sock in it.

    To begin with, anyone talking about “the deep state” as if we understood its magnitude in 2016 is retconning. That whole departments would ignore the orders of the president was not seriously considered. Moreover, blame for all failure of the first two years rests squarely on the shoulders of Sessions, who recused himself, and the elected GOP, who spent the entire time running for cover like the cowards and fools they are.

    Secondly, anyone jumping ship from the Trump Train (to mix metaphors) will be, as far as I’m concerned, complicit in what follows.

    To shift support elsewhere is to accede that the FBI has the power to determine who is fit to be president. Revenge must be had and the disloyal opposition must be taught, by whatever means necessary, to lose elections gracefully, something they have shown no desire to do since 1988 at the most recent.

  • You make many good points, sir, and I would love to get enthusiastic about DeSantis. Maybe he can yet earn it, but so far I don’t see the fire in the belly. I don’t see the unbending knack of taking blow after blow and still stay standing. And still punching back. Trump has that and more. I think he’s learned his lesson, not to trust RINOs and not to expect opponents to behave civilly and decently. I might be wrong, but I just don’t see DeSantis or anyone else filling huge stadiums with rally after rally of mad-as-hell Americans, or anyone putting on a bright red DeSantis hat.

  • I for one, am tired of the drama. It has become all about Trump and not policy. Instead of discussing inflation, gas prices, illegal immigration, racist CRT, child mutilation pushed by trans activists, horrific decisions on foreign affairs and more, we are discussing Trump. The left need Trump to hide their malfeasance. If there had been no Jan 6 riot, Trump would be sitting pretty but instead, many GOP want to move on, and independents have been turned off and we need them to win. I would prefer putting my energy behind someone like Ron DeSantis that knows how to fight like Trump, has adopted many of his policies but is better at strategy in fighting the deep state.

  • not even 10 terms of MAGA can drain the swamp

    IE: 108,000 employees at Dept of Agriculture = 1 per every 30 farms

    IF $$$$ were SECONDS – remember – 30 Trillion in debt
    1 MILLION seconds ago was 11 days ago
    1 BILLION seconds ago was 38.68 years ago
    1 TRILLION seconds ago 31,688 years ago when Neanderthals 1st painted cave walls

    If you were to start at year 1 AD and spend half-a-million dollars every HOUR until today, you still would not have spent $10 trillion.

    simply no fixing this

  • Ron is great, but he isn’t Trump. In the Republican Party he is a stand out, but he made some horrible votes when he was in the Congress. There is no one to pass the torch to.

  • Rubbish click-bait article by someone who can’t admit that Trump has done more for America than any president in the last 100 years.

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