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Say, Whatever Happened To That New COVID Surge Everyone Was Freaking About?

As recently as two weeks ago, the big story of the day was the coming surge of a new, highly infectious COVID variant, called BA.5. The Biden administration warned about it. Los Angeles county considered renewing its indoor mask mandate. The head of the World Health Organization said that “new waves of the virus demonstrate again that the Covid-19 [pandemic] is nowhere near over.”

Look at some of the headlines:

  • BA.5 Will Cause ‘Even Greater Surge,’ Warns UCSF’s Wachter of Highly Infectious COVID Subvariant,” KQED, July 6
  • “The BA.5 COVID Surge Is Here,” New York Magazine, July 8
  • “Los Angeles could reinstate mask mandates as COVID cases rise,” CBS News, July 8
  • “As new COVID variants surge, White House urges caution, pushes boosters,” Boston Globe, July 12
  • “Experts rue simple steps not taken before latest COVID surge,” ABC News, July 13
  • “The ‘worst variant’ is here,” CNN, July 14

Well, the data from the Centers for Disease Control show that the number of new infections has remained pretty flat since late May and is now trending downward. In, fact, the rate of new infections appears to have topped out right when the media were playing up the coming “surge.”

CDC data show that the seven-day moving average for new cases peaked at 129,823 on July 17. It had fallen to 119,034 by Aug. 2.

Reported COVID deaths also appear to have peaked on July 22, with the seven-day moving average of 428, which had dropped to 387 by Aug. 2.

While some states are seeing increases, in most of them cases peaked a while ago or are now seeing big declines.

The seven-day average in Los Angeles, for example, plunged 50% over the past week. (A week ago it dropped its mask mandate plans.)

Yet, instead of mea culpas we are seeing stories about how the COVID infection rate is far bigger than the official number suggests, because of the widespread availability of home testing and the fact that not everyone who tests positive will report it.

As CNN reports:

Official data dramatically undercount the true number of infections in the U.S., epidemiologists say, leaving the nation with a critical blind spot as the most transmissible coronavirus variant yet takes hold. Some experts think there could be as many as 1 million new infections every day in the broader U.S. population — 10 times higher than the official count.

But wait. That’s actually good news.

As it stands, the “case fatality rate” — which is the ratio of deaths to reported COVID cases — is currently running at around 0.3%. If the actual number of cases is 10 times the reported number of cases, that means the “case fatality rate” is more like 0.03%. For perspective, the case fatality rate for the flu is said to be about 0.1%.

So why isn’t this being reported as good news? Why is the press still treating COVID the same way it did when the virus first emerged: as a potentially lethal new disease against which no one had immunity?

Why are we still acting like everyone is at equal risk from COVID, when out of more than 1 million COVID deaths recorded in the United States, only 538 involve children under age 4, and just 1,195 are between ages 5 and 18, according to the CDC? Why isn’t the public being told that those over 65, who make up less than 17% of the population, constitute 75% of the reported COVID deaths?

Why are public officials still pushing vaccines on infants? Why do we still see children in public places wearing masks when they are far more likely to die from drowning than COVID?

Finally, why are we the ones being attacked for spreading misinformation when the worst offenders have been government officials and the mainstream press?

Almost nothing uttered by “experts” over the past two years has turned out to be true. Mask mandates were ineffective. Lockdowns were massively expensive failures. The vaccinated and boosted keep getting COVID — including President Joe Biden, who not long ago was issuing blistering attacks against the unvaccinated, saying “your refusal has cost all of us.”

It’s the refusal of so many public officials to be straight with the public and put COVID in the proper perspective that “has cost all of us.”

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • I read that Los Angeles actually backed off from their planned new mask mandate that was supposed to start July 31st,but the mandates aren’t really about science they’re about control of the narrative which is used for control of the people

  • An excellent essay and analysis. So many questions. All excellent questions, which the major media will not allow (or will classify as dis-information, and suppress) because the answers undermine DNC propaganda narratives designed to create Fear. Fear motivates people into obedience and surrender (e.g. of freedom). Fear is the cheapest way for the DNC and its allies to attain their aspirations for Stalin-like absolute power in the USA. The DNC will continue COVID Fear Propaganda until a better fear-inducer comes along (monkey pox seems to be auditioning for the role). The major media, which long ago abandoned the pursuit of truth, are the DNC’s psychological terror troops. Mea culpa is not in the media corporate DNA, and they just move seamlessly and viciously from one propaganda narrative to another (feigning amnesia and no memory of past lies).

    “The Great COVID Fear Campaign” described by I&I is part of a much larger, multi-pronged war to subjugate the USA population under a DNC-led communist-style state. An interesting question is whether the DNC is itself subservient to other Masters (e.g. George Soros & the globalists; or the Chinese communist party, which the DNC emulates)? Thanks to a wimpy GOP Senate seemingly servile to DNC strong-man Schumer, the IRS (well known for going after DNC enemies like the Tea Party) is being doubled in size. As if DNC control of the DOJ, FBI, Homeland Security and the rest of the administrative state (along with the major media, Big Tech, social media, etc.) is not enough. Odds are 95% that the IRS will be weaponized like the FBI and DOJ. The DNC is nothing, if not consistent in weaponizing government at all levels. Though the GOP Senate seems deaf, dumb and blind to what is going on. Like Stalin, who eventually engaged in murderous purges alongside show trials, the DNC is wracked with insecurity and paranoia, seeing a Trump or Ultra-MAGA lurking in every school board meeting. Turning a 2-3 hour “January 6 incident” into a multi-year, multi-venue show trial smacks of Stalin phase 1. Two years ago on the Supreme Court steps, in what some call terrorist-incitement, Schumer warned certain Supreme Court justices of deadlier attacks to come. Others in the DNC urge expansion of in-your-face personal attacks, incitements and boycotts into restaurants, airports and other public places. Will looting and burning street armies be unleashed again?

    Terror and fear tactics, burning and looting, and even assassinations are understandable as the Bolshevik playbook in action. But needlessly mandating vaxxing of children (who have near-zero COVID death risk; but higher vaxx risks like heart damage) needs more explanation. Could it be pure profit? Being classified experimental and free of legal liability, COVID jabs are a profit center ($200/jab). When pharma jabs go down, pharma vaxx stocks drop in price. An honest journalistic media would follow the pharma money, which is likely not going to GOP Senate vaxx critics like Rand Paul and Ron Johnson.

  • Silly, we are still too far from November elections for another shut down for mail-in ballot fraud. Early October is the likely timeline.

  • The left needs a medical emergency before the election. I think we’ll be hearing a lot about monkeypox.

  • The COVID pandemic is over. Almost everyone has sufficient immunity for SARS2 to be nothing more than a cold.That is until recombination allows a totally new variant to emerge. I expect that eventually, SARS2 will recombine with MERS in Saudi Arabia, where MERS is endemic in camels. MERS has immune evading features more effective than SARS2. Then you will see a ferocious new coronavirus pandemic.

  • An excellent article. Also to be pointed out if we really have a million cases of COVID a day but, most may not even know it or at worst feel a little down a few days like with a light cold, and almost nobody is dying from it, than the population as a whole is building immunity at a rate. I’ve been vaccinated 3X, but what is the real risk of dying or severe injury from the vaccines. The epidemic of Sudden Death Syndrome especially among the young and healthy, including athletes, seem pretty high. If the death rates is actually .03 and 75% of that among the elderly that might be lower than from the vaccine? Actual factual information from our Government, Health Officials, and Fake News Media would be a whole lot better for the nation than the lying hysteria they’ve given us for 2 years.

  • The editors of I&I make a really good point. While the number of COVID cases are rising mightily (I live in OH-and recently my synagogue re-instituted mask mandates because of the rising case loads); however the lethality (as measured by the deaths caused by COVID) are falling.
    I’d never heard this statistic put “the I&I way” before. Not only is the editorial enlightening but also it reduces my fears of getting COVID (which, depending on your State is higher or lower). This is because the lethality of dying from the COVID infection IS lower-even if, as I&I explains, the case load is higher!

  • Democrats are trying to make Monkeypox into the next pandemic, but only the Qu€€r Nation and African Americans are at risk. Oh, and the monkey fkrs might be at risk too, lolol….

  • “Whatever Happened To That New COVID Surge?” That’s easy peasy! There’s a new game in town for political gain! Abortion on demand! People are tired of all that never ending Covid 19 whipped up hysteria, ultra emergencies, and never-ending lock-downs – masks – shots – etc. that do little good, so the Dems are taking a new tack!

  • The Left uses science the way the Communists used science. Soviet science killed millions of their own people, the Agricultural minister under Stalin was probably the worst. His so-called scientific methods caused widespread crop failures. Bur, hey, it was science wasn’t it. If a liberal claims to know all about science, do not believe anything they say.

  • global perspective after 2.5 years here:
    the “old flu” virtually disappeared over the two and half years of the pandemic

    from here:

    COVID Live – Coronavirus Statistics – Worldometer (

    of 587m “cases” of “new flu” over the last two and a half years for a world population of 7.8 billion, there have been 587 million “cases” calibrated to an “in silico” virus. that’s 7.5% and equal to 3% per annum.

    of those 587m “cases”, 558m recovered after an average infection period of around 20 days. that’s a recovery rate of 95% with no help from injections. 6.4m, or a little over 1% died with covid19 present and and little over 3% are currently “active”.

    the “case” fatality rate = 1.1% over 2.5 years (6.4m/587m = 0.4% per annum

    the global population fatality rate = 0.082% over 2.5 years (6.4m/ 7.8 billion) = 0.033% per annum

    this is NOT a global pandemic. why is the WHO not stating this?


    EU casualties from here:

    76,253 Dead 6,033,218 Injured Recorded in Europe and USA Following COVID Vaccines with 4,358 Fetal Deaths in U.S. – Vaccine Impact

    46,618 killed by injections in the EU with 4,682,268 injuries (multiple per person) half life changing from 909 million injections here

    US casualties here (scan to the US only column)

    VAERS Summary for COVID-19 Vaccines through 7/22/2022 – VAERS Analysis

    13,805 killed by injections in the US with 848,094 injuries from 604 million injections here:

    CDC COVID Data Tracker: Vaccinations in the US

    note the 350 million unused doses in the EU and 186 million unused doses in the US – the people know these are toxic.

    2,207 dead and 1.5m injuries here for the UK COVID-19 Yellow Card Data | UKColumn from 150m injections here:

    Vaccinations in the UK | Coronavirus in the UK (

    there is no discussion of the UNDER-reporting factor of adverse events anywhere (URF). in the US the Lazarus report estimated that less than one in 100 adverse events were reported.

    The Lazarus Report – Decoding the Deception
    recent estimates are around one in 40 (2.5 times more than the historical reporting level)

    Determining the VAERS Under-Reporting Multiplier (

    1.5 billion EU+US doses are one eighth those administered globally. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations – Our World in Data

    so.. assume a URF of 40 and EU+US adverse events are proportionate to global adverse events – multiply by 8.

    multiply the combined EU+US deaths and injuries by 320 for the global butchers bill SO FAR.

    60,423 deaths and 5,530,362 injuries (multiple per person) times 320

    19,3 million dead and 1.77 BILLION injuries SO FAR

    were these deaths and injuries preventable with IVM and HCQ protocols? 80% chance here

    Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time analysis of all 175 studies (

    was the scale of deaths and injuries KNOWN IN ADVANCE from the clinical trials? YES

    The COVID-19 Inoculations – More Harm Than Good FINAL Video & Print – MoreHarm.pdf | DocDroid

    see pages 11 for 24% adverse events in the injected group v 8% in the placebo group and page 12 for 20 all cause mortality deaths in the injected group v 14 in the placebo group. PRE-MEDITATED MURDER AND ASSAULT.

    this is evidence of UNSAFE rather than SAFE injections of gene modifiers.

    now for effective, from here: Coronavirus Graphs: Worldwide Cases and Deaths – Worldometer (

    before injection roll-out on 10 december 2020 – 70m cases and 1.7 million deaths globally with covid19 present (deaths occurred in those with 2-6 co-morbidities who had lived one-two years LONGER than life expectancy).

    12.3 billion doses administered globally, later

    after injection roll-out 584m cases and 6.4 million deaths.

    the outcome of 12.3 billion doses = +514 million cases and +4.7 million deaths – of which 80% could have been prevented with IVM/HCQ protocols (plus another 80% of the 2020 deaths of 1.7m and 70m cases).

    NOT effective.


  • Joe Biden and phake pharma see more profits in circulating the monkeypoxplandemic, which is reported by credible virologists as a mild disease. CCP and NIH are issuing a vaccine which contains the feautures of HIV, the virus which causes the fatal AIDS, Enter more (bogus) vaccines and profits. Their supposed HIV cure-vax has been recently exposed as being used as the “covid vaccine”.

  • does the BA in BA-5 stand for “biden administration”???
    around 400 covid deaths per day….. don’t we, as a nation, have more than 400 drug and alcohol related deaths every day ???
    asking for a friend.

  • Everything we have been told about about Covid – its origin, virulence, transmissibility, reinfection, “vaccines” and their effectiveness and safety – were lies. Everything.

  • People got it, got over it and moved on. Just like adults are supposed to do. I have one strain or the other and if not for all the bru ha ha I would have ignored it as nothing more than allergies.

  • If not for the doom and gloom, I would have thought it was allergies and went along with my life.
    Are we going to do this with the common cold?

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