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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: Inspiration for a global movement? Source: Wikimedia Commons, screen grab, YouTube.

Canadian Convoy Movement Goes Global — Next Stop, U.S.?

While the big U.S. media mostly pretend Canada’s convoy of truckers disgusted with COVID lockdown culture doesn’t exist, it does. It’s a potent movement that has tapped into a deep vein of cultural anger and resentment over the Canadian government’s authoritarian response to the virus. And guess what? It’s coming here, and soon.

As we’ve discovered again in recent years, the left loves civil disobedience, until it’s someone disobeying them. Then it becomes filled with authoritarian busybodies, more than happy to deny you your rights to enforce their vision of the world – whether it’s COVID lockdowns used to force Americans to follow senseless, unscientific rules, racist America-hating Critical Race Theory forced on school kids, or insane “woke” cancel culture imposed on us all.

But some are now saying, “enough,” and loudly. And they’re not the elites. They’re working people who have seen their livelihoods damaged or destroyed, lost their rights to travel and and speak out, and in general have been treated as subjects, not citizens.

That’s where Canada’s trucker convoy comes in.

Like the American Tea Party movement of more than a decade ago, the truckers hoped to use their right to speak out and criticize to compel their government to change its rigid and at times absurd lockdown rules, which have devastated whole swaths of the country’s economy.

The Canadian government, led by Canada’s woke, Peter Pan-ish Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has responded not with an understanding of the trucker movement’s followers and their very real fears, but with ridicule, name-calling and insults.

“Over the past few days, Canadians were shocked and, frankly, disgusted by the behavior displayed by some people protesting in our nation’s capital,” Trudeau said last week. ” I want to be very clear: we are not intimidated by those who hurl insults and abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. We won’t give in to those who fly racist flags. We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism or dishonor the memory of our veterans.”

None of these comments, as Powerline’s John Hinderaker has noted, bear any resemblance to the truth.

Yet, Trudeau doubled down with a truly incendiary and insulting tweet he sent just days later, in which he defamed honest, hard-working people as violent racists, treating their demonstration in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, as if it were Canada’s very own Jan. 6 “insurrection”:

Today in the House, Members of Parliament unanimously condemned the antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, homophobia, and transphobia that we’ve seen on display in Ottawa over the past number of days. Together, let’s keep working to make Canada more inclusive.”

Justin Trudeau Tweet, Feb. 1, 2022

There truly is no sign of “disgust” among average Canadians, only among their so-called elite. They seem to support the convoy’s message of “No Lockdowns, No Mandates, No Vax Passports, Freedom!”

There is no antisemitism, Islamophobia, or any of the other of the long list of alleged sins on display. They have been purposeful, yet peaceful.

“Canadian truckers have had it with Canada’s authoritarian prime minister stomping on the rights of Canadians, so they’re headed to Ottawa to make their point,” noted the Lidblog, which has been monitoring events in Canada and at the border. “You’d think that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would respect the rights enumerated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms since that document was the legacy project of his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.”

No such luck.

What is happening is that the convoy phenomenon seems to be spreading, with nascent movements in Brazil, the Netherlands, lockdown-insane Australia and, now, in the U.S. This is in addition to anti-lockdown and anti-mandatory vaccine demonstrations that have erupted across Europe.

Unlike the violent BLM and Antifa riots that wracked the U.S. during 2020, killing at least 28 and causing billions of dollars in damage, and received applause from leftist politicians, the media and Hollywood celebs, the convoy won’t be applauded by the elites.

No matter how peaceful, the truckers will be treated as unwashed “deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton famously described those who wouldn’t vote for her in 2016. These are the people who fix your pipes, paint your house, repair you car, serve your food, deliver goods to stores and make our precarious supply chain work.

They are the unsung heroes of the American economy and deserve to be heard. Now that we know there is no “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” which was a dubious assertion to begin with, the lockdowns no longer make any sense.

As for the coming clash between two different versions of the world – one based on individual freedom and responsibility, the other based on top-down bureaucratic control by leftist bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. – we prefer the former to the latter.

As for America’s “Convoy 2022,” we don’t know yet when it will happen. Faccebook shut down the group’s page Tuesday after the group rapidly built a 139,000 person following. So much for freedom of speech in the age of social media.

But at least it’s clear that average working people are finally standing up to the leftist bullies, and the left doesn’t like it a bit. That’s why it portrays them as racist, homophobic, transphobic and any other ugly epithet it can throw their way.

Now those on the left, who have styled themselves as the protectors of the downtrodden and the working person, are showing their true totalitarian face. They don’t want to be told what to do by mere citizens; like the fascists and extremists they patterned themselves after, they mean to rule, not to govern.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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  • American Truck Drivers should follow their Fellow Canadian Drivers. It may slow the Systematic Dismantling of the Greatest Constitutional Republic in the History of the World…The United States of America 🇺🇸

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