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When Will Freedom Arrive In The U.S.?

Feb. 1 is the Danes’ new independence day. On Tuesday, Denmark rid itself of all of its remaining pandemic restrictions. But liberty in America, the nation that pioneered the guarantee of freedom to its people, is still under assault.

Denmark is the first country in Europe to reopen its boxed-in, abused, and drained society. No more indoor mask mandates, or vaccine passports for entry into private establishments. Other European nations have lifted some restrictions, as well, but only Denmark has gone all the way and dropped a self-isolation requirement for those who test positive.

Apparently the Danes learned the lesson that after nearly two years most nations haven’t been able, or willing, to figure out. Finland isn’t far behind.

But not America.

Yes, most U.S. states have freed their residents. Yet much of the country is still under the government boot.

California, the biggest state, with nearly 40 million government subjects, is still ruled by a do-as-I-say (but-never-as-I-do) governor, and local lawmakers and bureaucrats who slip on their jackboots every morning. This same governor called the pandemic an “opportunity for reimagining a progressive era … to reshape the way we do business and how we govern.” Which means “we’re going to further suppress your liberties.”

Politicians in New York are in a legal battle over mask rules, with the governor and attorney general fighting to keep as many faces covered as they possibly can.

Washington, D.C., is under the rule of a mayor who has issued more vaccine mandates and requirements than the average person can hope to keep up with.

Chicago also has a show-us-your-papers vaccine passport regime. So does Boston.

In Utah, Salt Lake County’s mask rule is a heated topic in the capital, where the Senate approved a resolution that would kill local mask mandates. 

Oregon still requires everyone 5 and older to mask up indoors, vaccinated or not. Washington has a similar rule that includes outdoor venues when 500 or more are present.

An indoor mask mandate that disregards vaccination status and age is still in effect in New Mexico. 

Social gatherings in some Hawaii counties remain subject to limits set by government.

Notice any commonality among these outposts where freedom no longer rings? They are all run by Democrats. If there is any indisputable fact in today’s politics, it’s that Democrats are anti-freedom. Quick, name a single liberty that Democrats support either through legislation or in the abstract.

It can’t be done because the party of the left is the party of central planning, reflexive intervention into private affairs, ever-expanding government, higher tax burdens, suppression of speech, stifling regulatory regimes, political society over civil society, violations of the Second Amendment, the accrual of raw political power, and fealty to its rule.

While that’s an exhausting but not exhaustive list, we know readers will get the point. The Democrats would rather reign than constitutionally govern. It’s a derangement they can no longer cover up.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Wow these I&I people have vivid imaginations! Many people in the US are trying to save the lives of their fellow citizens and the I&I people go crazy. They think that a preference for masks will affect the 2nd Amendment? How, can people wearing a mask not recognize a firearm? If you are wearing a mask does that automatically impose higher taxes?

    No, the I&I people want to grab power for themselves other right wingers and want to use the uncertainty about the COVID virus to help them. They don’t care that thousands of Americans die when they could have easily been saved – the I&I people want political influence. They don’t care that their fellow right wing lunatics like Jimmy DeYoung, Marcus Lamb, etc die – they are willing to spare them.

    So parts of America are under the “government boot” so that means we cannot hold jobs, we don’t have freedom of the press? No, that is a huge lie that the I&I people are telling people.

    • exgoptexas You don’t know what your talking about . People who got the vaccine are still getting cov-19 and your still spreading it. I have had covid-19 twice now it’s affected about like having a cold. I am not going to take a vaccine to get over a cold.

      • It’s more like the flu – and you would recommend that no one get a flu vaccine, right? You should call some of the right wing people that refused to get a vaccination – like Marcus Lamb. Or Jimmy DeYoung, and ask how it worked out for them. Oh you can’t because they died of COVID?

    • I am a teacher in California. If I refuse to vaccinate, I will lose my job on July 1 due to Governor Newsom’s order. And this for refusing to take a vaccine that does not prevent disease or disease transmission. So yes, we cannot hold the jobs we currently have unless we submit to government forcing us into medical treatment that we do not want or need.

      • California will do just fine without you, switch to a career that suits you better.

    • Facemasks are useless–read the unbiased science that doesn’t follow what seems to be a greater agenda.

    • Wow… I guess your mask wearing has cut off the oxygen to your brain so you have lost all ability to comprehend the written word and what is being said. You should try reading actual scientific studies and not just parroting what the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC feed you. 0 proof masks do anything. Fraudci himself basically admitted it is just a psychological boost to get people out of their homes. The restrictions never worked to control the pandemic, and if anything only made it way way worse. The democrats keep these unlawful mandates in place for control – control of sheep like yourself. But, keep bahhhing your way to the slaughterhouse.

    • Hi, I’m an Expert! When I say that there’s no possible way the Covid-19 virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, you can trust me. When I say you don’t need a mask, you do need a mask, you don’t need a mask if you’re fully vaccinated, and you need two masks, whether you’re vaccinated or not, you have to follow along and do exactly as I say, because I’m The Science (TM). If I tell you not to use drugs 79 other countries have approved for use against Covid-19, you have to remember I’m infallible, and they’re not.

      You should remember how happy everyone was in 1984, with the Ministry of Truth filtering information so you don’t have to do it yourself. With the privatized Ministry of Truth, run by friendly oligarchs, censorship is no longer a First Amendment problem, even for Marxists, because it’s private companies who do it. Also, you should know that words like “colorblind” and “meritocracy” are the dog whistles of white supremacy. Make sure your kids judge everyone by their skin color, not their character or accomplishments. Call the AFT for details. Insist that all schools be run without gifted programs, since they only help Asian immigrants anyway.

      • “When I say that there’s no possible way the Covid-19 virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan, you can trust me.”

        You left out, “…leaked from a lab in Wuhan >that I funded<…"

    • “Many people in the US are trying to save the lives of their fellow citizens and the I&I people go crazy.”

      What you believe you are TRYING to do (and not all people supporting your position actually have such good intentions), and what you are actually accomplishing, are diametric opposites. Lock downs had only a 0.2% impact on the virus (statistically insignificant). Masks, similar. In the meantime, tens of thousands of people are dead because of depression, substance abuse, and just plain loneliness. In other words, totalitarianism kills more people than it saves.

      Then there’s the fake vaccine, for which they literally had to change the clinical definition of “vaccine” for it to qualify. People are more likely to contract Covid Omega if they are triple vaxxed than completely unvaxxed. While all long term effects of the vaccine are certainly not known yet, there are already huge upswings in cancer, neurological disorders, myocardium, and other life threatening or permanently debilitating effects.

      And, your comment about “right wingers” wanting to grab power is sheer projection. Right wing and centrists want to end central control of these (and most other) personal life issues, and are simply saying it is OUR choice to make, not yours. This is why Democrats / totalitarians will suffer immense losses in the 2022 election from which they will likely not recover in a generation. We won’t forget what you did to us.

  • America is in the process of crashing and burning.
    It’s days as a dominant and leading nation are over.
    Anyone who knows history and is even halfway aware can see this. It happens to all once great nations.

    • It sounds like you have given up on the USA, we can help you pack and get to the border.

    • In decline, certainly. History also shows we can have a renewal, like Augustus did for the Roman Empire. His renewal was brief, sadly, as he was unable to reverse the social rot – but it is possible.

      It’s only impossible if we give up.

  • We need mask mandates to protect the millions of unvaccinated, illegal immigrants that the Biden administration is shuttling into the states.

  • Here in the south we have no idea what you are talking about. We have been in normal world through most of covid.

    • Depends on how close you get to the city. In true hilarity, there is a “zone” about halfway from the sticks to the metro where about half the people are wearing the face diapers while others don’t.

  • Unfortunately I can name one liberty the Democrats support- abortion on demand up to birth (and maybe after).

    • It’s clearly not a liberty for the baby. There’s that whole sticky point about “your rights end where someone else’s begin,” the primary problem being that neither our Constitution nor Federal laws have clearly defined exactly when a baby becomes a “person” protected by the Constitution. Personally, I believe they should create a Constitutional Amendment for any such pressing social issue that comes down to a matter of degree, demanding that there be a national referendum each 10 years allowing We the People to express in great detail (conception, <=1 week, <=2 weeks, … <=birth, <=1 week post birth…) where we as a society feel the line is, and draw it where 75% of the people agree it should lie within. That would be the law of the land until the next referendum, or until things change (i.e. "perfect birth control") makes the referendum irrelevant.

  • So few people grasp that our American politics is about the elected millionaires bathing in the wealth of an entire country.
    Hence, the elected (the Chosen Ones) only serve themselves. That self-centeredness is the path that will usher in a sole World Government.
    Politics is always about the elected becoming more elite. American politics bathes in the wealth of America. So too, a World Government will exist to bathe in the world’s wealth.
    Meanwhile, outside the political realm, the rest of society will be harnessed by countless laws to exist as the working poor (slaves).
    Rome is resurrected before our eyes.

    Adam of CA.

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