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When Will America Reach Peak Insanity?

It seems roughly half of the country is suffering from mass delusions. Either that or there is a willful effort to ignore the truth and spread lies for political reasons. Neither scenario bodes well for the country.

Our American sensibilities are assaulted on a daily basis with claims that are widely accepted to be true and righteous even though they’re demonstrably false and malign. The falsehoods, exaggerations, and prevarications by omission are tearing at the fabric of the great American experiment in liberty. Which is exactly what they are designed to do.

Consider the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, acquitted (justly) last week of the homicide and reckless endangerment charges that should have never been brought against him. Not only was the prosecution malicious (for which the prosecutors should be sued), the web of lies that corrupted the entire case were in service of a nefarious political agenda.

Rittenhouse did not kill two black men and wound another, as some media outlets claimed. The men he shot in self-defense were white. Nor could it be said the men were mere protesters, as so many asserted.

Rittenhouse was also called a white supremacist, even by I’ll-bring-the-country-together candidate Joe Biden, though there’s no evidence that he is. It simply fit the narrative and that was good enough.

These examples are but surface coverage of the untruths politicians, the media and half-wit celebrities spread about Rittenhouse, because they saw the episode, from the self-defense shootings to the trial, as an opportunity to further demonize firearms and to make the streets safe for the “right” kind of protesting, which to the sane and decent among us is known as rioting by the left.

Meanwhile, the global warming lunacy continues to run free. No longer are the green shirts satisfied with replacing gasoline and diesel automobiles with electric cars, they want to get rid of cars altogether.

It might be an easy task, given that Democrats, aided by the media, want to financially break as many Americans as possible by passing asinine legislation such as the Build Back Better bill. If we follow the hard left that is now the center of the Democratic Party, we’ll have no choice but to use public transportation, because we won’t be able to afford cars after the law, if passed, has wrecked the economy.

Or so the left hopes. Either that or the Democrats will push us into crowded buses and subways because they’ve pushed the price of oil to unaffordable heights for most Americans.

Two years of pandemic have contributed as well to the outbreak of madness. The unvaccinated, whether they have natural immunity from a coronavirus infection or have been medically advised to forgo the shot, are treated like modern lepers, as are mask opponents, by politicians, “journalists,” and celebrities – the troika of knavery again – who cannot discipline their urges to control others nor their neurotic need to feel superior. All are to comply with their demand, or else.

We’re just getting started. The country is plagued with unhealthy racial and gender fixations; daily attacks on free speech; crime sprees where prosecution and incarceration are considered lamentable anachronisms; a vicious cancel culture; demands to defund the police; continued attempts to keep the Russia, Russia, Russia lie alive; Soviet-style purges of opinions and information from those the left wants silenced; and riotous Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs. Readers, please feel free to add whatever comes to mind, because our list is merely a starting point.

It could be that what we’re calling insanity is actually a campaign of ill intent. But a degree of derangement has to be present. Otherwise, the movement would have been overwhelmingly rejected rather than embraced by a large enough portion of the public to give it traction. Unless we reach peak insanity soon, and begin a return to normalcy, the future will be a far harder ride than the ugly moment we live in.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • It’s not peak insanity on their part, it’s peak enabling on our part.We have let them !I blame folks like you.Blah blah blah then on to the next story.My dad said we’re just bugs farting underwater.Most of us live in the deep water.It’s dark and cold and quiet.I’m tired of hearing from all you blubberers how bad we got it.Life’s good down here.There is no racism,we’re too busy trying to make it to the next check to think about color.God ,guns,family,jobs,Unwoke sports.Living check to check.Prices go up and down.We pay.Carlson,Hannity,bongino et Al.Piss moan and complain .Like Jack said “Grab a weapon and stand a post “.

    • The Constitution has been suspended and replaced by a Periodical! We are told where we are welcome and where we are not. We have behaved like a herd of sheep standing by while the Radical Left Democrat Party of Death, Degradation and Deviancy/MSM..The Evil UniParty systematically dismantle The United States of America 🇺🇸 as we have known it!

    • Too many on the Right have turned their backs on God, after having turned their backs on the Founders.

      Christianity, and our Founding, are just quaint stories now.

  • Both-insanity or mass delusion amongst the foot soldiers, the students , the tunnel vision virtue signallers, and political/ideological intent among the elite, the country’s self styled leaders, who erroneously imagine their status will not be removed once their usefulness is over.

    one has to be living in LaLa land to think the Republic survives this culture

  • The author missed the reason for why 50% or more of the American public is in madness, even the commenters missed it. The “Mainstream Media” Much, not all, of Americans are lazy. They turn on their TV, sit down and listen and BELIEVE. So sad. Not all news outlets are propaganda, the exceptions are One America News, Fox (only somewhat) for TV and I&I, Free Beacon and several others for reading . I have tried to talk, in a reasonable way, to some liberals, they just won’t listen. They are so steeped in being Democrat and believe they are “the way” that I am just a bad person. Evil does not pick a party or cultural it is everywhere and you must not be ignorant because it will overpower you. Thanks I&I for doing the good fight.

  • Peak insanity. Using the term ‘insanity’ to describe what the Democratic Party has become is apt. There are reasons for this in both the internal politics of the Democratic Party as well as the mentality of people drawn to it. The internal politics, since the late 1960s, in almost every election in which Democrats took a hit there were those who put forth the argument that the loss was because the Party had not been true to its Liberal ideology. They argued for a more Left leaning approach to issues. The worse the loss the louder the demands for Ideological Purity became. The old standard bearers were the ‘Moderate’ Democrats and they took the brunt of the Ideological argument. They were edged out by Liberal Democrats in primary after primary. By the late 1980s there were no Moderate Democrats left.
    The same cycle of loss, recrimination and demand for ever more ideological purity ensued. This rolling purge has been fueled by a political version of a ‘Holier than thou’ race to purity (more Leftist than thou). It is a mechanism by which people in an ideological setting can only advance by being more pure, more holy, than whomever was in charge last. This mechanism concentrates and defines the competition among activists and their leadership by ideological purity. As a current example see the aftermath of the election of the governor of Virginia: “AOC Blames Moderates for Virginia Loss, Says Progressives ‘Weren’t Really Even Invited'” (Newsweek)

    As to the mentality of people drawn to it emotion is the dominant trait. Liberalism has gone from “I think, therefore I am.” to today’s Liberal: “I believe – therefore it is.” ‘Believe’ is what liberals do and emotion is how they express it. Logic and facts have no place in the mind of the average Democrat. Psychologist Marlin Newburn on Liberals: “Some liberals, most of which are ego-soaked, look for ways to support their self-perceived importance so they champion imaginary causes for that purpose,” Newburn said. “They are adult-children who feel free to construct fantasies about their greatness. Their narcissism in part functions to blind them to inconvenient realities. So to compensate, they idealize the targets of their misdirected and pathological ‘caring.’”

  • It will never end. For the Left – tyrants and bullies, it’s all about capitulation. Whatever their spcific demand, it doesn’t matter – only that you capitulate to the demand. This can only end with violence.

  • When reality smacks the woke Left hard enough in the face to knock sense into them, the insanity will diminish.

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