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Please Go, Brandon – Americans Want This President Out

A poll taken earlier this month shows that voters believe job No. 1 for President Joe Biden is to vacate his office. His replacement, of course, would be the vice president whose approval rating is so low it hardly registers. Take a bow, voters. This is the mess that America has become.

When 1,000 voters were asked what is “the single most important goal for Biden over the next year,” the top answer at 20% was “resign/retire/quit.” That answer was almost twice as popular as the No. 2 response, “economy/jobs,” which logged in at 11%. These are the unsurprising-to-many findings of a Suffolk University-USA Today poll taken over three days last week. 

“Nearly half of those surveyed, 46%, say Biden has done a worse job as president than they expected, including 16% of those who voted for him. Independents, by 7-1 (44%-6%), say he’s done worse, not better, than they expected,” says USA Today, which didn’t bother to include in its report that voters want Biden to leave, but did admit there’s a “gloomy landscape” ahead for Democrats in next year’s midterms. 

No one should be puzzled by the poll’s results. Americans are weary of Biden’s inflation, his border crisis and unforced foreign policy errors, a supply chain and a COVID promise that have both been broken, his failed energy policies, his undermining of policing and law and order across the country, his divisiveness and hard-left swerve, his “woke” military, a shaky economy, and his vaccine mandate, to name but a handful of his more notable failures.

Count us as being among those who wish to see Biden leave the White House as soon as possible. But his replacement would be no better. There’s a reason Vice President Kamala Harris has an approval rating of 28, 10 points lower than the approval rating of her boss, the man Americans want to be rid of.

“​​She’s not good enough, she’s not smart enough, and gosh darn it, people just don’t like her,” says Instapundit Glenn Reynolds, summarizing how much of the country feels about Harris by paraphrasing a fictional “Saturday Night Live” (created by a comedian turned Democratic crank).

Harris’ problem, says The Hill’s Joe Concha, is that she has been practically invisible. And Reynolds adds, she “was never liked much to begin with” and was not a true 2020 presidential candidate. She polled “lower than even Andrew Yang in her home state of California in December 2019,” which prompted her to drop out before the primaries. 

So how about a package deal, in which Biden and Harris quit at the same time? But that leaves the country with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as president. The option is horrifying.

Unfortunately, this is the poison pill presidential line of succession that more than half of voters dropped on the country a year ago.

The official count says more than 81 million Americans voted for the Biden-Harris ticket. No other presidential pair has ever piled up that many ballots. Of course the hard-line Democrats would have voted for Biden under any circumstances. But quite a few voters, including independents and wavering Republicans, were manipulated.

For instance, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “gave $419 million of his own money that he dumped into nonprofits that put money in local election offices,” says Fox News’ Hillary Vaughn, which raised “a red flag, because a review of where the money went, it helped turn out the vote for President Biden in 2020.”

“This has some lawmakers on Capitol Hill asking some questions,” she continued. “Sen. Rand Paul, asked: Did Zuckerberg buy the election?”

Mollie Hemingway, columnist and author of “Rigged,” a book about how the election was seized by leftist operatives, believes the Zuckerberg money was “used by Democrat activists to infiltrate local election operations and take over jobs government workers were supposed to do,” writes the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin.

But that’s just one example of the ruling class’ moneyed efforts to dump Donald Trump. Earlier in the year, days after Biden was sworn in, Time published a long expose on “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” implying, no, directly claiming, that subverting the election process was a patriotic act.

Opinions and observations vary, however.

“So the election wasn’t rigged. There was only a secret cabal of powerful elites and corporate interests that worked together to overhaul election laws, influence media coverage, and convince big tech to crush dissent,” tweeted Daily Caller contributor Greg Price.

Jonathan Tobin, editor in chief of the Jewish News Syndicate, condemned the “underhanded methods” of the shadow campaign, which were “made all the more galling by the preening self-righteousness of those who deployed them.”

“Although the article treats the actions taken by this ‘Shadow Campaign’ as necessary steps toward saving our democracy, a more objective reader of events might make the case that our democracy was actually trampled underfoot,” wrote Epoch Times contributor Jeff Carlson.

Even the author of the Time article framed the enterprise as a “conspiracy.”

In keeping with our ruling/expert/protected class’ miserable record of wrecking things but never having to deal with the aftermath, it botched an election that should have been left to the voters. The sooner these people, including Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and all the aspiring tyrants of the Democratic Party, lose the power they’ve consolidated like a banana republic jefe, the better off this country will be.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Until there are credible audits, it will remain “the stolen election of 2020” for 50% of the country. The best outcome is waiting until after the midterms, when Kevin McCarthy will likely replace Pelosi as House Speaker. Then replace the usurpers with President McCarthy. Might even satisfy the RINOs by preempting Trump.

  • It’s a conundrum — how do you timely replace a kakistocracy, when the line of succession is festooned completely with a stream of the incompetent and corrupted?

    • a definite feature and certainy not a bug. This was part of the Harris Plan from the git go. And we bought it? Or at least enough votes were counted to make it se=em so?

  • Biden is clearly not aware enough for his job. Dementia does that to a person. Harris, on her best day, is not much different. However anyone who thinks Biden originates policy decisions, mandates or executive orders AND is as incoherent as he demonstrates daily will be disappointed were Biden to leave office. His first day in office saw a pile of red cased EOs waiting for his signature. I doubt he read them much less wrote their framework. Biden is the front for the (Obama) people around him. They are the source of the mandates, EOs and policy decisions. Removing Biden would not change that. Harris would be no different. She would depend on the same group of puppeteers that now act as Geppetto to Biden’s Pinocchio. The real problem is the ideology of the Democratic Party which manifests in Federal and State leadership positions. There is no ideological difference between California’s Governor Newsom and Joe Biden’s handlers. Attributing the current White House actions to Biden simply let’s him be history’s fall guy for the Democrats who pull his strings. The only existential threat to America and to the Constitution is the Democratic Party and those who vote to enable it. Until that is understood Biden (who would have gladly traded his soul and tossed in his mother to be called Mr President) will get the blame for that which those who pull his strings originate.

    • The danger is in conflating Biden’s incoherence with innocence.
      He has worked for this day and for these deliberately detrimental policies his entire career.
      He laid the groundwork for it all when he got China admitted to the WTO.
      It’s been all downhill from there.

  • FTA “The sooner these people, including Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and all the aspiring tyrants of the Democratic Party, lose the power they’ve consolidated like a banana republic jefe, the better off this country will be.”

    I don’t think so. All of these aspiring Leftists, are like vampires. Addicted to the power they crave, and need to sustain their lives. Why do you think they’ve been inside the Beltway for so long?

  • Pond snails would leave a better taste in one’s mouth than the current installed administration.

  • Harris can not sit as President. One of her parents was a British subjec,t, resident of Jamaicea, at the timeof her birth, the other was a citizen of India at the time of her ith. In other words, she is not by any stretch of the imagineation a Natural Born Citizen, this can not serve as President.Some bright soul should have considered this prior to her being put on the ticket as Sleep Joey’s running critter.

  • Uggh! Did I just landed in some boomer alternate version of reality. Newsflash, regardless of what the polls say (so we believe polls now?) Republicans will keep losing and this article is all the evidence you need. Why can no Republican just say what they mean? Just say the f#$@&g thing and stop pandering and qualifying and wedging everything into a narrative. The election was stolen by all the voting machines being rigged. We knew that before the election and we have excruciating levels of detailed proof now. No Zuckerberg did not ‘change people’s minds’ by dumping a bunch of money around. They stole and fabricated tens of millions of votes within the voting software. ‘Ballot dumps’ are a nonsense diversion. A minimum of 20 million votes were fabricated for Biden. These would fill a cruise ship. The only way it happened was by fabricating them electronically and we have extensive evidence that this is what happened. But you’re supposed to be mad at Mark Zuckerberg while you vote on the same fraudulent machines next election. They are conning you. The singular issue America should be focused on is immediately purging these machines. Otherwise there won’t be an America. But I&I wants you to buy some fantasy story about Mark Zuckerberg, the great vote influencer making twenty million people vote against their will by giving Democrats an unlimited yard-sign budget. It’s not just preposterous, it’s a willful lie.

    Likewise with Brandon. Everybody hates him for the same single reason. Because he’s become a pitchman for a private company seeking to violate your body and humanity with an untested nanobot Gene manipulator. He’s like a flim flam man barking preposterous nonsense and flat out lies to pad the bottom line of his biggest political donors. It’s so overt that even his truest believers are getting nauseous over it. Children are having heart attacks, the virus it protects against is no longer even circulating, and it hinders your immunity against the strains that are. But Potato Joe’s gonna hold you hostage until Pfizer makes enough money to buy the moon. This article barely even touches this topic. They posit that you’re probably equally as mad about the woke military or defending the police as you are about having your children injected with poison as a condition of participating in society. Hardly any difference right? But ooohhh Critical Race Theory. Because some dummy’s version of history is worse than having your humanity violated by a vaccine that turns you into someone’s patented commodity. I dont believe that and you don’t either. Are any of you capable of thoughts or feelings? This article seems to want to highjack those feelings and replace them with approved talking points. There are no Democrats or Republicans. Just us and them. And them includes those who seek to corral us on one side or the other with these ridiculous denials of everything we can see clearly for ourselves. Say WTF you mean and don’t let these liars say it for you.

    • I am equally mad, and I do believe and am certain the issues cited are equally threatening.
      I believe this because they are all essential components of a Totalitarian whole.
      There are dozens of articles on this site, and they are focused individually. No one article can cover everything, that’s the province of books, and they often fall short because authors are human, the topics are vast and censorship is real.

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