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Note: Green indicates declining rate of new COVID cases. Red indicates increasing rates. Source: Johns Hopkins University

Anyone Notice Where COVID Rates Are Climbing These Days? (Hint: Not In Texas or Florida)

So much for President Joe Biden’s attacks on Republican states such as Texas and Florida for threatening their citizens by not kowtowing to his dictates on mask and vaccine mandates.

As we noted weeks ago, and the mainstream press has only now begun to acknowledge, new cases of COVID peaked at the beginning of September, and have been on a downtrend ever since. Cases are falling in Texas, in Florida, and other states that dared put their residents’ freedoms above Biden’s dictates.

But while the national trend is downward, COVID cases are rising in a handful of states. And what the mainstream press definitely won’t tell you is what these states have in common: Almost every one of them is run by Democrats and has high vaccination rates.

The Johns Hopkins COVID tracker displays each state in shades of either green or red, with green indicating a downward trend and red an upswing. The darker the shade the bigger the change in either direction.

Well, take a look at the current display, shown above. The 13 states that are showing increases right now are California, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Nebraska, Maine, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. Except for a few, these are reliably Democratic states.

There’s something else worth noting. Nine of these 13 states have vaccination rates higher – and in some cases, much higher – than the national average of 56%.

In Washington, 62% are fully vaccinated, in California 59% are. In Colorado, it’s 60%, in New Mexico, 64%. The numbers are 58% in Minnesota and 57% in Wisconsin. In Rhode Island and Maine, 69% are vaccinated, and in New Hampshire, it’s 62%.

What to make of this? Nothing really, except that the problem with this outbreak isn’t the “misinformation” that Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are trying to censor — such as anyone saying the vaccines might not be as effective as advertised, that kids are being harmed by “public health” Nazis, that COVID’s risks are concentrated almost entirely among the very old and very ill.

No, the real problem is the politically driven misinformation that Biden and others on the left are peddling and that the tech giants are all too happy to allow to spread across their social networks.

Namely, that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” that intrusive and divisive vaccine mandates are needed, that Republican governors are killing their people by not being more authoritarian.

This disease, whatever its origins, isn’t going away. There will be waves of it in the future. No one has to panic about that, or live in a bubble, or demand vaccine papers, or forever stand six feet apart from everyone else, or wear masks 24/7.

What we really need is for our leaders to stop trying to scare everyone to death and start letting people make their own decisions about their own health.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Good article except for one thing – the vaccine is not supposed to necessarily prevent infection, but to reduce the severity in those who contract it. I know of a case where a Texas church had 60 choir members come down with COVID after having been vaccinated, but they all had mild cases.

    • Yes . We still are not getting honest answer about side effects and they definitively have said unvaccinated are causing the transmission which is not true. There is zero reason if even now with who knows how many boosters in the end for the vaccinated to fear unvaccinated anymore than other vaccinated.
      Thats easily observable with their numbers . You can’t trust them but it is safe to assume they are presented to market their narrative.

    • Nice try. That’s the fall back position after it became clear they don’t stop infection or transmission. When the vaccinations started everyone was told they would be golden, free of masks, and not get infected. The goal posts are worn out from being moved so many times. From you’ll be golden to you’ll be just like everyone else, except for the side effects. Have fun. The PTB and you have no idea what the long term side effects may be, just like they had idea how poorly the vaccines would work. Vaccines give immunity, the CDC had to literally change the definition of vaccine because these shots don’t give immunity. That change was made 7 months after the shots started being given. That’s called false advertising.

  • “Equity” means the Democrats will attempt to make the healthier GOP states more sickly like the blue Democrat states. In the early days of the USA, domestic bio-warfare was simple: distribute small pox-infected blankets. Today, the open southern border is like a festering sore, where a quarantine is needed (like Trump’s ban on China travel). Instead of small pox-infested blankets, load border crashers onto planes, buses and NGO vans and distribute them and COVID to the red states. Josef Stalin would be proud of his USA proteges and wishing he had thought of weaponizing people in this way.

    Vaccinations seem to be a “second prong” to achieve “disease equity”. If the mainstream media was not so lame and the social media not so heavily censored, it would be common knowledge that the vaccinations are most effective at creating the need for more vaccinations ($$). From a product marketing standpoint, much better than the small pox vaccinations which lasted a lifetime with few side effects and no booster shot sales. Israel is going on its third and fourth Pfizer booster shots, and infections and hospitalizations are setting new records in an almost fully vaccinated population. Iceland, the UK, France, etc. are following similar trajectories. One must presume that people at the highest levels of government are aware of this, as they have access to uncensored news.

    This feeds conspiracy theories and suspicions of more sinister motives, with vaccines portrayed as “Jabs of Obedience” in a Democrat-led Reign of Tyranny designed to crush all opposition and dissent. Mandates to vaccinate children, a demographic minimally-affected by the virus, lends plausibility to anti-vaxxers like the banned Robert F. Kennedy, who points to Bill Gates’ 2010 speech about using vaccines for population control. Climate, guns, hate, etc. are all labeled emergencies equal to COVID so as to justify more mandates until all life decisions are regulated and free will and choice are replaced by mandates. With everything labeled an emergency, the USA will be exhausted and defenseless against a real emergency. Maybe that is the whole idea. What better way to conquer a nation than to weaken it from the inside?

  • Would be interesting to see a comparison of the graphs of the state trends juxtaposed against data as to where all the migrants from the southern border are ultimately ending up.

  • This was entirely predictable and should surprise no one. It is the result of human nature to seek out others of the same background, religion, or language when relocating. It therefore only made sense that those coming across the southern border would move to areas with populations they felt comfortable being in. People from over 140 countries have invaded the country since January 20, and there are only a few places where they can all go to live among their compatriots, and all of those places are the big democrat run cities. These “melting pots” don’t exist anywhere else in the country. Regardless where they were shipped to get them out of the public eye near the border, it was only natural that they would then move themselves to the big cites. Thus, it was only natural that the big cities would experience explosions of the various diseases they brought into the country with them. I suspect this will cause further erosion of the democrats base once these people realize how they have been used and abused solely to further political objectives.

  • Florida…….What a great place to live and be free. No income tax. Well run with no deficits. Part-time legislature so we don’t have to see them waste money for 12 months straight. Wonderful people from all over the world speaking many languages who are great neighbors. No wonder thousands of new yorkers move here every day

    • It is fine for people to want to move to Florida and other freer States. However, they are fleeing bad policies yet seem to bring their policy/ideologies with them. That starts messing up the States they move to. Why can’t they figure out it is the policies that often cause them to move?

  • Science has been completely thrown out the window in this vaccination debate. The left says, get vaccinated and you’ll be fully protected from COVID. Wrong, if you get the flu vaccine every year you still could get the flue. Winter is coming. The right says, why take the vaccine when people who already got it have natural immunity. Wrong. The COVID and Flu vaccines make survivability of either infection much more likely and if you already got either infection, ofcourse, you are going to have a greater immunity after infection, but that immunity decreases over time. Duh.

    • ” The right says, why take the vaccine when people who already got it have natural immunity. Wrong.”

      Not Wrong!
      I had Covid 10 months ago, just had an Cov AB Ser test 6 days ago, no change in IgG or TCell, still naturally fully immune. Also just got back from CO 10 days ago, where cases are spiking, and spent time in a bar (where no one was wearing a mask) and it was asses to elbows. No Covid, no illness whatsoever. My illness last Dec was also pretty mild, biggest thing was loss of smell and taste for about 3 days. Coffee tasted like crap for about a week after that.
      Get the Vax if you want to, don’t if you don’t. The key is freedom and not allowing unprecedented dictates into what is best for you based on the advice of your trusted physician. No one’s job should be surreptitiously threatened on the orders of a politician.

  • This story is interesting and well-written but I object to the term “mainstream press.” As a former member of the media, I can assure there’s nothing “mainstream” about today’s media. They’re so far outside the mainstream of America that they can’t even see it from their back porch. I use the term “Marxist media” or “corrupt media” when discussing today’s media hooligans.

  • The truth matters little to the Biden admin and blue states. Covid has been a smashing success for them — they used it to rig the elections to get rid of Trump (and no doubt win other races as well in 2020, including a few close senate races), they’ve used it to greatly enlarge their own power, and they’ve conditioned the American people to follow orders like sheep and to depend on government for their livelihood. Why would they give that up, whatever the evidence?

  • List of states ranked in per capita Covid deaths from most deaths to fewest deaths
    as of September 12 in the first column and today in the second. My source is

    Sept 12 Today, 8 Oct

    1. New Jersey 1. Mississippi
    2. Mississippi 2. New Jersey
    3. New York 3. Louisiana
    4. Louisiana 4. Alabama
    5. Massachusetts 5. New York
    6. Arizona 6. Arizona
    7. Rhode Island 7. Massachusetts
    8. Alabama 8. Rhode Island
    9. Arkansas 9. Florida
    10. Connecticut 10. Arkansas
    11. South Dakota 11. Georgia
    12. Florida 12. South Carolina
    13. Pennsylvania 13. South Dakota
    14. Georgia 14. Connecticut
    15. Indiana 15. Indiana
    16. New Mexico 16. Nevada
    17. Michigan 17. Pennsylvania
    18. Nevada 18. Oklahoma
    19. South Carolina 19. Texas
    20. Illinois 20. New Mexico
    21. Texas 21. Tennessee
    22. Oklahoma 22. Michigan
    23. North Dakota 23. Illinois
    24. Tennessee 24. West Virginia
    25. Iowa 25. North Dakota
    26. Kansas 26. Iowa
    27. Delaware 27. Kansas
    28. Missouri 28. Missouri
    29. Ohio 29. Delaware
    30. Kentucky 30. Kentucky
    31. West Virginia 31. Montana
    32. Montana 32. Ohio
    33. California 33. Wyoming
    34. Maryland 34. California
    35. District of Columbia 35. Maryland
    36. Wyoming 36. Idaho
    37. Wisconsin 37. District of Columbia
    38. North Carolina 38. North Carolina
    39. Minnesota 39. Wisconsin
    40. Virginia 40. Virginia
    41. Idaho 41. Minnesota
    42. Colorado 42. Nebraska
    43. Nebraska 43. Colorado
    44. New Hampshire 44. New Hampshire
    45. Washington 45. Washington
    46. Utah 46. Oregon
    47. Oregon 47. Utah
    48. Maine 48. Maine
    49. Alaska 49. Alaska
    50. Hawaii 50. Hawaii
    51. Vermont 51. Vermont

    I printed this out and used the top Red/Pink/Purple/LightBlue/DarkBlue map at the top of this wikipedia page which codes the results of the last 4 presidential elections.

    Then I used red, pink, purple, light blue, and dark blue pencils to connect the states in each column, using the color pencil that was the color of that state on the above mentioned map.
    First observation: Florida has gotten more deaths per capita by 3 places and Texas is also deader with the loss of 2 places. In terms of Per Capita Covid Death Rates (PCCDR):

    RED STATES 10 got deader, 4 got less dead, 3 stayed the same

    PINK STATES 1 got deader, 3 stayed the same

    PURPLE 1 got deader, 2 got less dead

    LIGHT BLUE 3 got less dead

    DARK BLUE 2 got deader, 13 got less dead, 6 stayed the same

    So, in conclusion, it is easy to see that Blue states have been improving their per capita survival rates compared to Red states.

    And as far as the data in the above article showing more cases (not deaths) in Blue states, the website I linked to up top will also show you blue states do way more Covid testing than red states. Of the top 15 most tested states per capita, the blues have 12 of them and the reds only 3. If you test more, you’ll find more non-serious cases of Covid. And after all, were not worried about the sniffles, it’s the dying that we don’t like. Just get vaccinated please, and save the tribalism for where it belongs, namely, college football. OSU Beavers suck! GO DUCKS!!!

    • Not your dictate to make. The problem with most statistics is that you must research how they were created. And when stated, most leave out critical information in order to prove their point. Your stats in your comment say nothing about older versus younger populations. With covid being deadlier to the former, your stats mean nothing without out that added information. Also, some states report covid deaths differently than others. Some will call a covid infected person in a car accident, a covid death. “get vaccinated” is a personal choice, not tribalism. People are make rational choices, not to get vaccinated for a variety of rational reasons. Stop trying make those choices for them.

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