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Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Gets More Pointless Every Day

Three weeks ago, President Joe Biden told America he’d ordered his regulators to draw up “emergency” workplace rules requiring vaccinations for everyone working for big companies. Those rules have yet to emerge. And they might not emerge for another month and a half.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration announced on Friday – which is the day politicians choose to release news when they want minimal coverage – that federal contractors will have until Dec. 8 to comply with that part of his mandate. More than two months from now.

In other words, Biden hasn’t managed to get his federal mandate implemented yet, and won’t for some time. What he has managed to achieve is dissension, confusion, lawsuits, and worker shortages – as well as a steady decline in daily vaccination rates. (See the chart below.)

Mark it down as another Biden “success.”

Biden directed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to create those “emergency” rules. Businesses will need them to know who can be exempted from the mandate and why, what the penalty will be for failing to comply, paperwork requirements, etc. These businesses will also need to know that they aren’t violating the Americans with Disabilities Act while enforcing the Biden vaccine mandate.

The only concrete step that the administration has taken so far was to release its “guidance” covering federal contractors. Among other things, that guidance document says that even those who’ve had COVID or tested positive for the antibodies still have to get vaccinated.

Biden’s mandate, as well as those issued by states and corporations, have sparked a raft of lawsuits.

  • Several federal workers and contractors, for example, have filed suit against the U.S. government.
  • The American Postal Workers Union is in a “wait and see mode” to see what regulators come up with. 
  • Dozens of government workers in Washington state workers filed suit against that state’s mandate.
  • New York state faces multiple lawsuits over its vaccine mandate for health care workers.
  • United Airlines employees filed a class-action lawsuit against the company’s vaccine mandate.

The mandate is also threatening to cause shortages, as workers who can’t or won’t get the vaccine quit or are fired.

New York officials, for example, were said to be worried about shortages of health care workers because of its mandate which went into effect on Monday. In New York City, a federal appeals court temporarily blocked a vaccine mandate for teachers that was supposed to go into effect on Monday out of fear that it would cause teacher shortages in the city.

In Massachusetts, dozens of state troopers threatened to resign in face of the state’s COVID-19 mandate.

Then there’s the fact that Biden’s workplace mandate doesn’t actually require all workers to be vaccinated. They’d just have to agree to be tested regularly.

In the meantime, amid all these hassles, lawsuits, workplace disruptions, and before Biden’s mandates make any difference, COVID rates have been falling all of September – a trend that started before Biden issued his mandate, and, based on previous outbreaks, will continue.

So, we ask, what is the point of all this? Who is Biden trying to protect with his mandate? The ones who’ve chosen not to get vaccinated? Is it to protect the vaccinated, the people Biden himself says are well protected by the vaccine?

Or is there something more going on? Is this simply an exercise in government control? If the public can be convinced to follow government orders here, what else can be declared a “public health emergency”? Global warming? Inequality? Paid sick leave?

The possibilities are endless. And if you don’t think there are lots of leftists trying to figure out how to extend and expand these COVID mandates, you haven’t been paying attention for the past 100 years.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • The mid-terms in part will be about increased demand for ICU & emergency room space w/ migrants likely to flood them in the communities where they are being located, sometimes by stealth.

    The African American community, w/ reluctance to get a vaccine, should be concerned, as should others.

    With over one million migrants coming in on the southern border, some w/active cases of COVID and others in the incubation stage that precedes a positive diagnosis, many will be encouraged to go to local emergency rooms.

    Americans should be warned there may not be spots for them in hospitals in ICUs for whatever reason when they need them due to increased demand.

    Also the President’s press secretary says that Monoclonal antibodies are being rationed. Given that he has been prioritizing the needs and “rights” of migrants over those of citizens, they may be first in line to get MAT.

    With a number of health care workers leaving their professions due to vaccine mandates and the National Guard about to be called up in NY to fill the spots (hardly qualified), more health care workers and even doctors may end up resigning or retiring early due to

    a. added exposure

    b. their unwillingness to treat the unvaccinated who expose them and other patients in waiting rooms to added risks.

    Some dare not cite the real reason they are leaving the profession.

    They will simply retire and give “personal reasons” as the being causative.

    • Don’t these National Guard members have other jobs? Leaving their own jobs to perform medical jobs demanded by their tyrannical new NY governor will cause shortages there, won’t they? What if their current employer objects to losing them for an unknown period of time, as the governor’s demands are causing damage to their company? Does the employer have any recourse?

      Back when I was a young man, people who took other peoples job in a labor dispute were called “scabs.” It’s disgraceful to force these patriotic young men and women to become scabs in a deliberate labor shortage caused by the government.

    • How can it be that at this point in time it is still promulgated that the unvaccinated are going to expose people in waiting rooms when it’s the vaccinated who are shedding the virus, and also account for the vast majority of cases in the hospitals because of breakthrough Delta variant sicknesses? These people better read the overwhelming evidence in the literature coming out of the non-governmental scientific communities. Good grief, even the CDC published this information despite Wollensky’s head-noddinig to El Demento.

  • Below Average Joe has already declared climate change an ‘emergency.’ Expect totalitarian mandates until his entire incompetent, power-mad (mis) administration is defanged, deballed and rendered intert nextNovember.

  • In response to the questions posed in your penultimate paragraph, I do believe this threatened vaccine mandate is another trial exercise in gov’t control. Moreover, specifically given the timing of the mandate threat, I also believe that it was designed to deflect the country’s attention from the disastrous Afghanistan exit. Until I see some evidence that it was anything other than that, I will continue to conclude that that is the major impetus behind the vaccine mandate proposal.

    • While you make a good point Jane but I doubt it’s really about deflection as China Joe has been harassing the American people about the vaccine from his First Wk of taking office I have to agree that as the author said It’s always been about control and it will continue to be about control as long as the Dem’s are in power

  • This will blow up in Biden’s face, and in the end he will be.a broken, defeated little man, humiliated and disgraced before the entire world. He who exalts himself will be abased.

  • i have to laugh at this column and the comment’s that all this is a left wing conspiracy by the biden adm. biden is just the head stooge for a world wide cabal . the think tanks of the wealth funds blackrock; blackstone; van guard ;state street et al lead by the w e f klaus schwab great reset are the financial backers and the u n and it s 193 members are the enforcers. and least not forget all you who think its all lefties democrats that your savior the great coiffed trump was the originator of the gov private agenda to deliver the vaxx by big pharma. wonder how many shares that trump int own?????oh and by the way control of humanity is also on the agenda!!

  • I wouldn’t say that everything Sniffy Joe is doing is failure. First and foremost it is waking people up to the fact that when you no longer can say “no” without fear of retribution or loss of livelihood then you are simply nothing more than a slave. And if coerced or propagandized vaccination rates are falling off then that too is a good sign considering the injuries and deaths associated with the toxins being injected. When you have a supposed remedy that injures more people than all vaccine injuries combined for more than thirty years… well… something smells fishy in Denmark as they say. When the powers that be coordinate themselves to such a degree to silence dissenting voices it is clear that whatever they’re promoting is a pandemic of lies and none of it is to your benefit.

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