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The Jan. 6 Commission – Just Another Democratic Propaganda Tool

The Democrats have had their double impeachment of Donald Trump and are now moving on to a congressional probe of the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol intrusion. We’re now in America’s third installment of the Democrat-media complex’s Soviet show trial series.

A resolution passed Wednesday 252-175 by the House, with 35 Republicans joining the Democrats, creates a commission to “investigate and report on the facts and causes relating to the Jan. 6, 2021, domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex,” as laid out by a “Dear Colleague” letter from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Three words in the letter – domestic terrorist attack – make it clear that the outcome has already been determined.

A particularly fitting definition of “show trials” is found on Wikipedia, which says they “tend to be retributive rather than corrective and they are also conducted for propagandistic purposes.” Retribution and propaganda are exactly what the Democrats are seeking.

But here are some facts that the Democrats are up against: The incident on Jan. 6 was an insurrection, a domestic terrorist attack, only in the perverted minds of power-hungry Democrats and their media apparatchiks. The offenders were guilty of no more than trespassing, scuffling with authorities, vandalism, and apparently some instances of theft. They were not armed with guns or explosives. The government was never in danger of being overcome. There was no plan to take hostages.

If swarming into the Capitol was a riot, it pales in comparison to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rampages that not everyone lived through last summer (because their lives were taken by the “mostly peaceful” “demonstrators” who were aided and abetted by Democrats).

The only person killed at the U.S. Capitol was the unarmed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, shot by a still-unnamed federal agent. The other deaths were either accidental or from natural causes. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick did not die at the hands of an insurrectionist who hit him with a fire extinguisher, a narrative the media pushed until it couldn’t. He passed away a day later from two strokes, with no external or internal injuries.

We also know, as Roger Simon points out in his Wednesday Epoch Times column, that videos show some Capitol police officers “waving the demonstrators through … into the building as if it were a national holiday and they were rubbernecking tourists from Kansas.”

Given the facts, and forgetting the fiction, those who continue to call it an insurrection are either dishonest to further a political agenda or woefully uninformed.

Of course the Democrats, cynical and morally corrupt as ever, see Jan. 6 as an opportunity to further gaslight (dare we say “brainwash”?) the country into believing the Republican Party, Trump, and their supporters are a genuine threat to the nation. They’re white supremacists, dangerous revolutionaries, irredeemable deplorables, bitter-clingers, Neanderthals. The commission is another stamp on the Democrats’ ticket to ever-greater, and, they hope, permanent political power.

The Democrats insist that Jan. 6 was a “dark day” in U.S. history. Though it certainly wasn’t the country’s most shining moment, the real darkness is yet to come. The more Democrats accrue and consolidate power, the gloomier America’s future becomes. If if feels as if we’re becoming Sovietized, then maybe that’s because we are.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • It is worth noting that the only recorded threat of setting the Capitol on fire was by a known member of the Marxist militant wing of the Democratic party, John Sullivan, on January 6th. The Democrats and their RINO McCain/Bush toadies tried to capitalize on Officer Sicknick’s unfortunate death, but for all we know, he may have suffered an adverse hypercoagulation reaction from a recent Covid vaccine shot. There was a member of the Capitol police run over and killed by a Democratic party supporter several weeks later.
    Sullivan and other agent provocateurs infiltrated the planned peaceful ‘Stop the Steal’ Capitol rally. They have yet to be outed, but they will as will their enablers in the political heirachy.
    It should be noted that Ashly Babbitt was not pepper sprayed, tazed, or restrained, but shot by a reputed BLM supporter.
    We know that Capitol doors were opened to allow protestors to exercise their free speech rights in a orderly manner. The agent provocateurs and those who violently entered the building should face accountabilty. If you do the crime, you’ll do the time as Floyd and others were well aware of as they resisted arrest. The injustice is inflicting cruel and unusual punishment and denying rights for a speedy trial for all those people who wandered through open Capitol doors on Jan. 6th. Pelosi and her gang are promoting injustice and the violation of Constitutional rights. That should not be allowed.

  • If the failed protest of the electoral count had been against Trump the “insurectionalist” would have been hailed as heroes by the dems and their lackeys and wouldn’t be lanquishing in jail without due process for a year.

  • As a Bob Dylan lyric has it – You are right from your side and I am right from mine.

    By definition, Jan 6 was not an insurrection, but it was a breach of democratic procedure by a crowd of Trump supporters egged on by the embittered loser of our presidential sweepstakes who, forsaking longstanding tradition and the rule of law, attempted to inveigle the vice president, the President of the Senate, to obstruct the Electoral College count. Trump was wrong, Pence was right and the count, delayed by hours, eventually proceeded.

    Is Lady Pelosi’s commission a purely political play? Of course. Would Republicans do differently if the facts were reversed? See the lyric above.

    • That was quite the facile misrepresentation of facts, hon, in deceitfully conflating ‘inveigling’ with ‘validating’ some apparently fraudulent, reasonably contested results. It is comical to again try to characterize that as *violating democratic procedure*, in petitioning to verify contested elections—THAT is *democratic process*, in the petitioning. There is no *law* that requires the electorate to accept what appears to be potential rigging or other fraudulent machinations to defraud the actual *democratic process*. Nor did President Trump *egg* anyone on, when he explicitly–when heard through honest ears, cough, cough—said to proceed peacefully and lawfully. Virtually all did, a fact buttressed by the multiple videos of Capitol escorting the public into the building. Similarly, Pence had the legal authority to refuse to certify the contested states until audits/recounts had been conducted.

  • Except that the “breaching” of the capital started while Trump was still speaking, and prevented evidence of voter fraud from being presented in the chambers by the senators and representatives who objected to the electoral count. Democrats got what they wanted, the evidence was never presented and Biden sits in office. Pelosi is an evil woman who needs to go.

  • If the Jan 6 Commission is Democratic Propaganda Tool how would you describe the interminable Where Were You Benghazi hearings, the incoherent Hillary Email Hysteria, the apoplexy over the Tarmac Haircut scandal and certainly not to mention the Tan Pants conspiracy, Dijon Mustard Meltdown and the host of never ending GQP hearings throughout the Obama administration. Hearings designed strictly to hamper and harm Democrats and embellish Republican persona over mostly nonsensical made-up scandals simply to damage and distract the political opponents of a party bent on regaining and maintaining power regardless of the impact on the Constitution, the country, the American people and the American way of life. Jan 6 Commission Disruption is a straw-horse argument meant to once again distract the people from the very real dangers poised by the manic right wing fascism spreading throughout a sizable portion of our population foreboding a national disaster if not curtailed. The Jan 6 Commission is designed to do exactly this which is why the GQP is hell bent on disrupting any potential transparency highlighting their treason and treachery..

    • That’s quite the floridly deflective and intellectually honest piece of fiction you just wrote. Just taking one example, the first that you cite as an incredibly deceitful *whataboutism*…Benghazi. It is without argument. a fact that Clinton, et al., repeatedly rejected additional assistance and support to the consulate and ordered our own military to stand down while Americans were being slaughtered. The contrast between that savage malevolence of that attack and the mostly peaceful Jan 6 ( with the exception of mostly BLM/Antifa agitators) is so stark and absurd as to be astonishingly impossible to take as anything but poorly done agitprop.

  • “with 35 Republicans joining the Democrats, creates a commission to “investigate and report on the facts and causes relating to the Jan. 6, 2021, domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex,”

    I am in my 70s. I have seen over the years each party blaming the other. Interestingly when the accusing party gets elected,,, nothing happens except the now accused party becomes the accusing party. Wash and rinse at every election.

    When I was born there was relative freedom. I even took my .22 to school for after school rabbit hunting. I could carry a bible if I wanted. Today,,, getting near a school with a bible is as bad as getting near one with a rifle.

    In my lifetime I have watched the lifeblood of the economy sold out to any low wage country. At 20 years of age I was earning $5 per hour, equivalent to $35 today. Most I knew were skilled. Today we stock shelves with goods made in other countries by their skilled labor and get upset because they are doing much better.

    The past year shows how little the constitution is understood by politician and citizen alike. There is no constitutional health emergency clause or for that matter any emergency clause allowing the bypassing of the rights and privileges of citizens guaranteed by the constitution.
    I learned that in schools of the time. Today no such instruction exists. It was all done by color of law and there is a federal statute covering that… Title 18 Section 242.

    Today schools are teaching hate and divisiveness. Both political parties are allowing this albeit with a few republicans giving lip service.

    I had a good life because I was relatively free,,, work was plentiful, the money still had some purchasing power and government pretty much stayed out of the way. Today all that is lost.

    I love this country but we have crossed the Rubicon. Game Over.


  • Trespassing and fighting with the police are not good things to do and they are part of the behavior associated with riots.
    It is clear that this is what happened on Jan 6th. Some of the people, frustrated with what happened on November 3rd and the media’s refusal to report it, went nuts once they were inside the Capitol building. And they broke the law.
    Some of them fought with Policemen which is a felony. You punch a cop- you go to jail regardless of Party affiliation or how much you love or hate Trump.
    But to call that an attempted coup or an insurrection is preposterous. Even in the worst planned insurrection firearms are used. Several people on both sides are killed by gunfire. And an attempt is made to take over media companies and multiple government facilities. In other words you really try to take the Government down instead of getting pictures of yourself with your feet at the Speaker’s Desk.
    There was no planning, no intent to seriously harm anyone. This was people asking at the top of the lungs and not so peacefully for a redress of grievances. In other words something we saw a lot of last year.
    If this was an insurrection there have been at least 100 insurrections in the US since Memorial Day 2020. This was the only one started by Trump supporters and perhaps not incidentally was the least violent.
    And of course has been the only one vigorously prosecuted.

  • The J-6 Committee is a red-herring to keep our eyes away from the real Democrat Insurrection that happened on Nov. 3rd, 2020 when outright fraud, theft, and double counts of voting ballots allowed a man who didn’t even campaign to get 80 million votes. My point is that the country is run by Political Prostitutes who barter their souls for power at the city, county, state, & federal levels of government. That fact alone should be enough to shut down the taxation of American workers who are forced to pay money to these political prostitutes who tout that they are “public servants.”

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