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Poll: We’re More Divided Than Ever Under Joe ‘Uniter’ Biden

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Those foolish enough to believe that President Joe Biden would usher in a new era of peace and harmony in America must be sorely disappointed by how his administration has performed so far. If anything, people are more polarized than ever, and by constantly appeasing the far left of his party, Biden is only making matters worse.

This week, the polling firm TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence launched a new “TIPP Unity Index” to track just how divided the nation is.

The finding is that a mere 33% say the country is united, while 61% think it’s divided. In other words, the only thing Americans agree on right now is that they don’t agree on much. At the extremes, 35% say the country is “very divided,” while only 15% believe it’s “very united.”

That translates into an initial TIPP Unity Index rating of 37.8, the report says. Anything below 50 signals disunity.

“The United States requires greater unity now more than ever,” writes Raghavan Mayur, president of TechnoMetrica, “and our current leaders’ actions must transcend mere words and genuinely reflect the spirit.” (The TIPP poll has been the most accurate on presidential races for the past five elections.)

This new unity index will be a perfect way to measure whether Biden does anything to bring us together on his watch.

So far, he’s failed completely.

Biden insisted on getting his massive, wasteful, and unneeded COVID “relief” through Congress despite not getting a single Republican vote. He’s hoping to do the same thing with his outrageously wasteful and unfocused “infrastructure” bill. He has done nothing to discourage his party from killing the filibuster so it can ram through tax hikes, Green New Deal plans, court-packing schemes, and more. He’s stuffing his administration with far-left officials. He’s calling much-needed election reforms racist. And whenever the left squeals, Biden immediately folds.

Biden’s failure is starting to show up in other polls.

Just 100 days into his term, he has already managed to convince 53% of the country that he will “do too much to increase the size and role of government,” according to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll.

And 40% of the public sees Biden as “too liberal.” That’s well above Obama (33% called him too liberal) and way above Clinton (26% said he was too liberal) at their 100-day marks. (Remind us again what John Kasich said about how Biden would never veer far left?)

As a result, Biden’s approval rating (52%) is lower than any other modern president except for Gerald Ford and Donald Trump.

And if it weren’t for the undue credit the public is giving Biden for his handling of the pandemic, his numbers would be even lower. (He gets only a 37% approval for his handling of the border crisis.)

As to unity, 78% of Republicans strongly disapprove of Biden’s performance, the Post/ABC poll finds, which is actually higher than the share of Democrats who disapproved of Trump around his first 100 days.

Fewer than half of independents approve of Biden’s job performance, which at 47% isn’t radically different from Trump’s appeal to independents after 100 days (38%).

We knew Biden was dishing out BS when he talked about unifying the country and warned that he would shed his centrist costume as soon as he got into the White House.

Now the rest of the nation is catching on.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • fake president quid pro joe and the dems DO want unity
    defined as obedience, compliance, complicity and submission

  • After Biden’s joint address to Congress today the future will be known it will be the past that keeps changing; as it has been changing now for 100 days.

    1619 Anyone?

  • The division is not Biden’s fault. Most people agree with most of his proposals. The problem is the disinformation coming from Trump supporters.

  • As far as I can tell there are two types of voters, partisan and independent. The former comfort themselves with loyalty to a political party and may not trouble to read or hear both sides of an issue, while the latter are concerned more with studying issues than fidelity to a political party. Much of the politicking on our airwaves and in our press is directed expressly at shoring up the base, not edifying voters. It is not surprising then to hear party leaders turning sow’s ears into silk purses in the aftermath of contentious and even ugly or ill-informed comments, the calculus being that the base must be fed while more thoughtful voters can wait. That may have worked back in the day, but Biden’s progressive pettifogging, cancel culture, strict identity politics and the idea that racialist concepts are now woven into every jot of the Democratic Party’s approach to America have frozen the melting pot into solid and opposing blocks. The most disturbing of all of Biden’s mistakes is that racialism has been tightly woven into the fabric of his version of America. Instead of doing the difficult work of truth-telling, the mainstream media applauds reflexly along with members of his political party, some of whom must doubt the all-encompassing narrative. The idea that every death of a Black at the hand of a white police officer is an example of systemic racism is patently absurd. This narrative falsifies and polarizes our society, demonizes law enforcement with a broad brush, burdens the courts with the possibility of reversible error and, as important, stigmatizes Biden as more a partisan Democrat than a national leader of substance.

  • Just as President Bush pronounced “nuclear” as “nucular”, Scarecrow Joe switches two letters and “untie” becomes “unite.”

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