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The Climate Headline The Legacy Media Wouldn’t Dare Write

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Barack Obama’s undersecretary of energy for science has shattered the popular global warming narrative. If he had worked in the Trump administration, he’d be labeled a “denier” and hounded like a suspected witch in 17th century Massachusetts. But because he was an Obama appointee, the press simply ignores him. 

Steve Koonin, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology- and CalTech-educated physicist, said last week that “discussions of existential threat, climate crisis, climate disaster are really at odds with what the official science says in reports that are issued by the U.N. and the U.S. government.” Shouldn’t the press have picked up on this?

Koonin, in an interview on Fox Business with Larry Kudlow, busted the tale that humans are wrecking the planet and endangering themselves through their fossil-fuel burning habits.

“This is not Steve talking, this is what’s in those reports, often explicitly but sometimes a little but obscured, and you’ve got to read closely to find it.”

Koonin said there has been a single degree of warming over the last century, caused partly by man, partly by nature. He sees nothing menacing about it. He also admitted that science has a “very poor understanding” of natural long-term climate cycles, something the global warming alarmists are unwilling to acknowledge.

He also said:

  • Human influences on the climate are “physically small … about 1%.”
  • “If you read the official reports put out by the U.N. and the U.S. government, they say that a warming of three or more degrees, let’s say four degrees, by the end of this century will have a minimal impact on either the U.S. or the global economy.”
  • “I think anybody who’s talking about existential threat, climate crisis, disaster, probably hasn’t read the reports.”
  • Researchers “need to keep improving the science. We need to understand the climate system better, what it’s doing and what it might do.”

Contrast his remarks to comments from Democrats and the media (yes, we repeat ourselves) …

… and judge who is tethered to reality and who is married to junk science.

It’s no small thing for a learned and highly credentialed physicist, particularly one who served the president who said “no challenge poses a greater threat to our future and future generations than a changing climate,” to beat back a political plot line. Yet the media have chosen to pretend Koonin never spoke and will continue to sow fear. None dare point out they’re part of a conspiracy to mislead.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • I would expect no less from a Caltech graduate. Having been raised in the city that is the home of Caltech, and where many scientific geniuses taught including Albert Einstein, the thought that any graduate from there could embrace the fraudulent “global warming” mantra would be ludicrous! Too bad he is a democrat though. His science background is meaningless to them.

  • There is as much evidence that Chinese Weather Experimnts cause freezing bouts in Texas as Global Warming.ton

  • Those official reports are under political pressure to minimize the threat. There is a significant chance of a runaway feedback loop of ice melt, biomass loss, and fires that would render Earth uninhabitable, changing the atmosphere to one like that of Venus.

  • Rather than just sharing opinions, how about educating us on what the data look like. I mean, do we want to raise a country of citizens who give their power away to others, or a country that is made up of educated citizenship?

    I refute those who attempt to make us give up our power to others. Let’s find out for ourselves and make up our own decisions.

    Those who want us to believe them without educating us are doing the whole world a disservice.

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