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Have We Ever Had A President Like This Before?

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Some believe that Woodrow Wilson’s wife Edith ran the federal executive branch after the president had a stroke in October 1919. Even the Obama White House said she “functionally” was in charge of the administration “for the remainder of Wilson’s second term.” At least Wilson started his presidency in a sentient state. Not sure the same can be said of Joe Biden.

It’s clear that the 46th president of the United States is impaired. He has yet to face the media, waiting longer to hold his first press conference than any president in the last 100 years

Biden’s team has finally scheduled a news conference, announcing Tuesday he’d be up for it on – March 25. Why the long run-up? Will it take his handlers that long to ensure that he doesn’t have a blowout while talking to the press? There’s a transparency problem, as Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has pointed out. Biden aides are doing nothing to inspire the country’s confidence in the man.

But then again, there’s not much to be confident about. Some recent evidence of note:

  • “Bubble Biden clearly not up for tough questions – or the job,” says the New York Post headline of Michael Goodwin’s March 16 column. Goodwin reminds readers that after “Biden’s lone interview since taking office,” the White House was forced to clean up his comments about Donald Trump receiving intelligence briefings, the $15 minimum wage campaign, and Iran’s nuclear program.
  • In late February, Biden famously rambled on about losing track of his thoughts and wondering where he was.
  • On Tuesday he claimed he’d arranged an $800 billion aid package for Central American countries in 2014 (actual amount was around $750 million). And on Thursday, Biden referred to “President Harris.”
  • Earlier this month, the bumbling president called Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin “the guy who runs that outfit.”
  • Biden ended his session at the House Democrats 2021 Issues Conference saying “I’m happy to take questions if that’s what you want me to do,” at which point he was given the modern-day version of the Vaudeville hook to, obviously, prevent him from making yet another public spectacle of himself.
  • Former White House stenographer Mike McCormick, who spent six years at “Biden’s side as he met with world leaders, delivered speeches and interacted with members of the news media,” told one-time Trump aide Steve Bannon in January that he estimated the president’s cognitive abilities have fallen by half in recent years. 
  • McCormick told the Washington Free Beacon last September that the Democratic candidate is “not the same Joe Biden,” and that “he’s lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago.”

Given how evident Biden’s troubles are, we have to wonder, almost two months into his presidency, why aren’t the left-wing networks bringing mental health professionals to analyze Biden and declare him erratic, dangerous, and unfit, to scare the country, as they did Donald Trump? 

Actually, we don’t wonder. We know: As Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy wrote in “Hurricane,” the media “all went along for the ride.”

Earlier in our history, with no television, no internet, it would have been easy to cover up a president’s deficiencies. But not today. Biden’s fading faculties are obvious, even as his aides try to hide them by limiting his exposure.

So who is running things at the White House? Is First Lady Jill Biden playing the role of Edith Wilson? After all, she has often been at her husband’s side when the cameras have been on, sometimes helping him with his comments and responses. But she wasn’t on the ballot. Voters didn’t choose her.

No matter who is in charge, if it isn’t Biden, then his presidency is a fraud. To answer our own question, we’re convinced that we’ve never had a president like this before, possibly dishonestly elected, and certainly insufficient in his abilities. We’re embarrassed for our country.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • Embarrassed is definitely not the word. Terrified fits better .. yes, I’m terrified for our country.

    Is Jill running things? Probably not. More likely it’s Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Of the three, Kamala is the more frightening in some ways, though Nancy daily shows that she’s well past her “sell by” date and Chuck is little more than Nancy’s puppet and is no less mindless than she. As matters now stand, I don’t see Joe lasting out his first year in office – Kamala will officially take over, rather than having to pull Joe’s strings from behind the curtain.

  • The event where someone cut the feed when Biden offered to answer questions is clear proof that there is a person or persons above Biden who are his boss. Would that ever have happened to Trump or any other previous President?

  • Just goes to show that we could elect a chimpanzee as president and few people would notice any significant change in government.

  • ChinaJoeBama was ‘named’ President not elected! The Democrat Party of Death and Degradation have installed him as a figurehead for BHO’s Third Term. Susan Rice is a Senior Adviser. She is a direct conduit from Obama to JB. He makes no decisions and does as he is told. His (handlers) Keepers see to it!

  • I believe there is a typo in your last paragraph. It should read: “To answer our own question, we’re convinced that we’ve never had a president like this before, possibly dishonestly elected, and certainly insufficient in his abilities.” You have the word “ever” not “never”.

  • Talk about a front man!! Slow Joe is main croupier at the gaming table of America, fortified by a first-rate smile, pleasant demeanor and fourth-rate cognitive capacity. While he entertains us by pulling malapropisms out of his mouth, the real show goes on out of sight, the primary players being his chief of staff, Her Ladyship of the House and Chuckie Boy at the Senate. Cabinet secretaries have broad stages, big dreams and bigger egos, so I expect huge spending programs and big tax raises, you know, for the children, the dispossessed, the inflamed and infected and unhappy with their lot because, well, this is the greatest country on earth after all and why shouldn’t illegal aliens, sorry, undocumented immigrants, lost but deserving souls, join the party you taxpayers are throwing. It might be worse, although I can’t see how.

  • I fear for our country.

    We have a major political party controlling Washington that is in turn controlled by people who have no respect for the Constitution or the underlying principles on which our country is founded, or, it seems, anything else but the getting and wielding of power.

  • I’m embarrassed for my country that the right keeps spreading baseless conspiracy theories about the election and about Biden’s fitness for office.

    • The concerns about the election are not baseless, and Biden has manifestly shown he is mentally and physically unfit for the office.

      I fear for my country, that there are still those unable to see what’s right in front of them. Even the media can’t “hide the decline”.

  • It is not Dementia Joe it is the junta of Jarrett/Schumer/Pelosi. All are determined to

  • Eighty-one million people voted for a candidate who couldn’t come out of his basement and can’t hold a thought? Even Stevie Wonder could see Candidate Biden* was incapable of meeting the demands of the office. Why does everyone now seem so surprised that Biden* is merely a tool of the “kingmakers” in the back office? Obama 3.0, it smells like to me.

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