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Biden Strategically Neglects ‘Operation Warp Speed’ And Any Credit For Trump On Vaccines


Joe Biden’s first address to the nation last week (after more than 50 days in office) was profoundly dishonest: It referred to the vaccine success against COVID-19, sure, but failed to mention the role the Trump administration played in the establishment of “Operation Warp Speed,” which produced the vaccine in record time.

Say what you will about many pandemic decisions coming last year from the White House, one thing is certain: In under 10 months, Donald Trump single handedly willed not one but several successful private sector productions of “China Virus” vaccines which are proving effective despite predictions from many — including the now discredited “Saint” Anthony Fauci — that it could not be done on such a short timeline.

That vaccine miracle was important, not just because it has saved lives — and will save more — and has put a more timely end to the pandemic, but it also so clearly and sufficiently demonstrates the power of private markets and industry over government edicts at a macro level for all to see.

Yet, Biden seems to want you to forget who is responsible for this incredible success.  Remember when, during the campaign, both he and his heir-apparent Kamala Harris denounced the then still-in-production vaccines as unsafe? Of course, they both were at the front of the line for the administration of the first doses once they took office.  Remarkable how quickly that fallacy was rehabilitated.

The truth is, vaccines will soon help end the contagion as the virus runs its course and is shepherded toward “herd” immunity. That success poses a threat to the big government tax increase agenda of Biden’s far-left masters, as they recognize the need for more suffering to exact their toll.

Facts of an economic recovery from the lockdowns are mounting, particularly in states such as Florida and Texas, where pro-business governors have exposed the canard of lockdowns. In those states where restrictions are eased, jobs are being created at healthy clips, general economic indicators are positive, and the health outcomes of the pandemic are far better than in states which still continue to remain shuttered.

Why then throw shade on the great American economic comeback and the miracle of “Operation Warp Speed”? One need look no further than the recent $1.9 trillion bailout and the new talk of historic Biden tax increases to understand what’s at stake.

In order for Biden and his far leftist comrades in Congress to advance their big government agenda, they need more misery. They require a continuation of the pandemic in some form along with other made-to-order spending crises, principally climate change, as well as enduring economic turmoil stemming from extended lockdowns.

The way to revive the economy is to reopen and get people back to work, not through a so-called “COVID-19” stimulus, which doesn’t actually stimulate anything except deficits, government spending and even more dangerous debt.

Biden’s advisers are happily leading us down “The Road to Serfdom” and onto the empty cul-de-sac of socialism, as government checks increasingly replace private sector paychecks.

Biden’s Great Reset of Capitalism is an apt if bleak portrait of today’s socialist Democrats. But they can’t advance their threatening agenda without more crisis, and they know it. 

It is, in fact, Trump’s economic policies which are fueling the economic recovery in those states which are open and reopening. His tax cuts and business deregulation created the blue-collar job boom despite the most potent China virus. And all that reality is a convincing antidote to Biden’s menacing tax and spending agendas.

No doubt, the next big battle will be the rumored historic tax increases Biden’s leftist handlers are promoting to restore big government. They clearly don’t understand that economic expansion doesn’t arrive on the wings of public spending; it can only be created by the private sector.

Only in failed socialist/communist countries does government attempt to create economic prosperity through the public sector. Those experiments not only failed on an economic level, but exacted a disastrous toll on the over 100 million people who were murdered and starved to death in the previous century by this evil doctrine.  Socialism/communism certainly will not grow and foster prosperity here any better than it failed all throughout the world.

This is why pandemic lockdowns and government manufactured crisis are promoted vigorously by wild-eyed leftists seeking to advance this murderous agenda. Of course, they first must attempt to downplay private-sector miracles such as “Operation Warp Speed” that confirm the need for more private-sector advancement and support with far fewer totalitarian government edicts.

Lewis Uhler is founder and chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee and National Tax Limitation Foundation (NTLF). He was a contemporary collaborator with Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman in California and across the nation.

Peter Ferrara is a senior fellow with NTLF. He served in the White House Office of Policy Development under President Reagan, as associate deputy attorney general of the United States under President George H.W. Bush, and as the Dunn Liberty Fellow of the King’s College in New York.

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  • As a habitual plagiarist, Biden has spent a lifetime stealing others ideas and presenting them as his own. Same old dawg, some old trick.

  • Biden is tearing America apart. Isn’t he sworn to protect America citizens? Higher living cost and thousands more illegals swarming here since Biden took control. Heaven help us.

  • Everybody knows these are the Trump vaccines. Juggernaut Trump pushed and pushed to get them done (much like the Big 10 NCAAF he reinstated by shear force). All of this was done while Biden hid in his basement, sipped cocoa, and said it couldn’t be done by year end, then said Trump was moving too fast, then when it was apparent the vaccine would be out by year end, said Trump moved too slow. That is the difference between a motivated, patriotic juggernaut and a senile, anti-American idiot.

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