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If This Be Treason, Make The Most Of It

Patrick Henry was the initial Governor of Virginia. In a speech before the First Continental Congress, Henry compared King George III of Great Britain to Julius Caesar. In reply to cries of treason among the divided Congress, Henry responded “If this be treason, make the most of it.”

Something similar just happened to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the current Congress. He proclaimed he would contest the electoral vote for “King” Biden on January 6 when the Electoral College reports to Congress, on evidence of widespread ballot fraud in 6 swing states: Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada. Democrats in response called for him to be arrested for treason.

Cruz speaks for millions of Americans, and the vast majority of Republicans, who believe Democrats stole the election for Biden. They don’t believe vote totals showing that, campaigning from his basement in Delaware, Biden got more votes than even Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, or Hillary Clinton in 2016, or any other candidate for President in American history!

Indeed, if that ballot fraud is allowed to prevail without challenge, Americans will have lost their Constitutional Republic and the very idea of democracy itself. The Constitution provides that even in federal elections states are to follow the laws provided by their state legislatures. But in the six swing states challenged, the election laws provided by their state legislatures were not followed.

Already Biden is showing he would be a dismal failure as President. He has said the first thing he would do as president is repeal Trump’s 2017 tax reform. That would amount to a $4 trillion tax increase.

Even the most naive Democrat knows when the economy is recovering from a recession is not the time for a massive tax increase. Every taxpayer got a tax cut from tax reform despite the disinformation campaign of the New York Times/Washington Post which claimed that only the rich and Wall Street benefited.  The Heritage Foundation, and more recently the Texas Goodman Institute, confirmed the huge lifetime wealth-building benefits of tax reform for the average family of four across our nation.  Therefore Biden’s tax reform repeal would hurt the very middle-class workers and families nationwide Joe Biden claims to represent.  

Biden is also campaigning for the Green New Deal which would reverse Trump’s deregulation and Energy Independence for America. Thanks to Trump, America now leads the world in production of Oil and Natural Gas. The Green New Deal would mean higher costs for the renewable energy it would require.

These tax cuts and deregulation are the precise policies that created Trump’s Blue Collar Boom, with over 6 million new jobs. The Blue Collar Boom resulted in the lowest unemployment rates for African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians in American history, and the lowest unemployment rate overall in America in 50 years at 3.5%. Middle-class income also hit a record high.

Biden also promises Medicare for All which would add trillions in new spending on top of Coronavirus costs. This and the trillions in new money from the Fed threaten the near-zero inflation and interest rates of the Trump years.

Instead of this record of peace and prosperity under Trump, the reduced defense spending which Democrats have pledged, as well as a renewed Iran nuclear deal, threaten America with a legacy of war. So do the open borders Biden Democrats pledge.

Biden would take us back to the slow growth of the Obama years which does not provide a promising future for the American people. It means renewed recession – and the prospect of war.

Lew Uhler is the Founder and Chairman of the National Tax Limitation Committee and National Tax Limitation Foundation (NTLF). He was a contemporary and collaborator with Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman in California and across the country.

Peter Ferrara served as a member of the White House Office of Policy Development under President Reagan, Associate Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America under President George H.W. Bush, and as the Dunn Liberty Fellow in Economics for the King’s College in New York City.

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  • Without rare earth minerals and metals, wind turbines, solar panels, electric vehicle batteries, and batteries for the electrical grid cannot function. China controls between 80-90 percent of all rare earth minerals including lithium and cobalt this is a major national security problem for the countries that need those materials from China to support their electrification needs, and a major problem for the finances behind the clean energy transition and the transition being stopped dead in its tracks.

    Moreover, it is no secret China understands whoever controls the sale and distribution of rare earth minerals and metals controls the world’s military, transportation, and commerce. China wants to be that one country; and is willing to put its renminbi currency behind the deception of intermittent electricity from Industrial wind and industrial solar being the way to save the world from itself.

  • The reason for government is to raise money by way of various taxes and fees and set priorities for spending the monies raised. As Barack Obama used to say to Republicans disappointed with his priorities when he was president: ‘Elections have consequences and I won’. I urge Republicans and others in high dudgeon over Joe Biden’s priorities to continue their crusade for what they believe right, but to acknowledge that they lost the opportunity to set priorities from the Oval Office when Donald Trump lost. This is how it works in our land as far as the presidency is concerned. But with three co-equal branches of government and one of those three the Trump-revamped Judiciary, and with the Senate, if one Republican wins today in Georgia, remaining conservative, we should put rubber sheets back in the closet because conservative enuresis with frail Joe behind the Resolute Desk is misplaced. Play hard against ol’ Joe, Lady Pelosi and Master Schumer, but play fair. We’ll be fine if Trump tumult subsides to tolerable levels.

    • Nope. No rolling over any more. Time to stand up for what one believes in. Stand straight and tall. Not for one minute will I return to yesterday. I would rather die fighting for what I believe is right than to kneel before any tyrant.

  • Biden is not the President, Barack Obama is getting his third term, and because of that, Congress is nothing but a facade to pretend we still have a Constitutional Republic. Democrats are no longer a political party in this nation because we no longer have political parties which possess any political power. We are now a totalitarian state.

  • This article is filled with misinformation, implying that fraud took place in the election.

    There were more than 60 lawsuits filed by the Republican party. None of them claimed “fraud” which requires intent to commit crime. In virtually every single case, judges found no merit and the Republicans lost.

    The majority of the judges involved were Republicans, and several were appointed by Trump. No one can justly claim that any decision by a court in these cases was affected by politics.

    The article states “if that ballot fraud is allowed to prevail without challenge, Americans will have lost their Constitutional Republic and the very idea of democracy itself.”

    There is a presumption here that there was fraud, and that such fraud went unchallenged. This is completely disingenuous. The election results were challenged over sixty times in the U.S. judicial system, the only place where any such challenge may take place. The challenges failed.

    Every court in the land has averred that Biden prevailed through legal votes, legally counted, and that Electoral Vote totals were therefore wholly accurate. Therefore no Americans lost their “Constitutional Republic”. Indeed, because the vast majority of Americans voted for Biden, the ends of democracy have been served.

    The authors must recognize that Biden won by 10 million votes. The people have spoken. The article is disingenuous.

    • The issue is that court has not spoken at all. They simply did not take the case for reasons that have nothing to do with the presented proof. This far from over and then we’ll see what the people have spoken about after opening this Pandora box.

  • ‘Indeed, if that ballot fraud is allowed to prevail without challenge, Americans will have lost their Constitutional Republic and the very idea of democracy itself.’

    Actually, it doesn’t matter whether there was fraud or not. All that matters is that there could have been (and because of that there will be).

  • Today: January 8, 2021 I call for Joe Biden to Concede his attempt at securing the position of President of the United States. Similarily the position of V.P. candidate should also concede. Apparently both those citizens are insulting the collective intelligence of millions of Americans. Respectfully, Mrs. Tana Lampton

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