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5 More COVID Charts Democrats — And The Press — Don’t Want You To See

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When coronavirus cases started spiking in June, Democrats and the press treated it as a fresh sign that President Donald Trump had failed to contain the disease.

“There are now about 30,000 new cases per day in the United States, about 10 times higher than the roughly 3,000 new cases per day in the European Union,” noted one outlet.

“Experts from Europe have criticized a series of failings in the U.S., which they said had left Americans exposed to infection while in Europe, as lockdown eases, infection remains low,” reported another.

Joe Biden emerged from his bunker in the summer long enough to declare that “while other nations took steps to get control over COVID-19, Trump took no responsibility.”

So how do Joe and company explain the fact that coronavirus cases are now exploding in Europe at rates far higher than the U.S., that the share of positive test results is higher in Europe, as is the case fatality rate?

“There’s no question that the European region is an epicenter for disease right now,” said the World Health Organization’s Dr. Michael Ryan. “Right now we are well behind this virus in Europe so getting ahead of it is going to take some serious acceleration in what we do.”

The chart below shows daily new cases per 100,000 population in the U.S., Europe and a sampling of European countries.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the key figures released so far today:

  • 18,820 infections in Poland, a new record, and 236 new deaths.
  • 15,663 infections in the Czech Republic, a new record.
  • 14,964 infections in Germany, a new record, and 85 new deaths.
  • 8,616 infections in Switzerland, a new record.

Another way to look at this is to measure the share of tests that are returning positive results. The lower than percentage the better.

Meanwhile, say what you want about U.S. health care, but the disease is less deadly here than it is in most of Europe, based on case fatality data.

So where is all the outrage about Europe’s failure to contain this disease? Or credit to the U.S. for having a better handle on it than Europe? Where are the stories recognizing that this disease travels how it travels, and that there is little any government agency can do about it?

Better to ignore those points, since they undermine the Democrats’ claim that every coronavirus death in the U.S. is Trump’s fault because he – what? – didn’t keep the economy shut down longer? Didn’t impose an unconstitutional nationwide mask mandate?

Never mind that studies are piling up that show lockdowns have been ineffective.

As the Federalist reports, “In countries with strict lockdown measures such as France, cases rose by 25% in the past 14 days, topping the ‘record 18,000 threshold.’ Spain mandated drastic lockdown measures, some of which prevented children under 14 from playing outside for more than an hour, yet it maintains similar case numbers to France. The United Kingdom, whose government ordered a full stay-at-home order for seven weeks, has a ‘record levels’ of infections.”

What about the lack of a national mask mandate? Well, the current rise in cases in the U.S. is coming at a time when 35 states have statewide mask mandates, and many of the other 15 states have local mandates in their urban areas.

Democrats and the press also are unwilling to make it clear to the public that the risk of death from coronavirus remains almost entirely concentrated among the sick and elderly.


Almost 59% of deaths are among those 75 and older, according to the Centers for Disease Control, despite the fact that they account for a mere 7.2% of cases.

At the other end of the spectrum, those under 50 account for nearly 65% of the COVID-19 cases, but a tiny 5% of deaths.

No. All this must be hidden so that the public remains in a state of panic, at least until the election, since that will make voters more likely to blame the current president for our problems.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • The fact is that we no longer have any seasonal flu deaths. They are all bundled in with Wuhun (yes it is the Wuhun virus). The counts are totally bogus and it started from the very beginning. The very first death counted in my county was of a 95 year old man who was in a nursing home suffering from congestive heart disease and had numerous breathing issues. He died in his sleep and it was discovered he was positive for the virus. We have suffered more in increased suicides, alcoholism and drug misuse along with bankruptcies, foreclosures and economic suffering with the lockdowns that deaths from Wuhan.
    We need to return to normal lives and treat those who become infected. If you are under 70 your chances of death from the virus is less than 1%.

  • If you take away Covid, what percentage of deaths in the US would occur in the 85 age and over group? Wanna guess? Old people are more susceptible to everything health wise so of course that group would be hit hard, because many of them have other underlying health problems. Yet I have found that the age group most frantic over covid is the 25 to 35 year age group, and in that group mostly women and mostly liberal leaning women at that! The truth is that fewer people are dying from Covid now than at the early stages of it here in this country. They may still be getting it, but it is not killing hundreds and there really is no longer a terrifying pandemic. The most susceptible, in many cases, have already had it and even then most survived. Now a great many are coming back quickly from the effects of the disease when they get it. It is no longer as deadly or as terrifying a pandemic as it once was. We are making great progress in dealing with it, medication wise, and vaccines are just weeks around the corner. Never forget how deeply politics fits into this. One political party uses it to their advantage by trying to scare the country half to death with lockdowns and exaggerated reports of the extreme direness of the disease. While the other half tries to live normally but carefully, going about their business but not acting rashly.

    • Here Here, itsy_bitsy! The ONLY people who pay attention to the “high fatality rate” of the Covid-19 NON pandemic are the people who want to keep the illiterate among us upset and promote the panic. The disease is a bad cold, nothing more, nothing less. The fatality rate overall is nothing to get upset about. Truth be known, smoking causes more deaths than Covid-19. The left wing’s position is “keep the public panicked so we can control them more easily.” And Jo(K)e Biden will shut down the country if “Dr.s” Fauci and Berx tell him to? What a maroon! Fear is illogical for Covid-19. Get a dose, gain immunity and live your life! Get the country back to normal and cut the panic-driven media off completely. Don’t believe a word they tell you about the dire consequences of Covid-19!

      • How would you explain all the deaths to the people who lost loved ones? Maybe a word of comfort, “Get over it. Everybody dies of something.” You seem hard and cruel.

  • This is simply a “thank you” for putting this data together in such an understandable way. If it’s in any way incorrect, incomplete, and/or misleading, I would hope someone responds with specifics re: what’s wrong with it. Maybe one of us has a “doubting Thomas” among our the family/friends who knows enough about analytical analysis to play Devil’s Advocate.

    • Thank you for the comment. The data are all screenshots taken from either the Centers for Disease Control or Our World in Data.

  • Notice that Switzerland tops the new positives chart but has the lowest death rate on that chart, just below the US. Hydoxychloroquine-zinc-azythromycin is a widely used treatment there. Their death rate only jumped up for 10 days in May when WHO dissed HDQ and Switzerland stopped dispensing it. But they went right back to dispensing HDQ when they saw the rising death rate and, after ten days or so, it when right back to the low level you see now.

  • On those mask that people are buying, you know the blue and white 3 filter ones….Well I did some investigating on them and the boxes of the ones I read on a Amazon search state “NON-MEDICAL” they are used for construction, cleaning dusty houses etc, never meant for Covid19 use, its a scam people and many are making huge $$$$$ on this stuff and if you think about it the surge in Covid19 cases are due to mask wearing lemmings.

  • “World Health Organization’s Dr. Michael Ryan. “Right now we are well behind this virus in Europe so getting ahead of it is going to take some serious acceleration in what we do.”

    You were never ahead of it. Without a vaccine or herd immunity all you did was delay, the hubris of these people is astounding to behold. All the lockdowns have accomplished is delaying the achievement of herd immunity, every single time you lift lockdowns you will get another surge. You might as well claim you can control an earthquake or volcano the truth of that would be as true as claiming you can control a virus with out a vaccine.

  • It is 100% correct to say the Dems and Media and Big Tech do not want anyone to know the facts that these charts wonderfully illustrate. Trump is the right man for the job. A good President is like a good bus driver. He takes you where you want to go with no monitoring required. Sleep easy knowing Donald Trump has this well in hand! Give the man fewer Democrats to deal with and MAGIC will happen! I can promise you that!

  • I noticed two things: 1. The charts of infections and testing have one thing in common; they all are rising regardless of where you are and what level that you ARE rising. 2. The death rates charts all are dropping regardless of where you are. The first point is that it is a virus doing what it is created to do; even though they do have them, some better or worse than others, and not meant to point out any nation over another or make them equal. The second is that we are learning how to treat this bio weapon virus better.

  • Anybody who thinks they can control a virus is a fool. It will run its course regardless of what we do especially without a cure or vaccine. Better treatments and natural selection are reducing the mortality rate.

  • Thank you for giving a thorough review in away that is easily understood I trust it.

  • I posted this to my own timeline, where my friends could see it. Facebook took it down, and fact checked and it is “false information” according to their scientific fact checkers. Good grief!!

    Now I know FB and Twitter have grown too big, but now they are telling the news companies, and the government agencies (EU at that) that they are wrong? Not long ago, the EU globalist consortium and FB were allied more or less in information dissemination. Not anymore.

    As senator Cruz clearly said in the senate hearing to Jack Dorsey, “who elected you?”

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