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Biden Looked Normal At The Debates, So Why Does He Appear Senile At Most Other Times?

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Joe Biden called President Donald Trump “George” on Sunday, as if he were running against George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, or maybe George Washington, before catching himself. (Or being helped by someone outside the camera’s view.) He appeared to be a tired old man in need of help with his everyday life. Yet at both debates, though he made mistakes, he looked to be far more sentient, at times even sharp, in stark contrast to the doddering senior citizen we usually see. How can this happen?

“What kind of country we’re gonna be,” Biden asked in a weekend interview with George Lopez. “Four more years of George, uh … George, uh … he, uh — we’re gonna find ourselves in a position where if, uh, Trump gets elected we’re going to be, we’re going to be in a different world.”

The campaign’s explanation that the former vice president “was addressing George Lopez, the interviewer, as is a common practice” is a desperate attempt make a real issue a non-issue. It’s obvious he wasn’t talking to Lopez. Watch the video.

The media also tried to cover for him. They responded like a toddler making up things after he was caught painting the family dog or stealing brownies. Watch the video again. Try a longer version. The attempt to spin Biden out of trouble is pathetic.

Biden’s staff, which includes much of the media, must by now be weary of having to cover his repeated stumbles and descents into a momentary, but growing, madness. In only the last year, Biden:

  • Called the Declaration of Independence “you know, the thing.” 
  • Addressed Chris Wallace as “Chuck.”
  • Failed to recall Mitt Romney’s name so just labeled him “the senator who was a Mormon.”
  • Said he was running as “a proud Democrat for the Senate.”
  • Identified himself as an “Obiden-Bama Democrat.”
  • Apparently thought Dec. 7 is D-Day.
  • Blundered his way through the U.S. COVID-19 death toll – was it 20, or 200,000 or 200 million?
  • Struggled to recall the word “manifesto,” which is not a term unknown to politicians, until it was provided to him by someone at a campaign stop who had asked him about the New Green Deal and Medicare for All.
  • Lost count before he got to three while going over a list.
  • Either said Arizona is an “important city” or so thoroughly slurred the word in question that no one could be sure what he said.

Heaven knows Biden has a long history of making gaffes. And maybe some of his bungling can be attributed to him just being a natural-born blooper machine. But all of it? Unlikely. The volume of slip-ups is too much.

Just as disturbing as the constant misstatements are his appearances in public and on video outside of the debates. He looks to be in a hard decline. His facial expressions are dull and empty. He seems to drift, get lost in his thoughts. Or simply has no thoughts and blanks out. He forgets where he is. Staffers feed him words when he can’t come up with them.

While Trump has been energetically engaging a number of large crowds, Biden has hardly campaigned, often shutting down his day’s activities before the morning is over. VodkaPundit Stephen Green has noticed that “Biden goes on TV with notes or even a teleprompter, yet still gets lost three times in the middle of one sentence.” An honest person would conclude that, in the last year, he has aged rapidly.

We won’t speculate as to the cause behind the sharp differences in the Biden of the debates and the Biden we’ve been seeing at other times. We just wish to note the wide gulf between the two and hope that the voters who haven’t yet cast their ballots, as well as those who have an opportunity to change their votes, will do the same over the next seven days. America deserves better than a president who is likely to soon become incapacitated, leaving the White House in the hands of progressives who would rule rather than govern under constitutional restraints.

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I & I Editorial Board

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  • Simple, they pump him up with drugs before the debates and that’s why he refused a drug test. Next, he has an earpiece and is being told what to say. That’s why he refused testing for earpieces. He also refused to take the same cognitive test President Trump took. Further, he called the reporter a drug addict for asking the question. Joe Biden, his entire life is a lie. I’m surprised he hasn’t claimed he’s an Indian. That’s about the only thing left. Maybe he didn’t want to plagiarize Elisabeth Warren for that lie.

  • Why not speculate on what is happening to produce the change for the few hours of a debate? There are some effective but dangerous drugs that can do that so why not list them so people can look them up for themselves?

  • My guess is for the debates they used extra high dosages of drugs to get him focused for those couple of hours and even then needed the “moderator” to step in and give him time to recover his composure multiple times. Can’t do the drug thing too often as the danger would be too high of complications

  • 46 years in healthcare here. During the debate, I turned and looked at the wife and stated that Joe’s on adderall or one of its relatives.

    • Meth or a derivative was also the drug of choice for Adolph Hitler by injection,.

  • Over multiple days of resting and preparation, Biden’s keepers seem to get the timing and relative dosages of his Aricept/vitamin/corti-steroid/methamphetimine cocktail just right.

  • This is very much out front and noticeable to anyone with a brain. Thank you for echoing this on your site. It’s also interesting that no one addresses his radical appearance difference, period. That being his facial appearance, specifically, is very different than just a couple years ago. We know that Kamala had cosmetic surgery done to prep her for all her exposure this election season. It is very apparent that he has done the same…probably to address the same aging issues like the saggy facial, neck skin, double chin appearance, etc. It looks like his entire face has been pulled back. I’ve also had family go thru neurological disease (dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.) and know that also changes your appearance to make you look a lot thinner, but this looks more like cosmetic surgery in Biden’s case.

  • I said from the very beginning that both sides should be drug tested before each of the debates. I have very little doubt Biden is being drugged with stimulants before certain events.

  • He has always been a fool now he is just a senile old fool and a mafia don nothing but a damned thug under control of China they tell him when to get on the pot and when to get off and what to do when he is on it.I can’t believe the dem/communist party ran this old nut Crazy Bernie is much sharper than the Sniffer will the party by Bernie another house ?

  • The commenters below are correct. They inject him with drugs. Note how in the last debate the “slurry old Joe” was starting to come back in the last portions of the telecast. These are the drugs wearing off.

    Whatever they are, they are the same ones used on Hillary. Remember her “collapsing from the heat” and being carried into a van? Well, I had heatstroke, and after you cool down you are a wreck for at least the rest of the day. An hour later she is chatting up a little girl and smiling as big as can be. Because they shot her full of drugs. Only drugs can do that sort of thing, and only for a limited time.

    For God’s sakes, there’s video of his wife steering him around and holding onto him to keep him from falling forward and losing direction. He wasn’t hiding in a basement for the past year, he was LOCKED in the basement for the past year, let out just enough to give the illusion that he is functional.

    The race, pray to God we win, will be close. What does it say that half this country would vote for this goof? He was an idiot and useless when he was aware, now he doesn’t even have awareness. What does it say about this country that they would vote him in? I get why a lot of elites want him in–access to power for them. But an average citizen? What is wrong with 1/2 our population of average citizens? They cannot be that stupid, are they that evil?

    • Because, 1. They hate Trump and his unrestrained approach to change , 2. They disrespect conservatism, 3. They cannot live with the seeming chaos of elections and 4. They feel obligated to avenge the loss of 2016.

  • I don’t know why others have not noticed but in the interview when Joe is calling Trump George you can clearly see (although she hides it) that his wife Jill is correcting him saying Trump a couple of times. Watch her when he says George and you will see her quietly saying Trump to get him to remember who he’s running against.

  • He did not seem “normal.” His eyes were completely glassy, a dead (pun intended) giveaway he was hopped up to the gills. By the end of the second debate you could tell they were wearing off, and he kept looking at his watch trying to figure out if he could make it.

  • Why? Because Biden’s precious revitalizing supply of fresh baby blood is being choked off due to Trump’s success in reducing human trafficking.

  • After 20 yrs as a Long-term care nurse, Biden is not tolerating the rapid changes he is subjected to with campaigning. People with dementia decline quickly with changes in their routines, environment, caregivers. Some times just a room change can cause a dramatic cognitive decline. He cannot travel and deal with the changes. If the communists manage to install Biden, it will only be a matter of weeks until Kamala is handed the presidency, one way or another.

  • Almost everyone whose had a relative with Alzheimer’s looks at Biden and sometimes recognizes the early signs they’d overlooked with their own family member. They all know it’s going to get progressively worse, perhaps slowly or perhaps very quickly, since that varies.

    I think none would seriously dispute that we’re really deciding between Trump and Harris, no matter how much the press doesn’t want to portray the race that way.

  • Look at his eyes in the ‘debates’ full on dilation, black as night, no Irish blue showing. The kind of dope they use on him must be very hard on his failing constitution, so they avoid using too much too often. In both ‘debates’ his ‘sharpness’ declined noticeably in the last half hour.

  • No, no, no you damnable deplorables, listen closer! Biden is just telling us, dog whistle style, that under the Harris-Biden administration we will all be enjoying that semi-hit from Boz Scaggs, “Georgia” for four glorious years!

  • The Democratic Party is engaging in fraud — in the legal sense, to be clear — by offering Biden as its candidate for president. He is clearly in the early stages of dementia.
    What the Democratic Party is doing meets the legal definition of fraud in probably every state in the country
    Any lawyers out there got a spare afternoon to get something filed in your state before Tuesday?

  • Sundowning is familiar to those taking care of Alzheimer relatives. It’s when a patient seems to be doing better only to decline as evening approaches. There has been speculation that Biden‘s handlers have been changing his sleep schedule to allow him to perform better at the evening debates.

  • He was pumped up on Adderall. I’ve taken it on days when I have big presentations and need to be exceptionally sharp. The difference is noticeable for a few hours. Take a look at the size of his pupils at the beginning of the debate. The meds were fully kicked in.

  • I would also figure they are using a hyperbaric chamber to oxygenate him. That’s what KFC did with the Colonel when he got a bit dotty and they needed to make a commercial.

  • Maybe he wasn’t at the debate and what appeared to be him was just a hologram or an animatron.

  • You are simply watching the good cop bad cop scenario being played out right before your eyes.

  • The last half hour of the last debate, Biden was looking winded. Like the meth wore off.

  • IF Biden is truly having trouble and experiences sundowning, then maybe he used the days spent in his basement before and after the debate to shift his schedule. So on the evening of the debate he could wake up and “start” his day late in the afternoon. I believe the Durham rally several days before and and PA car rally days after the debate were mid day or afternoon events. Worth a closer look into his schedule and public appearances—as in what time of day he does stuff and are there unusual trends.

  • I’m glad somebody is asking that question…..because to me, the differences are striking. I’m a Conservative and thought he would be a “mess” in the debate…and actually, I’m surprised how well he did (not on the issues….but his general coherence and performance). However, I see him in other venues and think….”is that the same guy?” What have they got him pumped up on for the debates.

  • Maybe he is drunk most of the time and they sober him up for debates. Just because Biden is disciplined enough not to drink when a camera can see him, doesn’t mean that he isn’t nipping on that flask. And when he is on Zoom in his basement, he is probably sipping all day long.

  • The title of this article suggests it’s going to answer a question most people have: why did Biden look so much better at the debates than he usually does? But the article concludes: “We won’t speculate as to the cause behind the sharp differences.” What a dumb title.

  • My theory is that he disappears for a few days before each debate so his handlers can artificially change his circadian ryhthym, which is another reason he stays in a basement. They do this to prevent America from seeing him “sundown”. They change his sleep cycle so he thinks 9pm is 9am. The other night in the debate he said “morning” at one point in the debate..

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