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Left’s Post-Election Agenda: More Riots, ‘Truth Commissions,’ Other Punishment For Their Foes — That Means You

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You hear it every day. Someone says, “I just want the election to be over,” hoping out loud that things will somehow “return to normal” once the 2020 vote ends. But it won’t. The left already has plans to ensure that.

By “return to normal,” of course, we refer to an America not so riven by politics that families and neighbors no longer talk to each other because of the deep political divide. An America where people again become friendly and human, politics recede in importance, the economy and schools reopen, and suspicion of others’ political motives fade into the deep background.

Sounds great, the fabled tolerant America of yore. But, sorry, whether Donald Trump wins or loses, the left has other plans.

And “normal” isn’t part of them. In fact, even if Trump wins in a landslide and Republicans win both chambers of Congress on his coattails, the left already has plans for “Trump II: The Disruption.”

No, this isn’t some dystopic fantasy. After four years of non-stop interference with Trump’s presidency by the Democrats, we know it’s a hard reality.

Here’s more evidence: A group called “Shutdown DC” vows street action, regardless of the outcome:

We can’t anticipate exactly how Trump and his enablers will try to attack democracy (although we have been gaming out a number of different scenarios), but we know that the stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines and wait. That’s why we’re making plans to be in the streets before the polls even close, ready to adapt and respond to whatever comes our way.

Get that? “In the streets before the polls even close,” means mass intimidation and instilling public fear. The left’s imagined bogeyman? A Trump “coup,” which, of course, in their fevered imaginations means any Trump victory at all.

“Trump has shown that he will stop at nothing to maintain his grip on power. Trump will not leave office without mass mobilization and direct action,” the group says. Expect riots.

The plans are very specific, sketching out activities even by date. Using online organization tools, the idea is to forge loose “affinity groups” that will be free to take more “high risk action.”

As the Federalist’s Joy Pullmann, who dug up all this, noted: “What kinds of actions these might be are stated in a ‘Strategic framework for action following the 2020 election’ that sketches out their plans for rioting and attacking American institutions and life until Joe Biden is installed as president. It claims if Trump declares victory that will mark ‘the start of the coup.’ “

In other words, a Trump victory will be a “coup.” So much for your right to vote.

William L. Gensert in the American Thinker gives a colorful, but sadly accurate, preview of the chaos to come:

After the polls close, they will conduct a mass mobilization in the streets to prevent Trump from declaring victory and to prosecute ‘will of the people’ riots as a supposed organic reaction to Trump having stolen the election under the auspices of Vladimir Putin and white supremacists.  Their ululations of ‘COUP’ will be shrill and frequent — projection lives loudly within the left.

Their deployment will be open-ended as Twitter and Facebook shut down all opposition on their platforms and Google tweaks algorithms to give only results approved by the rebellion.

Riots. No matter what.

Lest you think this is will happen at the fringes, think again. Even the supposed “mainstream” Democrats have plans to make Republicans miserable, especially if the GOP wins.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, now working a gig in — where else? — far-left academia, proposes a re-education program if Biden is elected.

“When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe,” Reich tweeted on Oct. 17.

Understand: Such panels have been used around the world in at least 42 countries, mostly by leftist regimes, to humiliate and devalue the political opposition by accusing them of “crimes” and forcing them to admit their “offenses” publicly.

“You may recall that after Barack Obama became president, some Democrats wanted prosecutions of his predecessor and Bush administration officials for alleged ‘war crimes,’ the CIA’s rendition programs, etc.,” noted Jim Geraghty, writing in the National Review.

And Reich’s not alone in his hunger for political retribution. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes actually beat him to the punch, suggesting a “truth and reconciliation” commission earlier this month.

“The most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people, if we survive this, is some kind of truth and reconciliation commission,” commissar Hayes tweeted.

Once a few high-level politicians admit to sinning, such as opposing the New Green Deal or Medicare for All, how many average people will choose to just shut up and accept what’s shoved down their throats? That would mark the de facto end of free speech, free religion and any number of other sacred American rights.

Of course, if you were to suggest doing the same thing to Democrats and their deep-state allies, who clearly have been lying volubly and profiting off their “public service,” you’d be called a “fascist,” “Nazi” or worse. It shows just how far left that party and its media allies have drifted.

All this is what the left has in store for you, America. Witch hunts and judicial revenge against political foes. Dissent becomes a crime.

Regardless, it’s clear the left’s plans don’t include peace of mind for America’s voters on Nov. 4, the day after the election. Or “bringing the country together.” Rather, they see unending turmoil, political anger and rage, street protests, riots, litigation, and, if they win, retribution for those who dare to disagree.

The Claremont Institute and Texas Public Policy Foundation recently gamed the various outcomes for the election and concluded two big things: One, we’ll not know the outcome “due to millions of uncounted mail-in ballots in six battleground states.”

Two, we’ll likely see “intense court fights” and litigation all the way up to Jan. 6. It might even end up in the Supreme Court, amid a backdrop of riots and violent threats.

What’s at stake? Our friends at the Wall Street Journal put it this way:

If Democrats win up and down the ballot, progressives will control the commanding heights of nearly every American elite institution: Congress, the administrative state, Hollywood and the arts, the universities, nonprofits, Silicon Valley and nearly all of the media.

Is that a healthy republic? By any reasonable measure, the answer is no.

If you’re now among the “undecided,” you might want to rethink that. In this election more than perhaps any other in history, your rights as a free American are at stake.

— Written by the I&I Editorial Board

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I & I Editorial Board

The Issues and Insights Editorial Board has decades of experience in journalism, commentary and public policy.


  • “The plans are very specific, sketching out activities even by date. Using online organization tools, the idea is to forge loose “affinity groups” that will be free to take more “high risk action.””

    Here is what most “normal” people don’t understand. This is NORMAL for leftists. None of the riots or so-called “peaceful demonstrations” this year were anything of the sort. They were funded, planned and organized long before anyone ever heard of George Floyd – a thug with a long criminal record who matched their “trigger” profile by conveniently dying in police custody from a drug overdose in a way that looked plausible enough to call police brutality.

    Acts of domestic violence to win elections has been a staple of the Democrat party for well over 100 years. The KKK, the infamous attempt to steal a ballot box, union thugs committing planned mayhem, the Weather Underground and the Black Panthers in the 60s, and all of it simply given a facelift in recent years with Antifa and Belligerent Looters Murder.

    It is time, once and for all, to vote out the Democrat crime syndicate masquerading as a political party and send them to the dustbin of history.

  • Those of you who think that voting leftists out of office will solve these problems are delusional. Either you don’t listen or you can’t face the reality. They have extended their violent foot forward and no one has really done anything to stop them. Now they are emboldened.
    Either Trump activates the Insurrection Act and enables harsh responses to these people or there will be severe violence on the streets of the country.

    • One step at a time. Let them put the noose tightly around their own necks and step onto the platform to proclaim their hate and confess their crimes. After they’ve had their say, we can provide them justice.

      • I believe that is what MOST reasonable American’s have been thinking all along. These people are Stupid, Brainwashed, Inadequate, Misfits! most are in tiny % wise groups that have been yearning to have power their whole existences, they are all crazes!

        All that is needed is for them to continue spouting off, and being VERY open in their desires and plans.

        The “justice” they seek will be the opening of the “Doors” beneath their feet!

        We need to Vote in person “en masse” and make this a Referendum to the rest of the country and the world! I am tired of the constant assault upon my rights! The only things being shoved down the throat’s of anyone are the “Leftists Visions” deep for in their mentally ill craniums!

        Jammed into such by the schools that were taken over by these so called teachers!

  • All of those institutions are laughing stocks now. Delegitimizing has consequences.
    Free men don’t fear apparatchiks or nomenklatura sellouts.
    Rent-a-Mobs, uniformed enforcers, all have to sleep and eat somewhere, maybe even among the Deplorables.

  • Perp walking Deep State conspirators of Russiagate and setting up a Special Prosecutor to look into Biden’s corruption and ALL the political ties that flow from it would be a good start. Having Bathhouse Barry declared to be an “unindicted co-conspirator”, (an oxymoronic term invented by Democrats) would be a rich irony. Additionally, quickly declaring states and cities that allow anarchy instead of meeting their Constitutional obligation to maintain a republican form of government, to be in a state of rebellion with their mayors and governors before military tribunals and federalized national guard units in the streets with orders to shoot to kill any looters would take the wind out of their sails.

  • In the 1954 classic film “On the Waterfront”, boxer Terry Malloy (Marlon Brando) complains to his brother Charley (Rod Steiger), “You don’t understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody.” He laments further, “And what do I get? A one-way ticket to Palooka-ville!” Well, sir, after decades of slugging it out in the primary ring and rubber chicken circuit, Joe Biden finally stands as ranking contender for the heavyweight championship. But he remains a cipher, a frail and forgetful frontman for progressive bomb-throwers and their fellow travelers, the useful idiots Vladimir Lenin described. If he boards the train for Palooka-ville as the loser to Donald Trump, progressive bomb-throwers will derail the ride and seek to further cancel our democracy and freedom.

    The fundamental finger-in-the-eye, the bottom line for Democrats and the reason for their cancel culture, is the stinging rebuke an Electoral College majority gave in 2016 to the greatest woman ever born when she and her elite liberal cohort lost to a reprobate, a deplorable, a man who could not possibly win. To add insult to her crushing defeat, the deplorable victor provided the best economy and best foreign policy we have seen for decades, giving another strident rebuke to the erudite elite, casting eight years of Barack Obama’s pretension and Joe Biden’s boondoggle of influence peddling aside. How could this happen? If a deplorable can defeat what Obama called the most qualified candidate for president in our history, notwithstanding that she was a serial enabler of a serial sexual abuser, then something must be wrong in Palooka-ville. And if something that formidable is wrong, isn’t it the patriotic duty of every able-bodied elitist to cancel the wayward culture and put righteous useful idiots back in power?

  • In 3rd world countries, losing politicians are often forced into exile. The alternative is harassment, criminal prosecution on trumped up charges, financial ruin, even bodily harm or assassination. As America continues to devolve into a 3rd world country, expect our politics and our culture to take on more of the contours of those places.

  • Years ago, the Weather Underground, of Ayers and Dohrn fame, said that at least 25 MILLION Americans would have to be eliminated for them to get their fundamental transformation of America. These sickos are still alive and well in America, plotting their next moves. Ignore them at our peril.

    • Ayers took over the Education system — Common Core etc. is from him and Gates — Communist “Teachers” have been brainwashing for decades and now we see the results.

  • Hmmmmm…where and when have I heard all this before? Oh, yeah, now I remember: from my own mouth to numerous people and via numerous online posts, since at least August…2019. Long before kungflu, George Floyd, the “Great Reset” etc. etc. It’s been fun watching so many others catch on and catch up over the last year-plus. It’s been no fun at all seeing so much of it come true.

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