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Kamala Harris takes senatorial oath of office from Vice President Joe Biden. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Should America Be Canceled?

Recently unearthed audio of Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden from 2014 highlights his fundamental disregard for American society. While speaking at Harvard, he brazenly declared “There is nothing special about being an American.”

Comments like this should come as no shock to anyone who has closely followed Biden’s career. After all, he served as vice president for a president who promised to “fundamentally transform America.”

Biden’s proclamation brings to mind Claremont Institute Chairman Thomas Klingenstein’s recent speech lamenting the influence of anti-American activists on our nation. He rightly pointed out that the BLM-Democrats now dominate the American left – and Biden has courted them:

They want reparations, endless affirmative action, genuine socialism, open borders, hassle-free abortions, gun confiscation, transgender everything, and they want destroy, or radically restructure, those institutions that teach the values and principles that undergird the American way of life:  family, education, religion and community life.

Now as the election draws near, media outlets will no doubt avoid the tough questions regarding the left’s militant attempt to normalize anti-American sentiment. A look at central pillars of the Biden-Harris presidential campaign (or is it for U.S. Senate?) reveals its embrace of this radical agenda. 

Biden promises – through executive fiat – to severely curtail our Second Amendment rights. While stating on his website that he “knows how to make progress on reducing gun violence using executive action,” he promises a series of radical proposals to pave the way to gun confiscation.

All this while he has asserted that the Supreme Court’s Heller decision – which simply upheld the individual right to keep and bear arms – was wrongly decided. Though the Second Amendment has traditionally been regarded paramount to preserving our freedom and our property, Biden apparently believes that Americans have no fundamental right to defend ourselves.

Meanwhile, comments from both Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris on law enforcement court the far left’s calls to “defund the police.” While denying that they support some of the more radical proposals, they have both repeatedly claimed that America is “systemically racist” and have been pulled left on police reform.

As Harris has stated:

“We really do have to get to a point where we agree that the status quo way of thinking about achieving safety is really wrong when it assumes that the best way to achieve more safety is to put more police on the streets.”

But even liberal media outlet Vox has stated that the facts don’t back up this claim. Citing a 2005 study on the effectiveness of more policing, Matthew Yglesias – one of the outlet’s co-founders – wrote:

During high-alert periods, the Washington, D.C., police force would mobilize extra officers, especially in and around the capital’s core, centered on the National Mall. Using daily crime data, they found that the level of crime decreased significantly on high-alert days, and the decrease was especially concentrated on the National Mall.

Yglesias went on to say:

“It’s simply that with more officers around, fewer people commit crimes in the first place. That seems to be the criminal justice ideal, in which fewer people are getting locked up because fewer people are being victimized by criminals.”

On the charges of American society being fundamentally racist, Klingenstein pointed out that:

The charge of ‘systemic racism’ is a call to overthrow the American way of life.  For if racism is systemic, built into all institutions of American life; if it is in our DNA, then the system must be overturned. This conclusion seems to me inescapable.

The left’s insistence that America is evil informs the policy solutions that Biden and Harris have embraced. The calls for disarming the American public and drastically reducing our policing capacity are plainly un-American. And unfortunately, those policies are only the beginning.

Despite the views of the Biden-Harris campaign and the anti-American activists it’s wooing, there is something special about being an American. Our unique focus on preserving individual liberty has dramatically expanded the wealth and opportunities of people across the world. As JFK once put it, “A rising tide lifts all boats,” and the rising tide of American success has granted opportunities to people from all walks of life to grow successful and live peacefully. America is still where the world comes to “make it.”

Fundamentally, America is good. But in order to achieve its extreme goals, the radical left has to constantly smear this country as systemically broken. 

Americans should be cautious of the ends that the far-left radicals seek. After all, they know if they can force us to accept the idea that America is evil, they will finally be able to dismantle our culture and institutions that have enabled us to be the greatest country in human history.

Nathan Williamson is a conservative activist and writer. His op-eds have been featured in publications including the Washington Examiner and RealClearMarkets.

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  • The principal problem on the left and one that bedevils all realists is the belief that man can be perfected. It is a fundamental tenet of progressive thought that a new version of man can be devised, even though Winston Churchill, a Nobel Prize winner for writing history, some of which he helped make as prime minister of Great Britain during the second world war, said, “Only one thing in history is certain: that Mankind is unteachable.” As if to underline man’s inflexible nature, World War I was described at the time as the war to end all wars.

    The tenacious belief on the left that man is perfectible and progressive politicians and their teachers have the wherewithal to devise the new version, a version better than the Garden of Eden model, is a complete fantasy, but one which still has legs. Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao and other autocratic maniacs came a cropper while searching for perfection for their enslaved peoples, and their quasi-autocratic successors, those on the left presently and the ones who Lenin described as ‘useful idiots’, cannot learn the lessons of history, blinded as they are by the hubris of ‘elite’ thinking.

  • America is in no need of canceling, just leftists. I propers a great trade – we will wend our Marxists to another country aligning more to their ideology, and we will accept an equal number of people from around the world who value the American ideals of small government, personal responsibility, hard work, and individual liberty.

  • NY Dictator, Cuomo, “America was NEVER great!” This is how they view America. Even Cuomo’s old man knew America was the best country in the World.

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