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Explaining An Inexplicable Weapon Of Mass Destruction

One is reluctant to seem unsympathetic when so many of our fellow Americans are sick and dying during this year’s bad, downright devilish, flu season.  So far, over 44,000 (as of April 22, 2020) have died from COVID-19 compared to the 36,000 annual average of flu-related deaths in the 1990s or to the bad influenza outbreak in 2009 when 18,000 American deaths were attributed to H1N1.

Sooner or later, however, it will be necessary to explain to history how and why a coronavirus known as COVID-19 has within a few months’ time since January caused Americans to panic and by self-inflicted harm to come so near to ruining the economy, the nation and themselves that Henry Kissinger, noting the overwhelming collateral consequences of the panic and pandemic, was recently moved to say that an era has ended and an uncertain new epoch in mankind’s journey has begun.

We know that COVID-19 can and will kill people.  What else it will kill in America, why and where it came from remain mysteries.

Like plagues of locusts in Biblical times, influenza pandemics are by experience mysterious events.  In 1918, decades before transatlantic passenger airplane flights, the deadly Spanish Flu somehow spread like lightning to America where it promptly killed 675,000 people.

America’s present COVID-19 crisis is mysterious almost beyond imagination.  It is also fraught with diagnostic, moral, political, economic and constitutional implications yet to be examined and explicated.  Two months into this crisis, confusion, inconsistency and doubt, both scientific and political, continue to prevail.

Find the source and solve the mystery!  A good prosecuting attorney could, based on plenty of circumstantial evidence, make an indictment-worthy case against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for spreading the COVID-19 virus around the world and turning it into a weapon of mass destruction aimed at America and the rest of the West by a worldwide media operation ideologically sympathetic to and economically linked with China.

A conspiracy theory?  Perhaps, but, if so, a stronger one than the “RussiaGate” special prosecutor allegations against President Trump that were in 2017-2018 shouted 24/7 from the rooftops by the same media megaphones who in 2020 have played such a dominant role in turning a serious health emergency into a potentially terminal economic and constitutional threat.

Perhaps after further investigation, we will find that the source of all these “end times” troubles is a mad scientist named Beelzebub after the Prince of Devils in Matthew 12:24 (King James Version).  He is known to hate America, its Judeo-Christian tradition, American Exceptionalism, free-market capitalism and the Bill of Rights.

Beelzebub also suffers from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), having caught it from selected hardcore progressives in the Congress and the media who share many of his policy goals.

Drawing upon his extensive experience, he seems to think he has finally devised a way of destroying America without ever firing a shot: Scare people so thoroughly out of their wits that they surrender to fear and give up their rights in exchange for a government check.  Permission will be required to work, own a business, go to church, travel, visit family and friends, shop at stores or go to school in a building or on a campus where they can interact and learn from other people of diverse socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Many Americans will resist, but Beelzebub advises that a combination of low birth rates and high mortality rates among resisters will eliminate the problem within 20 years.

Before the progressives and other Marxist Democrats in the Congress, the media and elsewhere congratulate themselves on having taken a giant step toward converting America into an authoritarian socialist society similar to the Chinese model, and before they thank the mad scientist for his assistance, they should remember that nobody has ever made a successful bargain with the devil.

As the 2020 calendar moves inexorably on toward the historic elections on November 3rd, and as the final time for choosing approaches, everyone who loves America and the freedom it guarantees should set aside party affiliations and follow the admonition of “Bull Moose” Theodore Roosevelt more than a century ago.  “Stand at Armageddon and due battle for the Lord!

In the winter of 1777-1778, America’s future hung in the balance.  Arnold Friberg’s renowned painting shows George Washington kneeling beside his horse in the snow at Valley Forge calling upon a higher authority for help.

Now, as He did then, higher authority will intervene in the battle for America’s future and He will win, not China, not the mad scientist and not any authoritarian “ism” of the type we Americans spent most of the 20th century fighting against.

­­Ernest S. Christian, a lawyer, served as a tax policy official in the Treasury Department in the Ford Administration.

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  • Remember that China controls the WHO (World Health Organization) The WHO called the “Pandemic”; the WHO health (falsely) dubbed the virus “novel”; The WHO recommended “Shelter-in-place”.


  • After looking at all the information and disinformation I have to say that China has effectively gotten away with a bio terrorist attack on a world. This is a perfect example of a well coordinated attack years in the planning, this virus appeared everywhere at almost the same time. Turn it loose, sit back and see what happens, send faulty tests and equipment, then, move into any countries desperate for your help.

  • The Spanish Flu didn’t “somehow spread like lightning to America.” It started in Fort Riley, Kansas, from where it spread like lightning to the world, to coin a phrase. Moreover, influenza pandemics are only “mysterious events” if you don’t know anything about the subject. You might want to read up on genetic drift and shift in influenza virus.

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