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The Disintegration Of America, Its Economy And Its Constitution

We – the people in geographic America – are now so diverse in character, culture and competence, so riven by racial, regional, religious, ethnic, gender, economic and social jealousies and dislikes and so afraid of one another that we may no longer be “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  

A 2011 book by journalist Colin Woodard asserts that geographic America never has been one nation, but rather has always been several separate ones. Compare, for example, the characteristics of a native of Woodard’s “Greater Appalachia” nation with those of a typical inhabitant of his “Yankeedom” nation or his “Left Coast” nation.  

F. H. Buckley, Professor at George Mason University’s Scalia School of Law, powerfully asserts in his 2020 book, “American Secession,” that both geographic America and constitutional America are “divisible” and ripe for a breakup.

The old ties that held together the disparate parts and peoples of America are now frayed or broken.  Some have been viciously cut.  

Patriotism and rallying around the flag no longer unify.  The population of geographic America is now so diverse in its origins and cultural DNA that the person standing next to you may hate the American flag you are saluting.   

Christianity has been banned from schools and the public square, undermined in the popular culture by Hollywood and the media – and is no longer the unifying force that it once was.  Far from it.

Even the secular form of the Judeo-Christian tradition that Samuel Huntington called the American Creed is being “canceled” and replaced by Woke prescriptions that substitute hate for Christianity’s agape love and divide Americans into many warring identity-group tribes.  

Roughly half of the population of geographic America consists of self-designated racial, ethnic, immigrant and feminist “minorities” who demand that the government give them some other person’s job, money, property, educational opportunity, elected office, community status or other valuable attributes and possessions. Ultra-Woke progressives demand monetary reparations and would visit upon every white male American special punishments for sins allegedly committed by his ancestors.  The New York Times’ 1619 Project is sowing racial dissension and hate by rewriting history.

As 2020 began, the thing that nearly all Americans had in common was a good job in the multistate and multinational American economy – but by the Ides of March, even that potentially unifying economic connection was gone.

COVID-19 had already killed many people and scared the rest of us out of our wits. The Great Panic of 2020 had begun. Work stopped.  Businesses closed.  Jobs and incomes disappeared.  The economy began to shrink and spiral downward.

Fear is now the common denominator for most Americans.

They fear that the employment rate and the default rate on mortgages may soon both be 30% or more.  They fear that GDP might shrink by 50% and remain puny for a decade.  They fear perpetual poverty as retirees see their life savings being wiped out, as young people wonder if they will ever have a good job (or perhaps any job at all) and as the displaced owners of small businesses wonder if they will ever recover from the massive debt and losses that crashed in upon them when they were bankrupted by the latest and most destructive import from Communist China.

There is also growing fear of the federal government on which just about everyone in America now seems to be dependent and controlled by.  Will this “temporary” regimentation be permanent?

Authoritarian socialism is already on the march in America.  It and the even more radical Woke progressives are taking over the Democratic Party whose politics and leadership are daily becoming meaner, more brutal and less tolerant of dissent.  

Is it Donald Trump that the media, the Socialist Democrats and the Woke progressives hate? Or do they hate America itself and the millions of “deplorables” who voted for Trump and who are the last stalwart vestiges of American Exceptionalism?

An historic game-changing election is according to the Constitution supposed to occur in November to elect a president and new members of Congress.  Will it occur?  Will its outcome be honest or will the election be faked and stolen?  Will the voters trust its validity?  If President Trump is reelected, will the Socialist Democrats prevent him from being sworn in for a second term as the Constitution provides?

Neither America, nor the Constitution, nor our cherished civil liberties would survive such a usurpation.

Ernest S. Christian, a lawyer, served as a tax policy official in the Treasury Department in the Ford Administration.

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  • While Governments around the world await the science numbers to show that the fatalities from COVID-19 among the world’s 8 billion population are beginning to level off, the stay-at-home mandates has virtually shut down the world’s’ economy.

    It may be time for those Governments to begin injecting into their speeches, the scientific facts, not projections, one particular piece of Darwin’s publication in 1859 that has withstood the test of time during the entire billions of years of the worlds existence, that only the fittest in the animal kingdom survive.

    Darwin Was Right: Only the Fittest Will Survive COVID-19. In the animal kingdom there are no healthcare systems, thus only the fittest survive.

    The entire world has experienced almost 18 million deaths so far in 2020 from ALL causes. COVID-19 deaths are rising, but less than 20 of the other major causes of deaths in 2020. Of all the deaths to-date in 2020 from all causes, COVID-19 deaths rank 21st for its more than 170 thousand worldwide.

    For the world’s population approaching 8 billion, the real time tally on the 20 major causes of the 18 MILLION deaths so far in 2020. Among major causes of death are the noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, respiratory, digestive, psychiatric, diabetes, perinatal, maternal, nutrition, and less than the infectious diseases such as AIDS, diarrheal, tuberculosis and malaria.

    The moral question the Governments need to discuss in their speeches for today’s COVID-19 impacted societies is: Should we continue to sacrifice the economy for the worlds’ 8 billion residents to protect the weakest and most vulnerable?

    • ” Should we continue to sacrifice the economy for the worlds’ 8 billion residents to protect the weakest and most vulnerable?”

      So long as there are burning questions, there shall be devastating answers. And as such, my answer to your question is as such: Why yes, we should, but only until such time as there remain step-by-step instruction printed on shampoo bottles, and warning labels printed ladders with regards to a possible tumble, even if you aren’t drunk at the time. Drive thru’s with Braille carved into the keypad, along with stickers affixed to nuclear missiles that read; “Kids– don’t try this at home, unless you ask your feminist Mom, first”. Questions/concerns? Send 50 cents and SASE for a copy of my my recent brochure; “How to Appear “laid back” while In the Throes of Fighting a Grease Fire”

  • LOL – “And DO NOT USE ALL CAPS to emphasize words.”
    What’s “good for the goose is NOT good for the gander”.
    First and LAST time to this hypocritical site.

  • The Long March Through the Institutions is almost complete. The dissolution and balkanization is next.
    Mean girl man bun SJW cupcakes are in for a rude shock under the new management.
    It couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of clueless hivemind dullards.

  • No Republic last forever. There are too many forces, both internal and external, working toward and cheering on our demise.

  • Wasn’t this always the plan of the new, global, one world elites? Weaken America so it can’t fulfill its contemporary role of world leader and super power capable of guaranteeing stability and peace. America in decline, her middle class wealth siphoned off to prime the pump while creating a whole new class of billionaires, managed in its decline while the west’s multi national corporations entrench themselves inside third world markets. Wasn’t that always the plan?

    Wall Street, Silicone Valley, open borders, both major political parties, This has been the plan for the last 30 years? And thank you for the reminder. Free speech is a privilege, and not a right. That is such a 17th/c mindset.

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