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Turns Out, Trump’s ‘Evil’ ICE Raids Benefited American Workers

Remember when Democrats reflexively accused President Donald Trump of being a racist when he said illegal immigrants steal American jobs? Turns out, he was right, as evidenced by the aftermath of the massive summer raid that rounded up hundreds of illegals working at chicken processing plants in Mississippi.

In early August, some 600 Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents surrounded seven plants operated by five companies in six different cities. They rounded up 680 “undocumented” immigrants, in what was described as the largest raid in a single state.

This is part of a larger effort by Trump to target companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. Last year, it raided a landscaping company near Toledo, Ohio, and a meatpacking plant in eastern Tennessee. A Government Accountability Office report issued in early December found that arrests, detentions, and removals were all up in Trump’s first two years in office compared with Obama’s last two.

Nevertheless, the reaction to the Mississippi raid from Democrats was swift and furious. Joe Biden said the raid was a sign that “Trump is morally unfit to lead this country.” Sen. Bernie Sanders called it “evil.” Beto O’Rourke – who dropped out of the race two months after the raid – said Trump’s “cruelty knows no bounds.” The media, naturally, lent Democrats a hand by playing up the disruption and crying children, while playing down the fact that those workers were in the country illegally.

In fact, the raid was the furthest thing from cruel or evil or immoral to American citizens living in the area – many of them black people – who flocked to get the jobs those illegals had held.

This week, the New York Times, to its credit, went to Morton, Mississippi – where a third of the illegals rounded up in those raids had worked – to see what’s become of the town months after Trump’s “evil” act.

And in a shocking display of honest reporting, the Times shows how American workers – particularly black people – benefited as a result.

The Times notes that before the raid, managers had been recruiting Hispanic workers “by the thousands” to work in those chicken plants because they were “cheaper and more exploitable.”

The Times story focuses on Juan Grant, a young black man two years out of high school who landed a job at the plant and boosted his wage by $4 an hour. He “strode into the Koch Foods chicken processing plant for his new job on a Wednesday morning, joining many other African Americans in a procession of rubber boots, hairnets, and last cigarettes before the grinds.”

It quotes Cortez McClinton, who got a job at the plant after the raids, which he said, “gave the American people their jobs back.”

The Times goes on to say that, despite the experience in Morton, “the belief that native-born Americans are not sufficiently motivated to work persists.”

To be sure, the Times sheds plenty of crocodile tears for the poor illegal immigrants affected by the raid, and it tries mightily to get the newly employed Americans to wring their hands about “stealing” those jobs.

But the inescapable conclusion is that the chicken companies had been exploiting cheap illegal immigrant labor to do jobs that Americans are clearly willing to take, if they have the chance.

Yet here we have the country’s leading Democrats – who constantly bleat about being on the side of the little guy and the downtrodden – siding with greedy companies that were exploiting illegal immigrants to fatten their bottom lines, and were doing so at the expense of low-income black people in the area who were shut out of those jobs.

Tell us again which is the party of compassion?

— Written by John Merline

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  • for a dem this proves the raid to b ‘evil’
    it helped actual Americans

    point two if this or any other business is deliberately hiring illegal aliens there should not have a business license

    • You are SOOO correct! I get so tired of fixing illegal immigration….here’s the easy answer….again: End welfare to all illegals on a 3 year graduated basis to zero……including public education. Second, fine every Owner/CEO/CFO/President/Manager of any company that hires an illegal 10k per illegal hired for the first offense, 50K per illegal for the second offense, and a 3 year mandatory prison term for the 3rd offense. If they do it a 4th time-10 years in prison. I guarantee you illegal immigrants will self deport at a wonderfully alarming rate. Simultaneously, start building a wall manned by Border security, Army troops and drones-just to keep out the criminals who WILL try to enter and have no intention of ever becoming legal. Require everything be English only. If you cannot speak passable English you cannot set foot here as an immigrant. Require every immigrant to have a skill set worthy of entry to the country and to show he/she has a job waiting-otherwise forget it. No birth right citizenship with Illegal parents on U.S. soil. Finally, no family automatic entry allowed. The rest are minor adjustments.

    • What the critics of the phrase “stealing our jobs” never get is this. A job position is finite resource – as in companies only hire so many people. If one person has the position, that position is taken and no longer available to others. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that illegal immigration denies Americans potential opportunities that they would have if those jobs were available on the open market instead of being taken by illegal immigrants. That is what is meant by the phrase “stealing our jobs”, and the phrase has an underlying truth to it with regards to the potential job opportunities that lost at the expense of the American citizens in order so that big corporations can hire allegedly cheaper illegal labor.

    • Cincinnatus, Trump could really put us Democrats in a bind if he were to incorporate both of the aspects of your immigration fix, showing he was willing to take on law-breaking employers who hire illegal immigrants, as well as the employed themselves through deportaion. I predict he won’t.

  • The Trump Administration CLEARLY is on the side of the working man and woman! KOCK Foods in Mississippi now must pay AMERICANS, both lpack and white, the going rate for labor, opposed to the $5.00 per hour they paid ILLEGAL ALIENS.

    But….Demo-Socialists would rather have AMERICANS out of work, down in the dumps so they can secure the illegal votes of ILLEGAL ALIENS.

  • Why can’t Democrats understand this. Didn’t this used to have more bipartisan support. BBC

    If you want a permanent underclass with no chance of advancement then flood the country with illegal immigrants and capitulate on international trade negotiations.

    If you want a thriving workforce then insist on fair trade and control the borders so that workers are competed for and all boats are lifted in a growing economy. Providing a real economic hope in the future.

    • The democrats want (new hispanic) voters and the US Chamber of Commerce wants cheap labor.

    • Why can’t Democrats understand this.
      they do understand
      it is far more important to them to have ILLEGAL ALIEN voters and as a bonus more Americans on subsidy [dependent]

  • the untruth of Americans not wanting certain jobs have been spouted by democrat and big business for years, but the truth is many people would love to get off relief and have these jobs that should pay livable wages. this is America and not some third world country who works their employees for poverty wages. illegals will work for these low wages because they are use to third world incomes thus causing Americans to be out of jobs. thanks mr president for helping the American working man.

    • Please let me clarify your obvious intent: thanks mr president of the USA for helping the American working man. No thanks are due to Rich Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, for betraying American workers. Trumka’s position has been “We fight for all workers.” In context, that means that Trumka thinks American citizens have no rights to American jobs that illegal immigrant aliens do not also have. For Trumka, it’s about keeping those union dues coming in, not about protecting America’s future. It is also about supporting the Democratic Party.

  • There is evidence from many nations that a combination of border security and internal enforcement of immigration laws is the only answer to citizens losing their jobs, and sometimes their lives, from illegal immigration.

    • to use their phrasing
      “if it will save one American life we need to close the border

  • It’s as if they didn’t already know. 90% of road crews with the stop and go signs are Mexican. I know concrete finishers and mason’s that constantly compete with crews of illegal aliens. They know the numbers they send 20 billion dollars in remittances across the border every year. If you stop that guess what? Mexico is paying for the wall.

  • Wow! Two whole raids. Koch Industries has 10,000 employees. All their plants are probably like the one in Ms. Trump isn’t conducting enough ICE raids.

    • re read the article, that was a LOT more than just two raids……. these two particular raids were examples of a larger force going on…….

  • The ‘wage gap’ continued to grow over the past quarter century regardless of whether the markets were up or down. Now, through immigration enforcement, the wage gap will shrink regardless of the markets.

  • Im going to politely disagree with putting people out of business whom hired illegals, if you can keep them in business by forcing them to hire americans, you’ve got justice……. and justice is what we should want, not revenge. I’d say the only reason these businesses thought they could hire illegals is because politicians looked the other way in the first place (or were flatly bought off) ………. but forcing them to hire americans and pay american wages is a FAR better punishment that benefits more people than shutting them down. all shutting them down does is leave more people in the area without a job.

    remember, aim for justice, not revenge.

    • “for the encouragement of others”
      say it and prove you mean it watch the wanted ads change to LEGAL RESIDENTS ONLY we verify

      any business that wants to stay open is now forced to hire Americans

  • ICE raises wages…

    Republicans should stop calling illegal immigrants “illegal immigrants” and instead call them “cheap labor”. Because that is why they are here, the will work harder for less money and people will employ them.

    Many of the jobs I had as a kid, (busboy, dishwasher, construction, valet, bar back) pay the SAME amount in dollars 30 years later and they are not done by kids but by middle aged illegals.

    When you see the next MSM sob story of an illegal immigrant and how hard they work, ask yourself, what if that job was done (not as well) for twice the cost by an American with a prison record, face tattoo, and drug problems..

    • That American with the prison record, face tattoo, and a drug problem deserves a chance at recovery and possible establishment as a drug-free, sober, self-supporting, responsible citizen. We (most of us, anyway) believe in second chances and forgiveness. We probably know from experience that some people will fritter away their second chances as they messed up their earlier chances. We take a stab at redemption anyway.

  • The illegals only do the work that Americans won’t… for the pittance that the illegals will accept.

  • Reality really hurts those that live a lie to further their narrative! I am beyond surprised they didn’t squash the follow up as it doesn’t help their cause!

    • i no longer watch tv
      if you do, how many stories did you see in the goebellized media about this?
      my guess is they only focused on how the “poor innocent refugees’ were being thrown in jail

  • The success business has had in depressing blue collar wages they are hoping to repeat in higher wage jobs and the professions. Tech workers. doctors, engineers, nurses, lawyers, architects and many more are in gunsights of businesses. They will use the ever increasing number of special visas to bring in cheaper foreign labor with the help of the Indian intsourcing and outsourcing iindustry.

  • Amnesty, like appeasement and Prohibition, is a policy that never, ever works, but people are always seduced by emotional pleas to try it just one more time, convinced that they are wiser than all who failed in the past. Our policy regarding illegal immigrants should be the same for all of them – no amnesty ever, and immediate ejection whenever and wherever they are found. If they have entered the United States illegally, they have forever forfeited the right to apply for asylum, legal immigration, or any kind of entry visa. If they are in the United States illegally, their children born here are not citizens and subject to deportation. And we should stop pandering to the make work schemes of the teachers unions and education lobbyists – children of illegal immigrants should be deported, not educated at the expense of Americans.

  • Today the left criticizes Trump evil policy. Fifty years ago liberals would criticizes evil corporations for replacing at risk workers with easily exploited low wage illegals. In 1969, Cesar Chavez founder of the United Farm Workers marched to the Mexican border to protest farmers’ use of illegal aliens as strikebreakers. He was joined by Reverend Ralph Abernathy and Senator Walter Mondale. Chavez’s biographer Miriam Pawel writes, “a surplus of labor enabled growers to treat workers as little more that interchangeable parts, cheaper and easier to replace than machines.”

  • And what, pray tell, actually happened to the companies that hired these workers? Were penalties actually enforced?

  • Simple supply and demand. Illegals work cheap and don’t get benefits. They drive the prevailing wage down. Remove them, and wages go up for native Americans.

  • Let’s put the political campaign rhetoric aside and look for the place where Dem. voters and Trump supporters align — NOT the candidates — in a broader coalition once 2020 is over.

    This move helps native born workers, and the struggle for fair wages, and lots of Bill Clinton/Obama moderate Dems. like that. Period. Cincinnatus and other Trump posters here, I think, know that.

    I and other moderates are pleased Trump supporters like Cincinnatus would be in favor of punitive measures against companies that have encouraged and hired illegal immigrants for their own selfish motives for years.

    But because of election-year politics, Trump won’t challenge his business/ Chamber of Commerce interests.

    And Dem. candidates can’t support it because of politics on their side: a. with Latino voters as a whole b. with progressives who want less strictures along the border c. with the Trump-loathers d. with those who want consequences to fall on “businesses before people”.

    Lead to hard with the “millions of illegals wno will vote Democratic” ( ’cause there just aren’t) conspiracy talk, and it’s just one more obstacle to buildinga a broader cohsensus.

    • … sorry for the typos in the last post, I think I was dozing there for a moment which happens approching those “Senior Discount” years.

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